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TLC Book Club: Get Your Craft on with Made by Hand!

Made by Hand Book

Getting crafty doesn’t come as natural to me as, say, styling a room would. I find I always need a bit of a push or some inspirational imagery to get me excited to whip out the sewing machine and give something a go. Thankfully Made by Hand by Lena Corwin hit my mailbox recently and did just that!

Textile designer and illustrator Lena Corwin, who also wrote the book that preceded this one, Printing by Hand, has invited an array or artists to participate in this latest release. The New York native features 26 amazing projects in this new book, calling on the skills of the creative community around her. It results in a very heartfelt release that feels a bit special!

These are some of my fave projects from the book…

Pages from Made by Hand Made by Hand - Making napkins

Rotary Printed Cloth Napkins | What can I say, I love a good screen printing session and I really dig the idea of creating your own personalised napkins. With instructions on how to make your own rotary rolling pin, this exercise is one even the kids could participate in (or my cats could watch!).

Made by Hand Knitted Blanket

Crocheted or Braided Rugs | I can’t say I’ve gotten out the crochet stick before (I’ve seen my Mum and Grandmother go for gold with it, though). This exercise is probably best left for the diehard crocheters out there, but good Lord does the end result look dreamy. A very timely project with Winter on the way!

Made by Hand Birthday Candles

Beeswax Birthday Candles | OK, truth be told, this activity caught my eye mostly because I want to dive into that heavenly tower of chocolate sponge, but the actual project itself is a great one – and relatively easy once you get your head around what you need to do (I’ve made candles before, so that just goes to show that anyone can do it).

Made by hand Doily Garland

Crochet Garland | Nothing is more amazingly nanna-chic than a doily! And nothing takes this to the next level the way a garland does. I’m utterly obsessed with the look of this project. Again, it’s one for lovers of a good crochet sesh, but boy is the result worth it. Steps on how to start crocheting are also included, so it really is the beginner’s best friend!

Made by Hand Book Review

This post showcases just a few of the amazing projects that are on offer in this new release. I reckon this would make a fab gift for a friend. Take it over their place and prepare for a crafternoon like no other! I’m totally down for it; who wants to get crafting with me?

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