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A Look Inside lani kirpichnikov’s Holiday Home

Inside lani kirpichnikov's Holiday Home

I half wanted to smile and half wanted to cry when I saw this photo hit my inbox. Smile because this Real Room from the holiday home of Lani Kirpichnikov is utterly, utterly stunning – and cry because I am so filled with jealousy right now (as I sit with my bar heater on) that I’m practically ready to release my own cologne, TLC: Envy. Just look at this fiery phenomenon; it’s amazing!

Where do I begin? The high ceilings are to die for, the cement floor is breathtaking, the rug is downright genius and I’m in love with the open plan of this Mount Buller home. From a decor perspective, I love the use of warm, red tones to balance out the coldness of the concrete and other raw elements. The space feels very cohesive.

“It’s a great entertaining space,” Lani tells me. “It is so spacious yet so warm and cosy at the same time. When we have guests over we usually all end up lazing around on the floor in front of the fire with a lovely glass of wine.”

I am going to be dreaming about this space tonight, Lani; it’s a real knockout. My favourite moment in the space has to be the wicker baskets with logs of wood in them – just dreamy! What’s your fave element, Creatives?

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Comments (4)

  • housenerdmaya

    That wine is calling my name…. ok the whole room is calling my name. Crying from jealousy too!

    • I know, it’s both glorious and heartbreaking all at the same time! lol

  • Katharine Stevenson

    love the mis-matched chairs around the table and the two red “extras”

    • I know right – it makes for such a nice contrast! Love them (and the red wine lol)


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