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marrakech design moroccan floor tiles and moroccan lanterns outside black painted door and sitting room

Marrakech Design ideas you can Steal from this Hotel

Marrakech design doesn’t get better than this, Creatives. So if you’re a fan of Moroccan interiors and find yourself swooning over this particular aesthetic, strap yourself in. There are plenty of ideas you can steal from today’s design tour and I want to make sure youย absorb them all.

Truth be told, I don’t think I’ll be travelling to Marrakech anytime soon. But I am an interiors thief of the worst kind, so I do intend to grab a number of ideas from this sublime destination and rock them in my own home shortly. I hope you do the same, because there truly are some gorgeous concepts at play here.

This hotel is almost as amazing as the one I spent time in during my stay in Dubai. Almost.

paved terrace with terracotta pot cluster and rattan sun lounge at marrakech hotel

Marrakech design shines at L’Hotel Marrakech

Opened just last year by British designer Jasper Conran, the picturesque L’Hotel Marrakech is packed with divine design moments. Both internal and external spaces are full of ideas you can steal for your own abode, so scroll through the slideshow below and explore the possibilities!

From window treatments to fabric selections, table styling to tile choices, there are ideas galore if you pause long enough on each beautiful image. What I love most about the Marrakech design in this hotel is that every room feels special. The spaces aren’t cluttered and they’re not overdone. The design has room to breathe. The pieces feel carefully selected and every item works to give the zone a sense of sophistication.

I’d happily sip on a few cocktails on that sun loungeย above, although it looks like iced tea on that side table. Do they serve cocktails in Marrakech? It better not be a dry county or I’m out!

Design Ideas you Can Steal for your own home

moroccan table and chairs in dark brown wood with flowers on top and tiled moroccan floor

Get a load of that stunning table. The tiled floor is also a winner.

morrocan hotel design with white curtains and black window treatment

The black ironwork on those windows is everything, don’t you think?

moroccan hotel design marrkech hotel pool area with leafy green trees

Pass me a cocktail by the pool thanks!

lhotel marrakech floral yellow moroccan armchairs beside fireplace with moroccan lanterns and lamp

Yellow and green should always be seen. What a fab colour combo.

Lhotel Marrakech moroccan dining table with yellow and white striped armchairs and moroccan vases

I love the relaxed formality of the dining area above.

moroccan four poster bed with white bed canopy and moroccan rug on floor

Yes thank you to the four poster bed with gorgeous canopy.

Moroccan bedroom with white four poster bed with canopy and moroccan tallboy with ornate mirror

Would you get a load of the detail on that chest. Love the pop of blue on the floor too.

morrocan mirror and moroccan gold statue in marrakech hotel

The ornate mirror is pretty special – especially when it reflects a doorway like that!

Are you a fan of the Moroccan and Marrakech design here? I’d love to know if you rock this aesthetic in your own home. Drop me a comment below and share your thoughts.ย 

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  • Sabina


    I just got back from a worldwide trip and my highlight was Marrakech. I can’t describe in words how inspirational and amazing Morocco is. Nothing compares. The souks, medina and riads are out of this world. The colours, tiles, textures and smells are a dream. A must travel destination for interior lovers! Amazing!

    5 March, 2017

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