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A look inside Cheryl Pryce’s Bedroom Sanctuary

Cheryl Pryce's Bedroom Sanctuary

To kick off The Life Creative’s Real Rooms, I thought it was patriotic that we started in the nations capital. This charming bedroom sanctuary belongs to Canberra native Cheryl Pryce; a public servant who is about to embark on an interior design course (is there any better course?). Sharing the 1970’s townhouse with her daughter, two dogs and two cats, Cheryl’s spent the last six weeks recovering from a car accident, which is why this bedroom has become so vital.

I’m loving the relaxed vibe of this space. Cheryl’s utilised a range of warm and calming tones, which I’m sure makes this a very nice room to unwind in. I like the use of texture in the bedding – it adds a real bit of visual interest. The owls keep the eye stimulated and break up the feature wall, while the pendant light is a nice edition too; I’m sure it adds a whole new dimension to the room at night! Also, is that a bird ornament on the bedside table?

Cheryl Pryce's Bedroom Sanctuary

Cheryl says that the renovation of the house – which has been a work in progress over her seven years there – has had it’s ups and downs, but overall, she’s loving the experience. “In the end, everything has turned out wonderfully and I have almost completed my final project; a new back deck and landscaping of the backyard. That is, until I decide on another project”.

Best of luck with all the work, Cheryl. Send some pics of the backyard my way once it’s done!

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