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Quirky Art: Inside Jenna Bain’s Creative Living Space

Quirky Art from Jenna Bain's Living Home

I love quirky art and this week’s Real Room features just that; an eclectic living space that embraces interesting art. Not only that, it embraces casual furniture while giving a generous nod to craftiness. It’s the home of Canberra Creative Jenna Bain, who like me admits to finding editing a challenge in her home when it’s filled with so many much-loved pieces. She also admits that not everything in her space matches perfectly, which I think is what makes this room so good!

Quirky Art and Furniture from Jenna Bain's Home

“Almost everything I own comes with some kind of sentimental attachment,” Jenna says. “This makes it hard to get rid of stuff sometimes or to objectively edit my decor choices”.  I hear you loud and clear Jenna, but what I love about this space is that everything in it plays well together because you haven’t tried to over-style the room. There’s enough negative space with the white walls, table and neutral blinds that your colourful pieces – as abundant as they are – still shine individually.

Quirky Art and Furniture from Jenna Bain's Home

“None of my furniture matches because they were hand-me-downs or gifts or op-shop finds or bargains from IKEA,” Jenna mentions. “The books and artworks I have I’ve been collecting for a decade and are representative of my evolving tastes over the years”. I must say I am loving the evolution here, not to mention to bright colour pops like the one above (that blue vintage cabinet is just dreamy!) and your obvious adoration of left-of-centre art.

Quirky Art and Furniture from Jenna Bain's Home Quirky Art and Furniture from Jenna Bain's Home

Of course, I also love seeing cat Vinnie making his presence known in the room (as well as that blue throw – adore the chevron).

“The apartment is small, with only one living area, but it’s cosy and cute and full of sunshine, love and me (and a butt load of Vinnie fluff)”.

Are you loving this jam-packed eclectic space? Drop me a comment below and share your thoughts.

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Comments (2)

  • helloyounglionsxo

    Thank you so much for the feature! “All-stops train to Quirksville” – I think that should be on my new business card 🙂 Love it!

  • Debbie

    Walking into this room for the first time is like………whoa!
    Then once you have slowly turned 360 degrees around,…. it’s…WOW!
    The visual impact gets better and better on close inspection.


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