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Chatting with Sonia Stackhouse from Life Love and Hiccups

Sonia Stackhouse Life Love and Hiccups Interview

If it’s one blog I turn to for a good chuckle, it’s Life Love and Hiccups; the work of Sydney-sider Sonia Stackhouse, whose love of online shopping and vodka strikes a real chord with my liver. A mum and wife who celebrates both the triumphs and hiccups in life, I simply had to take five with this lovely lady for my most hilarious interview yet. We discuss everything from picking a favourite child, pitching a show to Foxtel and taking out Tara Dennis.

Your blog is called Life, Love and Hiccups. What’s your cure for hiccups because I don’t think standing on your head works?

“Vodka. Yep, most definitely vodka served on ice with some soda and crushed lime. I don’t know if they actually cure the hiccups but have enough of them and you will soon forget you are even hiccuping”.

Your surname is Stackhouse. Any relation to Sooki?

“Yes indeed we are related. She is actually just one of my many alter egos. I am a Gemini, so I have a personality for every occasion, including – it seems – a love of midnight Bloody Mary marathons and sexy vampire men”.

You’re on a desert island like the one in Lost (I’ll even give you Matthew Fox) and a chopper will only drop off cake or vodka. Which will it be?

“Come on – do you really need to ask??? I only eat cake if it is too early to make a cocktail”.

Sonia Stackhouse Life Love and Hiccups Interview - Office

Above and Below: How amazing is Sonia’s blogging space? I love it!

Sonia Stackhouse Life Love and Hiccups Interview - Office Space

How does one juggle full time work, blogging and a family? Because I have work, blogging and study and am about to book myself into a facility!

“You get yourself a tab at Dan Murphy’s, and a proven form of therapy… like shopping or crafting”.

You are a Mumma Bear to three gorgeous boys. People say kids often teach you things. Is this true?

“Yep they sure do. Mine taught me that I don’t have anywhere near the amount of patience I used to give myself credit for and they also taught me that peeing on your own is a luxury only those with unpick-able locks on their bathroom doors will ever know”.

I have two cats and totally have a favourite. Is it an unspoken truth that all parents have a fave?

“Yes, but if my kids are reading this I’ll totally deny everything and blame it on the editing. My favourite child changes nearly every day of the week though and I am usually drawn to the one who is not involved in a punchup with his other brothers”.

On a serious note, I have seen some of your crafty transformations and insist you sniper Tara Dennis and get on Better Homes and Gardens. Thoughts?

“Oh man – I would love to have my own show or even just a dedicated segment on BHG where I teach people how to craft and concoct cocktails… preferably at the same time”.

Sonia Stackhouse Life Love and Hiccups Interview

What are your homewares loves at the moment and is there a trend I’m not fully across?

“I think you are pretty across all the trends at the moment hun, but for me I am currently crushing on industrial with a bohemian eclectic vibe to soften it up a little. And yellow, I am definitely still infatuated with yellow”.

Your blog has been going for a few years now. Do you take breaks from it or do you have blog-holiday-anxiety like I do?

“Every now and then I go AWOL for a few days… but it’s more a kind of enforced thing, not an active choice. Like school holidays; I had all the best intentions to blog and play on social media but I was just too bloody exhausted to remember my passwords to log on. Blogging is usually a Monday to Friday thing for me though and I plan ahead so if I am going away, I have prewritten posts or guests posts lined up to fill the days.

I totally suffer from blog anxiety though and I am pretty sure there is a niche for a support group for bloggers like us”.

Sonia Stackhouse Life Love and Hiccups Interview

Have you considered pitching a reality TV show to Foxtel based on the blog? I could guest appear as the zany friend who brings over vodka.

“Funny you say that because yes I have thought about that. I even sat up one night when insomnia got the better of me and wrote pages of ideas on interviews I could do and segments I could run. How awesome would it be to rock up at a celebs house with a bottle of Absolut and get them pissed and crafting. If anyone is reading this and has any contacts um… call me?”.

Any final thoughts to share? Jerry Springer always left viewers with a final thought…

“Ahhh of course I have a final thought… I am a female after all and we love to have the final say. My parting words would be ‘Laugh loud and laugh often and learn to embrace the hiccups in life, they will give you something else to laugh about… one day’.”

Photos in this post come courtesy of Sonia.

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  • You have the name of Sonia’s website incorrect a few times through your article!! Loved the interview

    15 October, 2013
  • Great interview! I only have one boy, don’t know how you manage to work and blog with 3 of them! Kudos to you xo

    15 October, 2013
  • I love Sonia’s blog and have been lucky enough to meet her in real life and this is pretty much what I witnessed lol. Tania xx

    16 October, 2013
  • mummymanifestodotcom


    Very funny, love Sonia’s blog, great interview

    16 October, 2013