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The Mister Moss Story with Creator Jenna Spence

Mister Moss creator Jenna Spence

Sometimes you stumble across a creative who truly epitomises the concept of making it big and living the dream. Case in point – Melbourne-based Jenna Spence from Mister Moss – who took her genius creation and turned it into a fully-fledged business, producing a product that I’m currently going gaga over. I took five with this creative to get the lowdown on these glorious hanging plants and how it all came together.

Mister Moss hanging plants

The 28-year-old freelance graphic designer originally designed a Mister Moss for a friend’s shop window. “I received such a positive response I thought I could make it a business”. And what a business it’s become; in just over a year the idea of these hanging, moss-encased plants has changed her life. Spence says that both social media and press have helped dramatically. “It is such a buzz to see Mister Moss in the press. It feels really rewarding and I feel proud”.

Mister Moss-Mini Rose on door knob

The creations – made entirely by hand and shipped to various states across Australia – are  now a permanent fixture in events and functions across the country, not to mention featuring in retail spaces, too! Spence is always on the hunt for new plants to add to the collection and is currently developing the business further. “I am always looking at new and wonderful things to do. I have a few things in the pipeline that I hope I can tell you about soon”.

Mister Moss Wedding reception decoration

There have been some bumps in the road as with every start-up business, but Spence keeps perspective and a positive attitude. “Running my own business for the first time has been a steep learning curve but I have loved it,” she says. “Sometimes it can feel isolating but then the next day something amazing happens like finding Mister Moss in a magazine”.

range of Mister Moss hanging plants

I just love this story. Not only because the product itself is amazing (you just dunk your Mister Moss in water when the moss ball is dry and you can request your string in a variety of colours!), but because it’s an inspiring journey that just goes to show how creativity can lead to success if you just keep at it. “I feel to be a success you need to back yourself 100% and believe it will always pay off,” Spence says. I couldn’t agree more!

Find out more about this exciting product on the Mister Moss website.

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  • Miss Piggy

    Cute – I love this. Amazing to thing a business can be formed out of something that is essentially so simple.

    • That’s what I love most about it. It’s one of those things where the simplest thing can spawn the most amazing business concept!


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