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I love winter guys corduroy jacket and beanie

I Love Winter: 7 Legit Reasons it’s the Best Season Ever

Every year, around October, I cringe a little. Spring has been around for a month. And while I enjoy seeing gorgeous flowers bloom, and adore hearing birds chirp as though they’re fresh out of a Disney cartoon, I know warm weather is on the way. And it’s the pits.

I love Winter. There, I said it! I am smack-bang in the midst of winter ecstasy right now, I know it’s going to come to an end shortly, and it’s a reality I don’t want to face.

The other thing I’m all too aware of is that I am in the minority here. I don’t really know anyone else who looks forward to the onslaught of cold weather as much as I do. It seems each year, actually, all I hear is people complaining around May that winter is coming. And with no tongue-in-cheek reference to Game of Thrones, either (PS: I’d happily live out my days north of The Wall, as long as there was Wifi reception).

I know that summer brings with it beaches, boardshorts, drinks in the sun and Christmas in Australia (and Lord knows I adore Christmas), but truth be told, I don’t care much for laying on the sand, and I’ve never really had the pins to pull off boardies.

For me, winter is where it’s at. And to convince you further, I’ve compiled a list of what makes winter so amazing.

St Peters Train Station in Winter
The view from my old apartment in St Peters, Sydney. An amazing rainy day.

7 Legit Reasons I Love Winter (and you Should, too)

1. Winter fashion.
Especially for guys, you cannot beat winter fashion. Summer means shorts, singlets and tees. Which simply don’t give you the amazing layering potential that shirts, sweaters, jackets, scarves and gloves give you. If I could pull off a beanie I would add that to the list. But trust me when I say… you do NOT want to see me in a beanie.

2. Red wine on cold nights.
There is nothing I adore more than a good glass of red to warm you up on a cold night. The last time I went on a wine tour, which was just the other month, I stocked up on some divine reds from The Rutherglen and am slowly making my way through them. Giant wheels of soft cheese work well here, too. Consume until you feel like you could be sick. It’s the only way.

3. Eating carbs.
All of the carbs. I take extreme solace in the fact that my oversized jacket it going to camoflauge the winter kilos I’ve put on during the colder months; the way huge handbags hide the stomach of a pregnant actress in a TV show. I know going into winter each year that I’m going to eat myself silly on pies, bangers and mash, and burgers galore. It’s what makes winter so amazing. Extra gravy please.

4. Venues with Fireplaces.
When it’s freezing outside (and raining, too), it’s so divine to dash into a restaurant, bar or pub and realise there is a warm fire crackling in the corner. On any night of the week, the surefire way to get me out of the house is to tell me there’s a venue nearby with a fireplace. Even better if it contains red wine and food with gravy (as above).

Girl with Cupcake
This girl has way more discipline regarding portion control than I’ve ever had.

5. Long Baths with Lots of Candles.
Nobody takes a bath in summer. Well, sometimes I do, but the best part about taking a bath in winter is pouring yourself a red (so sue me, I like a glass of red!), lighting numerous candles and pumping some relaxing tunes to unwind to. There is nothing better than an evening in a bath after a long day!

6. The Cat comes New Me.
As a crazy cat man, I have two feisty felines, both of which want to smother me with attention in winter, when it’s cold, and tend to want alone time during the warmer months. One in particular (Mim), will barely look in your direction from November to January. But come May, she is all over you like a creep at a nightclub. For a cat parent, this is bliss.

7. Last but not least, Winter Bedding!
I live for the moment, each year, I can crack out the doona and then purchase a new cover for it, with accompanying pillows and new throws for the end of the bed. I also love discovering new bedding brands each season, and mixing and matching them with existing pieces I’ve loved for years.

I love winter, but do you? I’d love to hear from lovers of cold weather, red wines and Netflix marathons below! If you’re into summer, I suppose I’ll hear from you too 😉


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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5 Responses

  1. Finally, someone who likes the best season in Australia. I too love winter and hate summer. Winter is so mild in Australia. I mostly wear shorts and t-shirts with the occasional light jumpers; it’s the ideal temperature. If we lived in a country where winter was actually cold, maybe we would think differently

  2. Oh I do love winter. I’m a seasons gal so could never live in Queensland. I love winter fashion and red wine and snuggling up listening to the rain. I generally need a small break in between fir a vitamin D fix and I’m ok. I don’t like the extra lard layer….,you can keep that!!

    1. haha I can’t fight the extra layer of lard, it just seems to creep up after a winter of 45 burgers, 85 pies and 62 casseroles. I wonder why. Diet starts tomorrow lol.

  3. You know it’s winter in our house when Minou (our fur baby) sleeps nearly all day on our fuzzy blanket. I have never seen animal be so attached to something like this. She will sit, stare at you, and wait until you have the fuzzy blanket on on your lap so she can curl up and cuddle.

    1. haha that is hilarious. I have two cats Clementine, and I should have named one of the Shadow. She follows you around the house until you sit down so she can jump on your lap. She has an obsession with a particular pair of pyjama pants too. Weird cat, but she’s my weird cat lol.

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