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Buy Unique Art Pieces from Sydney Artists this Weekend

Sydney Artist - Artwork by Derryn Tal

I recently visited the Designer Rugs showroom and discovered the amazing artwork of Derryn Tal adorning the walls there. This abstract contemporary artist is a Sydney local and has me smitten with her unique works, which are created by generating chemical reactions in various materials.

I was even more delighted to hear that she’s taking part in this weekend’s Art Hop event, which allows you to hop from home to home in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs and purchase art direct from the Sydney artist who lives there, getting a rare and unique insight into the creative process of each piece and seeing their home studio.

“Art Hop was borne over a cup of coffee with me and an artist friend, Gill Cohn,” Sydney artist Derryn tells me. “Amazing what caffeine can do”.

Art by local Sydney Artist - Art Hop Event

Amazing indeed, this event runs on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm, starting in North Bondi and ending in Vaucluse. It’s a fab opportunity to get a look into Derryn’s work, along with the other nine artists who taking part and showcasing their work.

There’s such a diversity of creative work, too, including painting, mixed media, printing, ceramics, sculpture and jewellery making – all in the relaxed atmosphere.

Click here to hit the Art Hop website and find out more about Derryn and the Sydney artists.

Sydney Artists - Art Hop Event in Sydney

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