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mustard bedding set with floral bed cushion and colourful abstract art by emma blomfield

Home by Emma Blomfield: Win this new Decorating Book

Home by Emma Blomfield has finally landed, Creatives, and I couldn’t be more excited.

In this new release, the talented Miss Blomfield guides us on a style journey from room to room, imparting her pearls of wisdom to have us decorating every pocket of our homes with confidence. What I love most about this book is that it’s not like so many others. It’s not packed with pictures; a book merely for inspiration and ideas. This is wordy, which is exactly what you want when you intend to learn the fundamentals of home design.

Having worked with Emma in the past (you can check out some of her divine work here), I’ve gotta declare that I love her mantra. Every room she designs and decorates for her clients is all about creating a stylish interior without the price tag. And her book reflects that approach too.

Emma’s book is published through Hardie Grant, who were also behind my own release, Sydney Precincts. So I’m very excited Emma has joined the Hardie Grant family. And what a book to kick off with!

home by emma blomfield on the life creative blog

Home by Emma Blomfield: Pretty and Practical

This handbag-ready style bible book is your complete companion for all things decorating, and it’s got everything you’ll need to deck out your home without spending buckets of cash.

Chapter one delves into the decorating basics; finding inspiration, assessing your space, selecting a colour palette, combining interior styles and more. Once you have that down pat, Emma begins taking you through every room in your abode. From entryways to living rooms, dining rooms to home offices, almost every inch is covered.

Emma even goes beyond just rooms and shares her advice for choosing decor items like rugs, window treatments, candles, cushions, art and more. And there’s even a resource chapter toward the end of the book that I’m sure you’ll find useful too.

I also love the amazing illustrations throughout this guide. They’re by the very talented Maddison Rogers and they really help support the styling and decor advice Emma gives.

“My vision for the book was for it to be a timeless classic full of decorating advice that follows a formula anyone can follow,” Emma explains. “And something you could refer to for years and still be inspired by”.

Mission accomplished!

home by emma blomfield bedroom design illustration by Maddison Rogers maddison rogers living room illustration with watercolour paint in home by emma blomfield

Win a Copy of Home by Emma Blomfield

Home by Emma Blomfield is in stores now, but lucky for you – I have a copy to give away. All you need to do to enter is follow the prompts below.

I should let you know that by commenting below, you grant us access to sign you up to TLC’s free weekly newsletter. If you’re yet to receive it, the newsletter keeps you up to date with blog news and all the info you need to style your space each week. And it’s well worth the read if I do say so myself 😉

++ Please note that the competition it now closed. The winner was Annabel Foster ++

To Enter the Draw:

Drop a comment below naming why you need Home by Emma Blomfield

Comp open to Aus residents only. Comp closes 11.59pm Weds March 15. 

All images via Emma Blomfield and Hardie Grant. If you’d like to purchase Emma’s book you can do so here.

Outside of writing the TLC Interiors blog, Chris is an interior stylist and author. You can also catch him on your TV screens as a designer on Channel 10's Changing Rooms. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

Comments (32)

  • goldclassfive

    I need ‘HOME’ by Emma Blomfield because I don’t have a ‘home’, I have a ‘place’ I want to make ‘HOME’

  • Anna Kenny

    I need HOME by Emma Blomfield because I love her joyful and user friendly style – it looks so welcoming and restful

  • Belinda Freeman

    I need ‘Home’ by Emma Blomfield because it has the prettiest cover I’ve ever seen, which will coordinate perfectly with my decor, and I’d love to have a go-to book full of decorating advice!

  • Cheree

    I need a this book to help me style for my small business. I am hopeless and need all the help I can get!!

  • Liz Brennan

    I’d love to win a copy of Home by Emma Blomfield. I need it so I can turn my house into a welcoming home for all my family.

  • Rachel

    I need Home by Emma Bloomfield to help on embarking on my first home decorating mission of my new unit to make it a wonderful and lovely home!!

  • Justine

    I need HOME because my roof came off and now I have to rebuild my top floor . Not even kidding. I’m reading every home design book that I can get my hands on…

  • Theresa

    Habitual hoarder, hunter, handy woman, needs help with hectic harem…..HELP! HOME????????

  • I am in the middle of a HUGE renovation and Emma’s book looks like it would really help me to turn my construction site into a beautiful home we can be proud of. If you’re recommending her, Chris, she must be good!

  • HOME appears to be unique when compared to other books on the market. I love Emma’s work and follow it closely – would LOVE her book on my coffee table please

  • Diane

    I would love to receive Emma Blomfield’s new book ‘Home.’ My partner and I are almost finished converting a warehouse (a.k.a concrete box) into a home and office space. It has been a process of over 18 months of living in a construction zone and am so excited to be at the decorating stage. Emma’s book would allow be the icing on the roller door :-)!

  • Kathe Lehman-Meyer

    I need Emma Blomfield’s book, “Home” because I need the inspiration for help to plan my necessary home renovations. I need to inspire my college design students by creating a restful environment for them to retreat to when they are stressed and need to get off campus.

  • I would like to get Emma’s book because I just got a new job as a interior stylist and I don’t have any profecinal experience!‍♀️ Therefor I can use some good tips!

  • Centaine Walters

    I would love a copy of Emma’s book because my home has lost it’s identity in the last few months, and has now been over run with baby toys (not the nice scandi type either) and contraptions for him to sit in. Now my home is in dire need of an overhaul but with minimal $ spent lol.

  • Ellie Cutmore

    I need a copy of ‘Home’ so that I can do a gorgeous job of decorating our newly built home, on the teeny budget left over after paying for the build. Serene spaces = content and happy family

  • I need this beautiful book as after 8 years in our stylish couples home we are making way for a new addition and need to turn it into a trendy family friendly home 🙂

  • Lashawna Taylor

    I need Home because everything I’ve done so far and it still feels like something is missing. I know I have the tools to make a home, I just don’t think I know how to utilize them.

  • Sarah Grenfell

    Emma has been and is a huge inspiration of mine, I love the way she delivers her advice, simple and concise. This enables me to achieve the look and feel I always knew I wanted, but couldn’t without her advice. Emma’s design and styling oozes nothing but passion and a love for what she does, and I’d love to have that captured in her book, in my home.


    Recently moved into a brand spanking new apartment and have fresh clean space to honour and treasure Emma inspiration.

  • Fiona

    Of this lovely book called ‘HOME’
    To call my very own
    Because I’m in total adoration
    Of Emma Blomfield’s fab ideas
    On style and decoration!

  • Lisa Shrimpton

    I need “Home”, because we are building a house and need advice on how to turn our house into a home. It is a totally new style for us so I have no idea how to style.

  • evi

    I need “Home” for my home because for once and for all I want to ‘Debunk the Myth of the Perfect Home’ and with Emma’s cheery and delightful book I know I can do this!

  • Anne Stephenson

    Emma’s book looks absolutely gorgeous but I definitely need a book to help me actually work out how to style and decorate, not just pictures of lovely things that I can’t buy anyway living in a small country town. P.S. I’m on your email list anyway so no probs, love the blog 🙂

  • Adele Smith

    My mind and soul could do with as much of a refresher as my home and I believe Emma’s book Home will give me some wonderful ideas to build on.

  • I would love to win home because it would look so pretty on my coffee table!

  • Vanessa

    I would love to win a copy of Home because I’m finding it hard to build my own style, and to tie together the different zones in my house to give more cohesion. I think this book would do a wonderful job of teaching me some fundamental rules to make that happen!

  • Gemma Dye

    At the beginning of my style and decorating journey as we embark on building our dream home. This book would guide our decorating style from the foundation and create thoughtful and cohesive spaces in our paradise.

  • Hells Bells

    I simply must have it, and need it like photography needs negatives – to develop!

  • Alex

    I need it because I’m not very stylish and when we’re decorating we get a few key pieces done but run out of puff when it comes to the small details!

  • Emily Buttigieg

    I would love to win ‘Home’ by Emma Blomfield because I would love to get into the fashion and interior design industry
    I love all to do with decorating, creating and coming up with new fresh ideas.

  • Bec

    I would love a copy of Home as I live on a farm and need budget friendly ideas for decorating our home that will never be as grand as other house’s but one that is filled with love & hopefully style!

  • The book was worth winning. Winning it would have been great. Hard Luck ! Will have to buy it.


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