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First Look: Check Out the New Season of House Rules!

House Rules - The Life Creative

This is possibly my favourite time of the year. Yes, even better than Christmas. The reason I’m so smitten with this moment is because it’s the time in which all my fave shows come back from their break. House Rules is one of them and in this post I have a glorious look at the new season.

Give the video below a squiz and let me know your thoughts on the new contestants. As you’ll see in the promo, the drama seems to be set to high from the get go and there are tears-a-plenty in store!

Thankfully the gorgeous Johanna Griggs is back at the helm for season two as well. I interviewed her on the blog recently and she is just lovely! Click here to check out the interview!

House Rules - The Life Creative

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  • Michelle


    I am so excited about the next series. It will be fun seeing the next teams knowing what they are in for. Loved my experience. Amazing hard working behind the scenes team.

    19 February, 2014

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