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Loving how the Kiwis Decorate: A look at New Zealand Interior Style

New Zealand Interior Style

I had been coveting New Zealand Interior Style online for weeks and thankfully it finally hit my doorstep recently, filled to the brim with inspirational homes from across the pond. Author LeeAnn Yare, who is also a freelance interior stylist, has collated some of the best homes New Zealand has to offer, all of which seem to have a theme of being far more daring than their Australian cousins. This post will take a look at some of my fave pages from the book and what I love about the NZ design aesthetic (fun!).

New Zealand Interior Style New Zealand Interior Style New Zealand Interior Style

LeeAnn’s fearless and ‘no rules’ approach to interior design echoes throughout the book, with most of the homes featured giving a gentle nod to decor rebellion. The NZ style is a relaxed one, drizzled with bold designer moments that don’t try to hard and give edge without venturing too far toward quirky or kitsch.

As a confirmed lover of colour, even I was surprised to find rooms I found too colourful, which was refreshing to see and made me question some of my own decor rules. The photo above, of that stunning Acapulco chair against that brilliant blue backdrop is perhaps my favourite image; that vintage print is the stuff dreams are made of and completes the moment perfectly.

New Zealand Interior Style New Zealand Interior Style New Zealand Interior Style

Each of the homes in this release are also big on personalisation, be it through ornaments, photography, collector pieces or repurposed wares. This gives each of the abodes a distinct sense of being lived in, which is a refreshing change from some releases, which have been styled within an inch of their lives and lack heart. The image above is another of my faves. It’s open plan but zoned perfectly, utilises vintage and upcycled pieces and approaches colour with reckless abandonment (that coffee table is just beyond!).

New Zealand Interior Style New Zealand Interior Style New Zealand Interior Style

LeeAnn’s home is featured toward the end of the book and I must say, the best was saved for last. Photographer Larnie Nicolson – who snapped all the images in the book – captures moments in this home perfectly, giving me a sense of what I can create in my own home to strike the perfect between casual and cool.

New Zealand Interior Style is a must-read for fans of colour and quirk and will give you a gentle push to be more adventurous in your own pad. A big thanks to Penguin Books for sending it my way!

Drop a comment below and let me know what pages take your fancy and if this style of home decorating appeals to you!

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