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Claire Bradley - Inside Out

Christmas Styling: What the Industry Insiders are doing for the Silly Season

Christmas Styling - Love Heart Christmas Tree Ornament

These industry movers and shakers spend their days immersed in styling, homewares, magazines and interiors, but what are they doing regarding to their own festive celebrations? I caught up with these six style makers to get their take on the silly season and have them share some Christmas styling ideas of their own.

Christmas Styling - Claire Bradley from Inside Out

Claire Bradley
Editor, Inside Out

“For my Christmas this year, I’m going with a clean and fresh white and neutrals palette – loads of great textured fabrics and crisp white candles.

Each year I make a new wreath and this year it’ll be a rag tied one in the shape of a heart. I’ll also add to my collection of homemade tree decorations with a few linen hearts with black and white polkadot details.

Even when I’m at my most frantic, I like to know that I’ll still make time to do a few of these little crafty things each Christmas – it’s my own personal tradition”.


Christmas Styling - Mr Jason Grant

Mr Jason Grant
Stylist and Author

“I like to keep it simple and laid back… lets call it nature minimalist. The table will be set with classic raw linen and my usual mismatched tableware and glassware approach, simple flowers and perhaps some interesting placemats.

Christmas will be about thoughtful gifts and good food and friends – of course we wont be far from the beach. I will be serving a very Australian christmas; prawns and pavlova will be the heroes (my favourites)”.


Christmas Styling - Karen McCartney

Karen McCartney
Editorial Director, Temple & Webster

“In our family decorating is all about the tree, and the tradition is that my daughter Ava (11) and I decorate it. She has become more of a ‘stylist’ as the years go by and last year spread all the Christmas tree decorations out on the table and edited out the red and green leaving us with a pretty sophisticated palette of gold, glass and timber.

My favourites are the beaded Indian decorations I have had for 20 years in the shape of a half moon or a simple ball. Every year we add two or three new ones to the collection. Last year it was feathered bird decorations and we are still to see what this year holds”.


Christmas Styling - Neale Whitaker

Neale Whitaker
Editor, Belle

“Being British, I’m a real traditionalist when it comes to Christmas, albeit with a few Australian adaptations! For me there is only one Christmas colour scheme and it involves red, green and silver. Fortunately my partner (who’s Australian) agrees with me.

Whatever the weather is doing, there will be candles everywhere. I can’t imagine a Christmas without candles.

There’ll be fresh prawns and salads and all the amazing things this country offers in summer, but there will also be roast turkey with bread sauce, Christmas pudding and mince pies with brandy butter. Fortunately David was a professional chef and preparing all that lot doesn’t faze him at all! Me? I pour the wine”.


Christmas Styling - Emma Blomfield from Nest DesignsEmma Blomfield
Interior Stylist, Nest Designs 

“I love getting my DIY craft queen hat on at Christmas. One year I made snow globes for each person attending Christmas lunch. I was so proud of how they turned out! I used baby food containers, glued little reindeers to the lids, filled the jar with water and glitter then duct taped the lid shut. Instant Christmas snow globe!

The colour theme will be gold and red. The tree must always be real – no exceptions – because nothing beats the smell of a real tree.

Christmas Rule – There is not to be any Christmas decorations in my house until after December 8th (my birthday), I hate mixing birthday decor with Christmas decor”.


Christmas Styling - Jessica Bellef - Temple & Webster

Jessica Bellef
Head of Styling, Temple & Webster

“My decorating scheme this Christmas will most likely be cardboard chic; we are moving house in December, from an inner city shoe box apartment to a bayside home in the Royal National Park.

Once we get settled I am sure we will be making the most of outdoor entertaining on our deck, with kayak and fishing sessions to break up the hours of eating and drinking.

I am not too worried about making our new home Christmassy, rather I will make the most of our new location and decorate with lots of native flowers, greenery and driftwood found on the beach”.


What are you doing for the silly season? What Christmas styling colour scheme are you going for? Drop me a comment below and share your thoughts on all things festive!



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