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Deb Bibby - Real Living

The Creative 10: My Interview with Real Living Magazine’s Deb Bibby

The Creative 10 Interview - Deb Bibby from Real Living Magazine

As the undeniable majesty of magazines, Deb Bibby has been at the helm of one of my fave homewares publications, real living, since its inception back in 2005 (time flies when you’re setting trends!). I scored some time from this lovely lady in my new segment, The Creative 10, to get some insight into her creative world, who she admires and what inspires her.

1 | When are you at your most creative? “When the sun goes down, the house is as quiet as a mouse and the brain wanders all over the place begging to stay up all night scribbling and gathering up thoughts and ideas”.

2 |  Who is the most creative person you know? “Sarah Ellison – real living magazine’s senior stylist. She blows me away with the interior sets she creates; her passion is relentless”.

3 | What’s your most creative destination? “Saint Paul de Vence Colombe d’Or hotel – inspiring. If only I could live there, damn!”.

4 | What’s your best creation or creative moment to date? “The last two years on real living magazine. It’s been mad, exciting, caring and packed with passion. The moment I truly gave of my creative self without fear of repercussions or external expectations, I received in abundance. As Steve Jobs said on knowing he was dying, “There is no reason not to follow your heart – you have nothing to lose.” Love that!”.

5 | What’s your fave creative read? A Book of Luminous Things Edited (Czeslaw Milosz). The works gathered will move you to fill notebooks – it’s an inspirational feast”.

The Creative 10 Interview - Deb Bibby from Real Living Magazine

6 | What music makes you feel creative? “Anything by Ray Lamontagne, Claire Bowditch and Angus and Julia Stone – all rather chilled”.

7 | What’s your one creative must-have at home or the office? “A towering stack of old magazines, a moodboard with imagery to make you day dream and a G+T in hand”.

8 | What creative item are you lusting over at the moment? “Not lusting for anything material right now, BUT if you twisted my arm and I had to say one thing and money were no object, I’d rush out and buy a painting by Martine Edmur. I’d bring it home and stare into it all day saying Awwwwwww!”.

9 | What inspires you to get Creative? “The book Peter Beard Fifty Years in Portraits; visiting a beautiful interior filled to the ceiling with books and art; music; flicking through the pages of French or Italian Vogue. Seeing the colours green and turquoise combined”.

10 | What’s one creative endeavour you’d like to try or pursue? “I have two endeavours I’d love to find time to experiment with…painting and making one-off jewellery pieces”.

Real Living Magazine - The Life Creative Magazine Moment

– Photo Credit for this Post: Deb Bibby shot by photographer Nick Scott –

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