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5 Reasons to Love and Lust over Hooray Magazine

It started off as Hitched Magazine when it hit the market eight issues ago, but under its recent transformation into the divine HOORAY mag, this local publication is only getting better. I’ve been an avid reader of every issue since its inception and wanted to tell you today why I’m so smitten with it. If you’re yet to discover what makes HOORAY Magazine so special, this is your chance to get clued up.

Hooray Magazine Front Covers

1. The covers are just beyond.

Every single issue of HOORAY features an illustrated cover – from a host of divine creatives who make the mag’s first impression an irresistible one. The April 2013 cover won in the lifestyle category at the Maggies in 2013, so it goes without saying that the illustrations are a key feature – and unique selling point – for the mag. There are plenty of drawings inside HOORAY too, making it a little piece of art as well as a mag. The latest issue you see above was illustrated by Emma Block and is just dreamy, don’t you think?

Hooray Magazine - Hooray Magazine Blog - Celebrations

2. The styling and photography are second to none.

HOORAY magazine likes to celebrate the everyday; that’s a mantra I can definitely get on board with. The team showcase the finest in event styling, giving you an endless source of inspiration for your birthday parties, weddings, bridal and baby showers and a host of other celebrations you’ll encounter in your life. These are real-life occasions too, so you get a look into the parties people are throwing and what makes them so special. It doesn’t get more captivating than that, let’s face it!

Hooray Magazine - Real Life Story from the Blog

3. The real-life stories are sweeter than cake!

Hitched was all about sharing awesome wedding stories, the journey couples took to get to the alter and insights into their big day. There’s still a fair amount of it in HOORAY, but there’s also a look in on a wider range of people and celebrations too. The first issue I read featured a gorgeous story on two guys who fell in love, titled “He said, he said”. I was sold on the mag right there and have never looked back. These are stories you can connect with – full of heart and captured on film for you to enjoy and experience.

Hooray Magazine Blog - Craft Activities

4. The team love a dabble in crafts and DIY.

It goes without saying that I adore a craft project and I love to get my DIY on; I’ve dedicated a whole category to it on the blog, so I kinda have an obsession with all things handmade. The team ay HOORAY Magazine are a bit fond of the creative too – with things you can make and treats you can bake. The HOORAY blog is a treasure trove of fun and frivolity in that respect, so you should definitely hop on over and check it out when you get a moment.

Hooray Magazine Style Sessions

5. They’re plugged into the community.

Not only are a lot of the real-life stories you see in the mag from Australia, but the HOORAY team are completely plugged into what’s happening locally. Based in ACT, the team trek around the country to host their awesome Style Sesh classes, so you can learn how to pull off your own event or smaller soiree with confidence. The blog, as I’ve mentioned, is also a hoot and gives you a real sense of who the team are.

Want to find out more about HOORAY Magazine? Click Here to head on over to their website and Click Here if you want to subscribe to the mag.

What do you love about HOORAY? Drop me a comment below and let’s chat! 🙂

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  • Definitely the cover! I’ve been buying Hooray ever since the name change. I think re-branding from Hitched is thebest move ever. We don’t need another bridal magazine, but grown up party magazine is awesome. Reading Hooray makes me want to decorate/style/plan a party.

    5 December, 2014

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