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norsu interiors house scandi living room with pink accents

Take a Tour of the Scandi-Inspired Norsu Interiors Home

The Norsu Interiors house is, as you’d imagine, a gorgeous extension of the Norsu brand you know and love. I’m absolutely here for it and I know that you are too! The moment these images hit my inbox I released a high-pitched squeal and downloaded them immediately. And here we are to take in all the Nordic goodness!

Today’s post is going to give you loads of Scandinavian ideas for your own home, but with a twist. Because if it’s one thing I adore about the Norsu Interiors aesthetic it’s that its celebrates Scandi style with a dash of colour. And of course, the new home we’re looking at here is no different.

If you’ve been trying to figure out how to inject a little hue into your otherwise neutral space, fear not. I’m going to give you colour confidence in this feature too. So let’s not delay in finding about a bit more about this divine Melbourne home, which belongs to one of the Norsu founders, Nat, and her husband Dan.

And on a sidenote, can you believe it only took five months to transform this 1920s Bungalow?

norsu interiors house pink bathroom vanity

It’s all about the Bathroom, let’s face it

The Norsu Interiors house features loads of killer design moments. But you gotta admit that the bathroom is the big kahuna. It’s the drawcard. It’s the leading lady. Think of the bathroom as the Nicole Kidman in Big Little Lies. I mean, sure, it’d be amazing without her, but she drew you in. This bathroom is Nicole. And good Lord is it drawing me in.

The first reason this bathroom is so successful is that it rocks three different tile styles. We have a gritty grey number underfoot, a glorious hexagonal pink moment on one wall, and a marble tile in a herringbone pattern sprawled across the other. It’s a trifecta of tile genius and I can’t get enough of it.

Punctuating this colourful-but-subdued palette we have vibrant pink basins and gold tapware. Because why not? This house isn’t afraid to go big or go home. And to ensure things don’t feel too blingy, extra or OTT, Nat popped in a floating vanity in a sleek timber finish. It’s essential in a space like this to give the room some balance.

All in all I want to move into this bathroom my my partner, two cats, my laptop – and never leave.

Want a less colourful Scandi Bathroom? I showcase one in this post and it too is a stunner.

norsu interiors house dining room with light blue velvet dining chairs

Textures: Repeat three times like in Beetlejuice

Textures, textures, textures; they’re such an important element in making these spaces feel interesting. If you need the lowdown on texture and how it impacts a home, check this post out. But if we study the amount of textures in this room for a moment, you’ll see there are loads intermingling.

Velvet mixes with leather, concrete sits alongside timber, and glass plays with stone. That’s the secret to creating a home that feels welcoming and warm. And every room in the Norsu Interiors house nails texture perfectly.

A lot of people overlook this element when putting rooms together. Colour seems to take first priority, and then function. But texture is vital to get right too, so definitely put some thought into it. The dusty pinks and blues in this home are divine and so very Norsu, but the textures are the unsung heroes in my book.

Slay Award: the leather banquet moment in the dining room above is giving me heart palpitations in the best way possible. Do not call a medic.

norsu interiors house living room with pink armchair

Tech elements, and understated lighting

You’ll notice that the lighting in the Norsu Interiors house is quite simple. No great honking pendants over dining tables. No dramatic sconces in bathrooms or hallways. Instead, Nat went with simple LED downlights that didn’t pull focus from the stunning design moments in each space.

For the lighting plan, Nat teamed up with Gerard Lighting and took advantage of their Diginet Sitara Lighting Control system. It sounds like something NASA works with, but essentially it allows Nat to control the lights from her smartphone.

“We have two young children and having the ability and luxury to turn lights on and off remotely were extremely appealing to us,” Nat explains. “Our children are still at the age where they are at times frightened by the dark, so the Diginet Sitara wireless feature allows us to control the dimming of their lights from the comfort of our sofa”.

From a purely aesthetics perspective, I like that the Scandi vibe can be achieved without pendants or sconces. It means that renters could easily achieve a Nordic vibe in their living spaces without making permanent changes.

Double Slay Award: Timber panels installed vertically (above) and painted a soft grey are a winning idea.

norsu interiors house exterior with weatherboard cladding

Need help achieving a Scandi look for your home?

If seeing the Norsu Interiors house has made you a bit jelly and you wanna get this look at your place, I can help. Scandi, coastal and Hamptons schemes are my forte, and many of the pieces you see in the Norsu home are from my fave suppliers.

If you’re eager to have me decorate your home, you have two options available. You can get me in for the complete interior design service (click here for deets). Or you can opt for the mood board service, which is my e-design offering used by clients not in Melbourne. Click here for details.

Either way, Scandi style is a phenomenal look for your home, and this post proves that it doesn’t have to be an all-white affair.

If you want to see more from Norsu Interiors, click here.

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He's also spent time on TV, on Channel 10's Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7's Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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