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Reno Rubmle Kitchen Reveals - Carly and Leighton 1

Reno Rumble Reveals: Week Three’s Life Changing Transformations

I used to go batty for an industrial interior. I loved the exposed brickwork, I loved the rough textures and I adored the masculinity inherent in these sorts of spaces. Then I went off them for a while, as you tend to do with design styles and schemes.

Last night’s Reno Rumble reveals had me hooked on industrial again, thanks to the divine kitchen designed by Carly and Leighton below. Of course, I’m showcasing both of the sublime Freedom Kitchens that were unveiled by the teams, but there’s no confusion over which one’s my fave!

Reno Rumble Contestants

Take a look at the kitchens below and hear from the home owner’s about how these new spaces have changed their lives!

Blue Tongues Kitchen Reveal

Reno Rubmle Kitchen Reveals - Carly and Leighton 1 Reno Rumble Kitchen Reveal - Carly and Leighton 2 Reno Rumble Kitchen Reveals - Carly and Leighton 3

Home owner Tara – who Carly and Leighton designed this space for – had little bench space and shallow cupboards prior to the transformation.

More storage was one of the key factors she needed in her new kitchen, along with integrated appliances. The old 1940s kitchen Tara had before the renovation sported a standalone gas stove and fridge across the other side of the room. So a new layout was crucial too.

On the colour scheme and styling of her new kitchen…

“The theme of the kitchen was the same as the rest of the house – a relaxed industrial feel,” Tara says. “The kitchen flows through to the rest of the house, and being one large living space, it is now perfect”.

Her fave moments in the new space…

“I love the whole space – it’s just perfect. The Caesarstone benchtops are lovely, and we now have plenty of space for cooking. The two different finishes on the cabinetry is great too; dark on the bottom and light on top is fantastic. It makes it feel warm and a bit different”.

How the new kitchen has changed Tara’s life…

“I can entertain now. I didn’t enjoy it before because using more than two pots at the same time caused space issues! With the central bench family and friends can now sit there whilst I finish cooking which is perfect”.

Redbacks Kitchen Reveal

Reno Rumble Kitchen Reveals - Kyal and Kara Reno Rumble Kitchen Reveals - Kyal and Kara 2 Reno Rumble Kitchen Reveals - Kyal and Kara 3

Kyal and Kara created a subdued but impressive kitchen for home owner Cathryn, who described her old spaces as tired, small, pokey, dark and uninviting (I get the distinct impression she didn’t like it!).

By bringing in shaker-style cabinetry and a herringbone splashback, K&K have allowed clean lines and texture create interest while keeping the space clean and fuss-free.

What Cathryn wanted from the transformation…

“I would have been happy with just about anything,” she says. “The overall style of the home we wanted was a Hamptons feel… with a greater sense of space and light and a fully working stove and cooker”.

What she loves about the new space…

“Mostly I love the large bench that connects the kitchen to the living room and allows stools to be placed on one side. I also love the colour scheme, it is light and bright and calm and the open shelves are beautiful too”.

How the renovation has changed her life…

“The new kitchen living area is definitely more inclusive. I didn’t enjoy being in my old kitchen, but I love being in the new one!”.

>>> Want more? Hit the Freedom Kitchens website by clicking here.


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  1. I’m more of a Hamptons person, but having said that I thought both reno’s were amazing this week. I always thought that industrial was more suited to apartments, but this style was just perfect with the relaxed element in this home. Wonder what happened to those gloss black doors? What would you have done with them Chris?

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