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Floral Napkins at Dining Table

Loving it: The Fresh Take on Floral Decor

I wouldn’t have believed I’d ever be posting about my love of floral decor on the blog. I’ve always been a graphic, geometric kinda guy when it comes to pattern. The time has come for me to admit defeat, though. Because florals are back – and they’re not the gaudy, nanna-inspired designs I’ve had nightmares about in the past. Let’s explore this rebirth further!

Oriental Floral Wallpaper Design Floral Wallpaper Design in Living Room

As you can see above, floral wallpaper can be the star of the space when implemented properly. The trick to floral wallpaper is to choose a subtle design, like the oriental look in the first image, or go for something large-scale on just one wall. Both of these looks work because of the scale. If you cover all your walls in a very intricate pattern, this is when the look starts to unravel. Personally, I adore both of these looks. What do you reckon?

Florence Broadhurst Floral Rug Florence Broadhurst Floral Bedding

Thank the Lord above for Florence Broadhurst and the team that brought back her legendary designs in years gone by. She made florals hot again – and took them onto floors and into the bedroom in a new and daring way. What makes the bedding above so special is the use of colour. Florals they may be, but there’s actually a masculine quality to this design because of the navy colouring. A great idea if you want floral without offending the man in your life!

Floral Napkins at Dining Table

Of course, if you wish to ease into floral designs there are some smaller-scale and affordable ways to do this. I saved the image above until last because it’s my favourite – and it demonstrates perfectly how you can (once again) bring in florals without it feeling too feminine. Napkins, cushions, throws, photo frames, art; there’s a tonne of ways to get your floral on without it overwhelming you.

So, what do you reckon? Have I convinced you that florals can indeed feel modern?

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