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Claire Bradley from Inside Out Magazine

Claire Bradley talks about her Rescue Kittens, Tux and Smeggy

Want a peek inside the world of local creatives and their four-legged friends? Yearn no more for adorable pictures of kittens and puppies; the TLC Fur-Kid series has you covered. Prepare to get clucky!

Claire Bradley from Inside Out Magazine

I’m a huge fan of pets and I truly believe that they make our lives – and our homes – infinitely better.

For those of us who don’t have kids (and even those of us that do, actually), a four-legged friend is our child. We feed them, we clean them, we fret and worry over them and we spend truckloads on them when they get sick.

These little treasures are our fur-kids. And in a new weekly segment on the blog, Fur-Kid Friday, you’re going to meet the gorgeous pets of some popular creatives – and hear the story of how pet and human met.

This week, Claire Bradley – editor-in-chief of my fave magazine, Inside Out, tells the story of her rescue kittens Tux and Smeggy.

Claire Bradley on her Rescue Kittens, Tux & Smeggy.

Claire Bradley from Inside Out's cats Tux and Smeggy

I found Tux and Smeggy on a rescue site in March.

They’d been dumped at the base of the Blue Mountains. I knew I wanted two, to keep each other company when I travelled, and I love how much they play together. I drove out to a kitty foster carer’s home and got grilled before I was allowed to take them. I definitely had to prove myself.

They’d been fending for themselves for a couple of weeks, and were VERY shy of humans.

But Tux had heaps of spunk and I just had to have faith that Smeggy would be OK in time. And of course he is.

Smeggy was originally going to be called Bowie.

When I first brought them home, I let them out of their carrier, and ‘Bowie’ ran straight for the back of my beloved Smeg fridge (I’m not joking, he was like liquid fur getting through what seems like a two inch gap!), and proceeded to hide in the inner workings for 9 hours.

I was petrified he was going to catch on fire! Over that period of time, my friends kept checking in and asking if ‘Smeggy’ had come out yet. Hence his name change. 

Inside the home of Claire Bradley from Inside Out Magazine Claire Bradley's cat on TLC Interiors

They’ve just turned one.

They’re still behaving like little rascals a lot of the time. They love to tear up my indoor plants, and chase my feet in bed. Still, I can see them calming down, and I love seeing their little personalities coming out. Tux has no sense of personal space and is up in my grill at all times, and Smeggy loves water and jumps in the shower with me every morning. 

Smeggy is pretty good on the whole, but Tux has a whole lotta sass.

My fave story is when I painted my floor white. I only had the kitchen left to do, so I locked them in the bedroom and went to work sanding and then painting. After a tough couple of hours, I barricaded the room up (it doesn’t have a door), then dashed up to the local service station for milk for a tea. I was gone 7 minutes – MAX.

As I returned, I was joking to my mum about how I’d let the cats out and imagine if one of them had got into the kitchen… only to walk back in my place and find that Tux had done just that. He’d climbed the ‘fence’, landed on the floor, skated around for a bit, run back up the fence, run across the sofa, through the living room, across my bed and up onto the window sill… leaving white paw paint prints the whole way.

Little bugger. I’ve left the marks in the kitchen because I love/loathe the story. 

Claire Bradley from Inside Out on TLC Interiors Fur Kid Friday

They bring life to my home.

I live alone (yes, I’m a walking stereotype) and they make me feel sane and give me a reason to go home. They’re always pleased to see me, they’re constantly by my side and I’m always happiest sitting patting them on my deck. We like to soak up the afternoon sun together. 

Getting kittens is the best thing you’ll ever do.

Contrary to popular belief, they’re not aloof, if you spend time with them, and they’re much less work than dogs. (Although I also do love dogs.)

If Tux and Smeggy could talk…

They’d say, “Shoosh now…”

>>> Are you crazy for cats or are dogs more your style? Drop me a comment below and let me know what you love about your adorable pet!


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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  1. I’m crazy for both dogs and cats and have had 3 dogs, 3 horses and 3 cats! I’m with you Chris, pets really make a place lovely to come home to. They love unconditionally.

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