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Paper Bird Art

This Paper Art is the Most Amazing thing I’ve ever Seen

Bird Art by Diana Beltran Herrera - Flamingo

Diana Beltran Herrera’s paper art is phenomenal.

You probably don’t know her or her work. I didn’t know her or her work either. But sometimes you slip into Pinterest holes that turn into website holes that land you on a site that just blows your mind. This is what happened to me recently – and the result was discovering this talented designer and her amazing paper art.

Amazing really doesn’t describe just how phenomenal the work of this Colombian artist is. Diana’s intricate paper art – the most recent of which has landed on a set of stamps overseas – is beyond anything I’ve ever seen before. Following a process where the birds are first photographed and then drawn on illustrator to get dimension and detail right, Diana then sets about creating these lifelike birds out of paper.

Paper bird art by Diana Beltran Herrera Paper Art by Diana Beltran Herrera Bird Art - Feathers - by Diana Beltran Herrera Bird Stamps by Diana Beltran Herrera

I’m honestly gobsmacked by this talent. The images I’ve shown here are some of my faves from her collection and there’s a tonne more on her website. Some truly look like real, living, flying birds. I just cannot get over her talent.

This is going to be a relatively short post, because there’s not much more I can say about this art apart from the fact that I am LIVING for it and absolutely head over heels for it.

This just goes to show that spending hours on the internet and following one site to another, to another and then to another, can result in some pretty amazing discoveries. So, in other words, I can write off just about anything as “work” and “research” when push comes to shove!

>>> What do you think of this talented lady? Check out her website and drop me a comment to let me know your thoughts. Are you dying over it too?

All images in this post, of course, come from Diana’s website


Chris Carroll

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