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eBay Collections - Chris from The Life Creative

How eBay Collections will Change Your Interior

If you thought eBay was a wondrous world of shopping you never wanted to leave, wait until you see the new platform to come from this online giant: eBay Collections. I have the scoop on this new offering and I was one of the faces of the campaign!

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eBay collections is a new way to discover and shop online. What it allows you to do is hand-pick products and organise them into themes; the way you would a mood board. The best part? All the products on your collection board are 100% shoppable. It’s a great way to express yourself and show the world that you love!

eBay Collections - Hello Yellow

Above: My Hello Yellow collection is like sunshine on a rainy day!

So what’ll you use it for? Well, for a lover of interiors, it’s going to allow you to create a look for your room and then buy every product that’s in your collection. As a stylist, I can’t wait to take a tablet to a clients home, mood board a look with them and buy products with them there and then!

eBay Collections - Crazy Cat Lady

Above: My Crazy Cat Lady collection expresses my love of kitties! 

Plus, you can follow collections that your friends and family make, meaning you could create a collection for Christmas and get your nearest and dearest to buy products off of it for you. Getting married? Make an online gift registry using eBay Collections. The possibilities really are endless!

You can get paid to build Collections with eBay. Sign up here!
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eBay Collections

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