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My Forever Home Design is Finalised (and the Move is here!)

My forever home, which has felt like an ongoing four-year saga, is almost complete and ready to move in. I won’t lie though; I’m anxious.

Truth be told, the wait hasn’t been too long. I purchased the home off the plan, but toward the end of the process, so a lot of things were already done. This is great in terms of timing, but bad in terms of finishes.

I’m not elated with everything that was chosen by the builder.

I could do with a different colour carpet, I could happily change up the kitchen bench, and the bathroom wall tiles could definitely be elevated. But once I’m in I plan on working on those over time. And hopefully I can engage some some awesome local brands to help out, so I can show you before-meets-after makeovers on the blog!

Moving House Tips - Packing Boxes

One of my older home moves

The agony and ecstasy of moving

The anxiety comes with having SO much to coordinate. The moving part I’m pretty good with, actually. I’m a bit of a machine when it comes to packing up a house. I could have it done in a day.

It’s the new furniture ordering that has me in a tailspin. Trying to coordinate selling off my old stuff, but ensuring the new stuff arrives with enough time that I’m not sipping my first-day-in champers on a milk crate! It’s a first-world problem of epic proportions!

I’m sure it’ll all come together though.

In today’s post, I want to show you the vibe I’m going for in each room of my new home. And in the coming weeks after I’m in I’ll show you all the after shots of the styled spaces. How exciting, right!?


The Living Room Vibe

The living room above, which is from my fave store, Globewest, is the one I’m using as the inspiration for my living room. Their new catalogue landed a few weeks back and it’s a stunner. Click here if you’re eager to have a look at it.

The ground floor of the new house is going to be more subdued than I usually go for at home. I’m after a black, grey and cream base palette, punctuated with muddy greens, blues and tans. I want it to feel quite organic, soothing, slightly masculine and rustic – but not industrial. I want to see the grains in wood furniture, but not have it battered and beaten.

I suppose you could call it a contemporary organic-meets-Scandi. Clean lines, textural, and sophisticated but casual.


The Dining Room Vibe

The dining room in the new home is square; kind of tucked away a little beside the kitchen. With this in mind, a round table was definitely in order, so I built the room around that idea. A round table that is quite striking in the space. A casual chair set-up around it, a graphic piece of art on the wall and a wow-factor pendant.

The image above comes courtesy of Inside Out and inspired the look of the dining room. The pendant is a little more coastal than I like, but it gives you an idea of the overarching feel of the room.


The Kitchen Vibe

As I said above, I came into the project toward the end of the build, so the kitchen was already decided on. Black splashback tiles, a marble-effect benchtop (I’m eager to replace that quickly) and white gloss cabinetry.

I have to be quite careful in the kitchen, and not spend a fortune on it that I won’t make back when I sell and move onto the next forever home. But I will change the benchtop and possibly the kitchen cabinet handles at a bare minimum, as they are stainless steel and I’m not keen.

The black splashback did inspire the colour palette of the entire downstairs space though. So my advice: always let the home talk to you, and dictate the decor choices you make. The kitchen is the most expensive to change, so we’re working with it at the moment as opposed to fighting against it.

The image above is how I’d like to get the place looking. Credit here.

Rachel Castle bedding in orange of soft grey

Bedroom Vibes

We have three bedrooms in total. One will be my office, and the other two decked out with beds (one as a dedicated guest bedroom). Upstairs we’re going more colourful, so I’m going to let my love of bright hues run wild in both my master bedroom and the guest bedroom.

I’m still keeping the overall vision consistent though. It would be weird to have a sophisticated and subdued space downstairs and then let the colour explode upstairs in a juvenile or whimsical fashion. The accent tones in the bedrooms will still make sense and not feel out of place in the home’s overall design. You’ve always gotta think big picture.

I’m going to let the bedding and art do a lot of the talking in terms of colour and interest. I want the spaces to feel easy, breezy and not laboured or over-styled. I love effortlessness when it comes to decorating, so I’ll be keeping that in mind. The image above is from Rachel Castle and it’s fab.


Office Vibes

I spend so much time at home in the office. It’s where everything takes place for the blog side of the business as well as the interior styling side.

As the office is on the ground floor, it needs to fit into the overall scheme I discussed above (subdued, easy, sophisticated) but also have an element of fun to it. I am not a serious person, so it would be a departure for me to create an office that felt serious or high-end. I’m not at all high-end. The image above – from here – has a rockin’ look and feel.

The entire home, actually, is going to have some irreverent moments in it. Some funny, some quirky, maybe some WTF moments in terms of decor (Jonathan Adler is so good at this). A home has to have a sense of humour. You’re not living in a library after all!

Moving House Tips - The Life Creative

Less than a week to go…

Settlement is not far off, and then moving day happens right away. So it’s all systems go here in the current (and soon to be former) TLC headquarters.

I’m going to do my best to move home as stress-free as I can (this post on moving house has me covered), and I cannot wait to show you all of the rooms once they’re done.

Pass me a wine though – I think i’ll need it!

Thanks for coming along on the journey with me and check back regularly for updates.

Outside of writing the TLC Interiors blog, Chris is an interior stylist and author. You can also catch him on your TV screens as a designer on Channel 10's Changing Rooms. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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  • Lisa Turley

    So excited to see your “after” pics Chris – I’m sure it will be amazing!

  • Kim

    So exciting Chris! Can’t wait to see the photos when you move in and get styling. Good luck with the move!

  • Nikki O'Brien

    Can’t wait to see the finished product. Seeing as you toured The Block can we have a comp to tour your place?


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