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Colourways Announces its Trend Forecast for 2013/14/15

As Australasia’s leading trend forecast group, Colourways shapes what materials, colours and finishes you see in the design market, which is a pretty big deal if you ask me. Today’s feature will show you two trends they’ve identified for 2013/14/15, which will have a big impact on the homewares and interior design styles you see being released in the coming years.

 Trend One: Sunday Matinee

Colourways Sunday Matinee Trend Colourways Sunday Matinee Trend

Sunday Matinee has a nostalgic feel to it. Pastel hues are the hero of the trend, with ceramic pieces sharing the spotlight and sporting some distinctly soft edges. It’s very retro and celebrates the styles of yesteryear in an understated way. There’s nothing too out there in terms of the colour palette and the hues feel somewhat traditional (if not a little feminine).

Colourways Sunday Matinee Trend



Trend Two: Pioneering Spirit

Colourways Pioneering Spirit Trend Colourways Pioneering Spirit Trend

Rustic charm is the name of the game with this trend. Duck egg blue is the clear standout shade, paired with hewn wood and stone walls to conjure up a rough and weathered vibe. There’s a handmade feel to the pieces, which are simple and unembellished in their design. It’s a no-fuss trend and has a bit of a masculine edge to it.

Colourways Pioneering Spirit Trend

What are your thoughts on these two trends? It’s rather interesting to discover that these forecasts shape what designers will focus on, and in turn what retails will stock and sell to the consumer. I am far more drawn to the Pioneering Spirit trend, only because I veer more toward industrial and rustic interiors.

Drop me a comment below and share your thoughts on this trend forecast and which look is your fave!

All images in this post supplied from Colourways.
Photography and styling by Colin Doswell and Deborah McLean

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  • Karen Carter

    Neutrals with lots of texture and the duck egg blue for me!


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