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Darren Palmer

My interview with The Block’s Darren Palmer

Designer, writer, speaker, The Block judge; it’s safe to say that local Creative Darren Palmer has his finger in many (stylish) pies. In my interview segment, The Creative 10, I’ve thrown 10 creative questions his way so we can learn more about this industry heavyweight, what makes him tick and where he draws inspiration from!

The Creative 10 Interview - Darren Palmer - TLC Interiors

1 | When are you at your most creative? “It all depends on the task. Writing my book, I found sometimes sitting on the couch at 7pm I could write 7000 words at a time. On days where I had set aside time to write I found there was plenty of washing or cleaning to do at 10am. Inspiration comes when it comes, but often when I’m alone with white noise like on a plane, I find writing comes easily. The shower often allows ideas to bubble up and become clearer. I think for me, having my own space and white noise (rain, shower streaming or engine noise) creates the perfect creative environment. Shame I can’t charge for time in the shower!”.

2 | Who is the most creative person you know? “I think we’re creative in differing ways. You can be the creative with numbers type, creative marketing and strategy kind or the creating new ideas and object kind. I see creativity in people all the time and often point it out to those that say they’re not”.

3 | What’s your most creative destination? “Where I was married was a pretty creative destination; a house in a nature reserve in a small town called Paternoster in South Africa with no electricity. It was one of only six or so houses spaced distantly apart in an otherwise amazing landscape on the ocean. White painted stone construction, thatched roof and green shutters looking out over the ocean – the most amazing and magical destination”.

4 | What’s your best creation or creative moment to date? “I always try to raise the bar on my work, though the very first project I ever created was for myself. I designed my first kitchen and it had a mirrored splash back that slid up to reveal a bar behind. this project was published in Belle Magazine which gave me a great start in the industry”.

The Creative 10 Interview - Darren Palmer - TLC Interiors

5 | What’s your fave creative read? “At the moment I’m reading the DUOLINGO app on my iPhone to learn French before I see my French in-law family again. I love the way it layers learning in different ways, gently adding new information on top of what you’ve been able to absorb. It’s pretty cool”.

6 | What makes you feel creative? “It’s funny; I feel creative all the time but sometimes the inspiration is at arms length, whilst others it’s right in front of your eyes. It’s a funny thing, inspiration, but the creativity is always there”.

7 | What’s your one creative must-have at home or the office? “Art. The creations of others adds such a necessary layer to an interior. Whatever it is that you personally respond to will vary, but the effect that art has on an interior is constant. Seeing someone else’s interpretation of the wall and giving it a place in your interior just adds authenticity and interest that only art can provide”.

8 | What creative item are you lusting over at the moment? “I may have my eye on a Mercedes C63 AMG 507 series in dark grey with black wheels. It’s definitely got my attention at the moment…”

9 | What inspires you to get Creative? “Usually it’s a deadline! I can work on a million things at once but the ones with the closest deadlines get all of the attention. As the deadline approaches, creativity inevitably rears it’s head!”.

10 | What’s one creative endeavour you’d like to try or pursue? “I loved to sculpt when I was at high school and I’d love to do that again. Making new products as well is something I intend to do this year and… I’d love to learn piano at some point when I have five free seconds. I’ll let you know when that happens. I think i’m free around Dec 26th 2049!”.

Check out Darren Palmer’s website to see more from this very talented man!

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Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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