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Taking in the Beauty at Indigo Love

Indigo Love Store Tour - Elephant Ornaments

A few weeks back, I hit the road to Jervis Bay for the weekend in search of sun and sand (and a drop of Savvy B, of course). I knew all about Indigo Love prior to going as I had the pleasure of visiting this Huskisson store on my last trip down the South Coast of Sydney a year or so ago. This time was different; this time I had my camera in hand so I could snap the store in all its glory.

Indigo Love Store Tour - Industrial Storage Indigo Love Store Tour - Golden Scissors Indigo Love Store Tour - Ceramic Plastic Cup

The vibe of the store is a relaxed one that taps into an industrial, vintage aesthetic in parts but gives a generous nod to coastal, contemporary and global design schemes. Nothing goes too literal though, which is a lovely surprise. The pieces play so well together too, which gives you a real sense of how you could mesh various themes together in your space. Side note: I want all of the clocks in the shot below. How amazing are they!?

Indigo Love Store Tour - Vintage Clocks Indigo Love Store Tour - Neon Cushions and Basket Indigo Love Store Tour - Colourful Bangles and Accessories

I also love the pops of colour paired against the more muted backdrop in the store. For people who are afraid to explore colour, it gives you a great sense of how you can match hue with natural timbers and metals to ease your way into being a bit more adventurous. Below, I love the costal vibe here but with a distinct ethnicity and eclecticism – it’s all just a bit dreamy!

Indigo Love Store Tour - Animal Skull with Horns and Mirror Cluster Indigo Love Collectors in Huskisson

If you’re ever heading down the Huskisson or Jervis Bay, this store is a definite must-see. It’ll inspire you, it’ll give you many a gasp-worthy moment and above all else it’ll show you a collection of homewares and furniture pieces you really don’t get to experience in the city!

Drop me a comment below and let me know if you’ve witnessed the beauty in this South Coast store.

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  • Jos


    Indigo Love and Few and Far are by far (!) my two favourite stores – Tara and Danny have a real eye for gorgeous pieces – I need to vroom on down the coast to go shopping!

    11 October, 2013

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