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Happy hands happy heart kids natural playdough

The New Kids Playdough Range that can help with Anxiety

Recently I was introduced to a really inspiring human. Her name is Emma, and she is all kinds of clever. Emma creates all natural scented playdough, and her brand is called Happy Hands Happy Heart.

I’ll link to her website and Instagram a bit further down, but in the meantime let me tell you a bit more about this amazing lady. I was lucky to chat with her about how she came to start making her play dough, and it’s a really interesting story.

Happy hands happy heart kids natural playdough jars

The Start of Happy Hands Happy Heart

“Happy Hands Happy Heart came from a need I had, to find a way to deal with my anxiety,” Emma says. “I started to play with playdough. It was an activity that kept my hands busy, fulfilled my need to make and create, and didn’t require ‘me’ time, because I could play along with my three young kids.

“It worked. It worked really well, and I thought it might work for others. I realised that when my hands are happy (making and creating) my heart is happy. I launched in November 2014 at a local market, and I haven’t looked back”.

Based in Bendigo, Emma is Mum to Matilda (6 years), Tasman (5), and George (2), who are, as Emma tells me, “also my business partners”. And hands down her biggest fans. 

Happy hands happy heart kids natural playdough and cookie cutters

Soft, fun and it Smells Amazing

Emma’s playdough is so lovely to play, and create with. Made using plant based dyes and natural scents, it is so soft and smells amazing. Ava and I both love playing with it, and the beautiful scents are a huge hit.

With colours and scents like mandarin, blood orange, vanilla, pink grapefruit, licorice, cinnamon, spearmint, lemon and lavender – your only limit is your own imagination. It’s 100% natural which even makes it safe enough to eat, for those little ones who are in the ‘I’ll just pop everything in my mouth!’ phase.

(Sidenote: these are amazing products to add to an activities bag when you’re out with the kids so they don’t run wild and run your moment of coffee-sipping sanity. Find out what’s in Ava’s activity bag via this recent post).

Happy hands happy heart kids natural playdough stars

Getting Creative on Instagram

Emma’s Instagram account is one of my faves. It’s incredibly creative, fun, expressive, and inspiring. It showcases her wonderful product and it just makes you smile. I look forward to seeing her posts come through. With each new playdough creation, you can just tell she loves what she does.

I told Emma how much I loved her Insta imagery, and asked about her creativity.

“Thank you! I love to make and create, I get a lot of joy out of it. I play playdough with my kids almost every day, so we just photograph what we make. I have both a Diploma in Visual Merchandising and a Diploma in Applied Photography, so the skills and knowledge I have picked up along the way have definitely been beneficial in creating my IG feed”.

As I’m always interested in what tunes people listen to when they create, so I asked Emma what’s on the decks at the moment.

“My play list is pretty varied and it’s almost always on shuffle. I like to mix it up,” she explains. “Sia, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, You Am I, Bernard Fanning…”

Happy hands happy heart kids natural playdough rainbow outdoors

And just for fun…

Spots or stripes?

“Who could choose!? I love both!”

Chocolate or chips?

“Again…both. One after the other. Mmmmm… Sweet AND Savoury!”

Coffee or tea?

“Tea, absolutely hands down tea”.  

Summer or Winter?  

“Winter, I love snuggling up in winter woolies”.

Red or white wine?


I’m yet to meet Emma in person, but we chat regularly on social media. I know for sure, that if (well, when) we do meet, I’m gonna love her.

If you have small peeps in your family, you need Happy Hands Happy Heart in your life too.

Find out more here: Happy Hands Happy Heart Website | Instagram


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