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Store Tour of Koskela Rosebery

So i just Discovered the Furniture Store Koskela (omfg!)

Koskela - Brick wall with Pendant Lights

I must start this post with an apology; Koskela, I’m sorry it took me so long to discover you. However, now that I’ve experienced the magic of your store, I’m declaring my love for you and intend to serenade you with that John Mayer song, Your Body is a Wonderland. Because, truly, that’s how I feel after having walked around the space last weekend. Creatives, have a medic on standby for this store tour. It’s colourful, it’s quirky and it’s a whole lotta lovely!

Koskela - Pendant Lights

Koskela was on my ‘I have to go there’ list for a few months now and I finally high-tailed it there at the weekend. I was a tad unprepared for just how magical it was going to be. As a fan of colour and with a strong allergy to all things beige, this mecca for bright hues and unexpected homewares was truly something to behold. Furniture, art, soft furnishings – Koskela has it all, priding itself on showcasing the finest Australian-made products available.

Koskela - Frame WallKoskela - Bird Art WallKoskela - Ombre Timber in Neon beside Couch

The showroom, as you can see from the pictures, is warehouse style with high ceilings and exposed brickwork. The cement floor is the stuff dreams are made of and really allows each piece to shine. The Koskela motto is Follow your heart, trust your judgement, do it with joy – and this is so very evident in the enormous space. The products in this store I’ve seen nowhere else. That’s because owners Russel Koskela and Sasha Titchkosky work with a variety of artists and suppliers on a continual strive to present something unique to their clients.

Koskela - Single Wooden Bed with Chevron BeddingKoskela - Modular Sofa PiecesKoskela - White and Neon Dining Chairs

It has to be said, Creatives; Koskela is one of my greatest finds to date. I don’t know what took me so long to discover this gem, but I know that I’m going to be going their endlessly for decor inspiration. With a cafe on-site and a gorgeous garden courtyard to sip a coffee in, it’s the kind of place you can go to on a ‘me time’ day and just get lost for hours.

Let me know if you’ve been to Koskela and what you love about it in the comments below.

Koskela - Be Creative Sign

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  • This place looks seriously amazing and I have just made a date to visit this weekend! Thanks for unearthing it!

  • HAHAHAHAHA – such a funny intro. Love it. I’ve been wanting to visit Koskela for about 12 months now. A friend of a friend runs Mike’s Kitchen (which is inside the store?). Your post has just inspired me to take a short drive to Koskela this weekend!

  • We’re simultaneously in stitches over how hilarious you are and extremely flattered that you loved it so very much. Thanks so much for your feature and for making the visit! We can’t wait to have you back! We do our best to pair Koskela designed furniture and homewares with a wide range of great stockists and we love knowing that it’s achieving something good when bloggers and visitors give us feedback like this. (Also – the loverlist – Kitchen by Mike is in the same building as us yes, and the food is worth a road trip. Come hungry! You can check out more on their facebook page, including daily menus: )

    Thanks again!
    – K

    • Koskela – my credit card is freaking out.

    • You are too kind. Thanks for your lovely words. Honestly, I am still reeling in the best possible way from this experience. I wanted to dive into some of those beds regardless of the possible calls made to security to escort me out lol.

  • Samuel Y

    How amazing is Koskela!!! Every time after eating at Kitchen by Mike (such great food) I’d take a walk around the place to admire the beauty of the pieces in Koskela


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