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Warehouse Apartment

A Look at Some Unreal Warehouse Apartment Design

There’s nothing I don’t adore about warehouse apartment design. It’s bright, open, airy and often industrial, which pretty much sums up my ideal interiors aesthetic. Today on the blog I’m taking a look inside a truly unreal warehouse apartment. And when I say unreal, I mean it, because this place is actually unreal.

Industrial Loft Warehouse Apartment - Living Room Industrial Loft Warehouse Apartment

Interior visualisations have been taken to the next level here. This is photorealistic rendering, as performed by RIP3D, which allows you to envision your ideal space before it’s even created.

That’s right, the snaps you’re seeing in this post aren’t actually of a real apartment! It’s a generated series of images that allows architects and designers to show clients a concept for a home before it’s built. It’s actually kind of mind-blowing, really.

It’s no surprise that RIP3D has won awards and appeared in various magazines and online publications. They’re visualisations are so amazing that I had to do a double take numerous times before I actually understood that this place isn’t real.

Then I kinda cried inside. Can someone please build this warehouse apartment? I need to go here ASAP if not sooner. Just get a load of that staircase below. I would be happy just to live on the staircase.

Industrial Loft Warehouse Apartment - Staircase Industrial Loft Warehouse Apartment - Office Industrial loft Warehouse Apartment - Dining Room

CLICK HERE to check out the RIP3D website, which includes a full portfolio of images from this warehouse apartment visualisation. And please – build it if you can and then invite me over!

What do you think of this space? Is this warehouse apartment design your kinda of aesthetic?

Images in this post are from the RIP3D website.

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  • Samantha


    Love the texture of painted brickwork in contrast to the white washed timber panelled ceilings!! Coupled with the multi level lightning makes sure your eye is drawn right from the top point of the room to the bottom! Great find.

    18 November, 2014

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