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Selling Houses Australia - Image via Foxtel Website

Shaynna Blaze dishes on this season of Selling Houses Australia

Shaynna Blaze - Selling Houses news.com

I honestly don’t know how the glorious Shaynna Blaze does it. Between her gig on Selling Houses Australia, judging on The Block, writing her second book and undertaking a slew of other creative projects… how does the design diva ever sleep?

Perhaps it’s that green smoothie I saw her sharing on Instagram that gives her the energy she needs to keep going (Darren Palmer got on board with it too). Either way, it’s safe to say that this Shaynna Blaze is one busy bee showing no signs of slowing down (and doing an amazing job on all counts, might I add!).

I caught five with Shaynna Blaze to ask her a few questions about this series of Selling Houses Australia and what pitfalls you can avoid when you’re looking to sell your humble abode!

Selling Houses Australia - Image via Foxtel Website

What can viewers expect from this season of SHA?

Lots of houses that need a ridiculous amount of love while getting a personality change.  There are an incredible amount of design challenges rather than just decor challenges on this series.  

Andrew has a lot of challenges with sellers this series and a very interesting array of real estate agents. I think in this series with one of the most questionable agents and in contrast possibly one of the best agents we have ever seen. I think it is a huge series of massive highs and lows – no wonder I’m so exhausted!”.

What were some of the biggest hurdles or challenges for you this time around?

I usually have one or two houses a series that I have to re-configure the floor plan, but this series it was almost half the houses – and when you are doing them every second week that is a lot of brain overload.

Lots of bathrooms and kitchens needed love this series but as always Mr Winter doesn’t give us an endless budget, so it is a case of trying to get the best design possible without looking like I have compromised by any means”.

Shaynna Blaze on Selling Houses Australia - Lifestyle.comWhat’s one mistake you see home owners make again and again?

Not doing any work for presenting the home for sale and making it look like a renovators delight, but asking the price of a fully renovated property.  

There are many people that think people will see through the mess and dated decor and pay exactly what they want. We live in a world where presentation has created high expectations from the buying market so a property that isn’t presented well, gets a big thumbs down”.

What’s the best budget-friendly changes you think home owners should make when selling?

Assess what is the best selling point of the house and that is where you need to focus most of your energy. If both the bathroom and kitchen need doing and you have limited budget, just update one so you don’t spread your funds too thin. It’s not always about how much you spend but how well you spend it”.

>>> Have you been watching Shaynna Blaze on this season of SHA?

What have your thoughts been on the homes they’ve undertaken so far? Are you liking some of the transformations? Drop a comment below and share 🙂


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