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The Works Glebe

Inside The Works: Vintage Furniture with kook-factor

Vintage Furniture - Red Lampshade The Works Glebe

It’s hard to sum up the aesthetic of The Works in Glebe, because suggesting it’s a mere vintage furniture store is a gross misrepresentation (because believe me – it’s so much more). Inside this emporium for all things retro and kooky are pieces I’ve never come across before. Pieces that range from charming and elegant to the downright dark. And who doesn’t love finding a homewares piece that leaves you feeling conflicted? The tour of this vintage furniture haven did that for me anyway – and it might just do the same for you!

Vintage Furniture - Black Velvet Chair The Works GlebeVintage Furniture - Books in Twine - The Works GlebeVintage Furniture - The Works Glebe - Taxidermy Deer Head

While colourful lampshades and grand, ornate armchairs definitely caught my eye as I wandered around the venue (it’s split over two levels), it was the more unusual pieces inside The Works that stuck a chord. Taxidermy deers peered down at me from above, while a vintage asylum sign had me truly confused as to whether I thought it was creepy or captivating. The old cowboy boots below definitely evoked and eeriness when I saw them; almost as if a ghost were standing in them (someone call Ghostbusters, stat!).

Vintage Furniture - Horse Head and Suitcases - The Works Glebe

1 | How amazing is this giant horse head? I want this Mr Ed head for my living room!
2 | This rusted horse shoe dome is the perfect addition to a weathered-yet-wondrous back garden
3 | I don’t know what this creation is, but it’s all sorts of copper goodness if you ask me
4 | A stack of vintage suitcases always make me a little weak at the knees and these are dreamy

Vintage Furniture - The Works Glebe - Vintage Asylum Sign Vintage Furniture - The Works Glebe - Vintage Cowboy Boots Vintage Furniture - Weathered Cupboard with Mesh - The Works Glebe

The Works contains such a wide range of vintage furniture and homewares goodies that you’ll need a few laps to truly take it all in. I had many a gasp-worthy moment and was surprised to find that the items were reasonably priced, too. I’ve insisted I take my partner along at the weekend so we can grab some stuff for the new house (though I can assure you – those cowboy boots will NOT be coming home with us).

What are you loving about this tour? It would be great if you dropped me a comment below to share your thoughts!

Vintage Furniture Store - The Works Glebe

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  • Wow! I could spend hours in there! Amazing!

    22 January, 2014
  • Vicki Marie Leggett


    Love it! My kind of shop!

    23 January, 2014

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