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home office nook by h and g designs

Why your Home Desperately needs a ‘Me Zone’

Why your Home Desperately needs a ‘Me Zone’

It doesn’t matter if you’re single, partnered up, or have a brood of children running about… one universal rule remains: we all need a ‘Me Zone’ somewhere in our home.

The concept of a me zone tends to fade away as we get older. As a kid, your bedroom was your zone to be you; to express yourself wholeheartedly where judgement didn’t exist. That’s one of the things I love about seeing the rooms of my nieces and nephews when I visit them; it is a true expression of who they are in a moment of their lives.

But if you fast forward a few decades and examine your own home, you’re likely to face a realisation that many of us are encountering; there’s no zone dedicated purely to you anymore.

A Pocket Dedicated to You is Essential

When you partner up and move in together, the struggle is real when it comes to compromising on furniture and decor (more on navigating that challenge here). More often than not, if you’re starting out, there’s barely any room for a dining table in your home let along a shrine to your loves and interests.

And as years go on and you have children, the process of carving out a little section for you becomes so hard you trend to give up on it altogether, don’t you? I might not have kids of my own but I have many friends who do, and I see this lack of self-care and priority rear its ugly head time and time again.

Even if you’re lucky enough to grab a small space for a desk and chair with a computer at it, does it really feel like yours? Are you sharing it with someone else, or a few little ones who have well and truly put their stamp on it?

I hate to get heavy with you (but I’m going to), but I think forgetting yourself and not creating a space where you can be you and decorate accordingly is a recipe for depression.

If you don’t get to go to an office for a ‘full time job’, like I don’t in my work-from-home business, you miss out on so many fun things already – and a decorated zone reflecting you is a big one if you ask me.

white grid mood board by h and g designs

Time to do One of Two Things

Firstly, you need to look around your home to figure out where you can find some space for you. Is there a pocket, even if it’s at the kitchen bench or a spare wall you could put a floating shelf on, that you can make uniquely yours?

The other thing you can do, if this spot already exists, is to begin the process of decluttering it and decorating it in a way that’ll make you truly love to be there. Clear out the desk drawers, give the space a good wipe down, pop up a mood board and buy yourself some fresh stationery.

If the budget will allow, get a desk lamp and a small rug for under your chair, so this zone stands out as being separate from the rest of your home.

Grid Mood Board from H and G Designs

Do you have a Zone of your own at home?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Is there a dedicated spot at home for just you? How did you make it uniquely yours? Share your ideas with me!

Chris Sig

Outside of writing the TLC Interiors blog, Chris is an interior stylist and author. You can also catch him on your TV screens as a designer on Channel 10's Changing Rooms. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

Comments (16)

  • Mandy Proctor

    fav mood board is white/mushroom I need a calm inviting space where I can reflect, be inspired and productive in my design studies.

  • Kieren Miller

    WHITE GRID MOOD BOARD // MUSHROOM SUEDE STRAPS, my daughter is about to spread her wings and fly the nest, this will an inspiring gift towards a bright, beautiful adventure.

  • Domenica

    I honestly like them all, but the white board with the nude leather straps is the bees knees. I desperately need a space to call my own because my stationery obsessed 7 year old twins have claimed the rest of the house. As I write from home most days, I need aspace other than my bed (!) to claim as all mine x

  • Michelle (inthegoodbooksblog)

    I adore the white with nude straps! It is important for me to have my own space as I am a busy mum to three daughters. I read and review books for my blog, and it can be difficult to do at times if the kids are home and decide to play in the room where I am typing my reviews. This piece would look stunning in our study/library room. I’ve recently added a leather recliner and Harry Potter print to go with the bookshelves and desk. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  • Alicia

    I love the black grid mood board with biscuit suede straps, will really stand out in the space I have in mind.

    I desperately need to carve out a space in my apartment just for me as I am currently studying Interior Design but have been working from my dining table for the last 6 months, which I find it can be really hard to feel inspired when I have to share the space with everyday living, constantly moving my things to sit down for a meal! I want to create a zone that is just for me, that will inspire and have me wanting to sit down and work on my projects.

    Hope I am the lucky one that gets to include this beautiful grid mood board in my home! 🙂

  • Jacinta

    Hi Chris! My face is the white with mushroom straps. I need a me zone in my living room so I can have a space to get wild on Pinterest, read more awesome home styling articles from you, and pin up photos of house plants I plan on committing to (and happier memories of my fiddle leaf fig, when it was luscious).

  • Sandra

    Black grid with mushroom traps (same as you pic that made me click the link)! Great article, I have an almost 2 year old so clearing away some of the baby stuff, need a place for positive thoughts and future goals!

  • Derek

    Black mood board with nude straps stand out for me as it would really conpliment my workplace when brainstorming new ideas and of course vision boards for rooms for inspiration. The black grid board would also serve as a reminder and to do list which will fit nicely against my plain white wall.

  • Alana Dunn

    Love the black grid with black straps. I would love to carve a space for me at home. My space at the moment contains a vaccumm a steam mop, washing machine & a pile of clothes. Yep the laundry I believe is my space in my home! A mood board will help me remember all the things I love or would love cause at the moment I’m lost in the laundry.

  • Sally Tydeman

    I love the grey grid board with mushroom straps. As an Interior Design student i would love one of these to help me keep my inspiration organized.

  • Annabel

    They are all gorgeous, but the GREY GRID MOOD BOARD // MUSHROOM SUEDE STRAPS is particularly divine.

    Being a mum of two little ones under 3 and working part-time it can be easy to forget to dedicate a bit of time to myself, doing something I love. Thanks for the reminder in your inspiring blog.

  • Julia

    I would have to go for the black & mushroom mood board, i love the black contrast on the white wall. I just moved to a bigger awesome apartment and i have spare room which i’m making into a home office. At the moment it’s the “neglected” room, this mood board will be the starting point of the office corner!

  • Rhonda

    Hi Chris. I would love the black grid board with black straps. It would go perfect for the intended area it would be placed for meditation and reiki.

  • Adele Smith

    I would love the White Grid Mood Board // Nude Leather Straps. I’ve longed to have my own little nook where I can hibernate to write, to read, to hide and to dream. A small hideaway just for me to gather inspiration and let the ideas flow with no outside interruptions… just for little moments in time at least as I do need and love my family and their noise. 🙂

  • Judy

    I know the Grey Grid Mood Board with the Mushroom Straps would be perfect for me! I need a ‘Me Zone’ space on the main floor of our house. My curent space is in the basement (a finshed basement) but the basement nonetheless. My creativity is stifled working down there. I have found a room upstairs I believe would be perfect for “carrving” out a ‘me zone’. Now, I’m down to the logistics of organization, desk placement and all of the other details. Wow! This mood board would serve a number of purposes and look fabulous with my unfinshed looking, refinished teal desk!

  • 100% agree with this post!


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