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Win Shaynna Blaze’s new book, Design with Colour and Style

Shaynna Blaze book - design with colour and styleYou know I have a crush on Shaynna Blaze.

I’ve made no secret of it on the blog before. An award-winning interior designer, leading lady of The Block and Selling Houses Australia, colour creative director of Taubmans and now a twice-published author. Really, is there anything she can’t do. Oh, did I forget to mention the singing? Yeah, it’s safe to say Shaynna is a septuple threat – or something along those lines.

I am so excited that her second book, Design with Colour and Style, has just landed. What Shaynna does so well in this release is take you on a step by step journey through the process of designing with colour – learning about its impact and how it can work in different spaces. She’ll also help you find your colour – and show you how to rock it at home – as well as outlining how to layer a space with different elements to make a room feel resolved.

Shaynna Blaze - Design with Colour and StyleShaynna also touches on light and reflection, patterns and textures, colour balance and more.

This is a comprehensive go-to guide with a stack of wonderfully styled photographs that put the elements discussed into practice.

“I’m incredibly excited about my new book,” Shaynna tells me. “It is full of creative and informative text and pictures for people to really get an understanding of how to use colour to their advantage – and work out their own personal style”.

If you’re also a bit beside yourself at the news of this book release, and can’t wait to get your hands on a copy (it’s out Mach 25), then hit the competition below and win yourself one!

WIN Shaynna’s new book, Design with Colour and Style!

To go in the draw to win Shaynna’s new book:
– Simply drop a comment below telling me why you need this book!

Open to Aus residents only. Comp closes 11.59pm, Sunday March 29

Outside of writing the TLC Interiors blog, Chris is an interior stylist and author. You can also catch him on your TV screens as a designer on Channel 10's Changing Rooms. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

Comments (54)

  • Allie Whiteaker

    I totally have a girl-crush on Shaynna and can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of her new book! (Her first book, Design Your Home, takes pride of place on my coffee table.) I’m currently renovating my own 1980’s duplex and although I’m good with layout and space and I feel I know my own style, I find it difficult to take risks with colour and pattern. So I end up buying things that are too safe and look matchy-matchy. This results in my rooms not having enough personality or ‘wow’ factor. I’m sure Shaynna’s new book will have plenty of advice to help me ‘Design with Colour and Style’!!

  • Julie Gaffey

    Wow Chris what a fabulous giveaway! For along time now my decorating has been shall we say safe. Just starting now to introduce a bit of colour, still not overly confident but I’m sure this gorgeous new book from Shaynna Blaze would certainly inspire me to use a lot more colour. I definitely need a bit of help with my decorating & I’m sure Shanna’s book would be invaluable!

  • Jo

    Great giveaway Chris. It looks a little bit fabulous! I’m totally obsessed by colour in other people’s homes, need to bring some into mine stat! Need not want this book!

  • Helen Mega

    Help, I’m scared of colour! Need Shayna’s help asap!!!

  • Nathan

    need to update our dark and dingy bedroom to a bright and colourful room that we love to sleep in!

  • Lee-Anne Clancy

    Shayna = Style……. Lee-Anne = None!! Say no more other than HELP ME!! xo

  • carly

    I would love this book and i Need this book! Putting together Mood boards to furnish our nearly finished home! Shaynna always encourages me to be creative, her simple and out of the box idea’s add to mine. Classic and classy.. Shaynnas Bible 😉 Will take front center on my Mantle piece.

  • Bron B

    I’ve recently moved into the first house that is totally mine (post separation) and am loving being able to style it without having to compromise. I could definitely do with some of Shaynna’s help to pull it all together though.

  • Damian

    Love the colours and love Shaynna!

  • Kat

    We are about to begin a major renovation on our Art Deco house…Shaynna’s latest book would be a massive help with this daunting but exciting project and make sure we get our colour design sorted from the start !

  • Abby

    I love Shaynna! I’ve watched all the episodes of The Block and all her comments are so relevant! Sometimes I think she’s the only one who says something useful. Sometimes. And I watch Selling Houses Australia with my mum. I need this book for a multitude of reasons.
    1. Shaynna Blaze
    2. Inspiration
    3. Shaynna Blaze
    4. Interior design & decoration
    5. Shaynna Blaze
    6. Homes
    7… I could go on but I think you get the idea. 🙂

  • Chris Stapleton

    Just love the bliss Shayna has created at Rick Steins place at Mollymook, maybe I can pick up some of THAT THING that I am MISSING!!.

  • I need it like I need to breathe.
    I’m renovating and restyling
    Colour is my passion
    Shayna knows her stuff

  • Heather Hooper

    Shaynna has great creative style, makes putting a room together look so easy.Looking forward to starting my revamp room by room later this year,but need a bit more confidence.

  • Laura

    Given that my dream is to go on the block, I need this book to make sure I impress Shayna when I finally go on the show!

  • Naomi

    I am dire need this book! Shaynaa is hands down the best interior designer whose styles and colours create amazing tranformations. I want to be able to do the same by reading her book, it is vital I learn from the best.

  • Francie McPherson

    Shaynna is and I need her book because:
    Approach to colour;
    Need her book

    Love her

  • I love Shaynna’s style and approach to decorating. I’m a little afraid of combing pattern and colours so always looking for help on that front. After a decade of red being my favourite colour and art deco being my signature style, a move back to the coast and a builder basic house has me creating a coastal look that’s a little tailored and references mid-century. It’s taking some time to move away from my previous style but I’m so ready to pull the finished touches together in this house and a little help from Shaynna’s book would be very welcome.

  • We’ve been an qualified interior designer for 20yrs. The last 18mths I’ve been incredibly ill, in & put of hospital & not been able to take on new client jobs… I’ve lost my design mojo

  • Zora

    I am scared of colour and to implement it in my house but I like it when i see it on the lifestyle show.. Would like to see some ideas and change it in my house.. Book would help

  • Wow – what a fantastic prize. Shaynna and all her wisdom, ideas, colour forecast and room innovation all in one book – I really must have this please.

  • Lee Mills

    Finally realising that buying everything in the same colour is NOT working for me…getting there slowly but the internet sometimes provides too much information..its more confusing, now what I need is a “Bible” from a guru…oh Shaynna I think you would be perfect for me!!!

  • Tracey Perry

    I would love this book

    I need it desperately, as I need to learn to PULL BACK a bit.

    I love colour and have dark purple walls, red walls and mustard coloured walls but I don’t know how to decorate these rooms.

    My rooms look immature and a mish mash of everything. I want colour and sophistication. I know Shaynna can help me with this beautiful looking new book of hers. X

  • My two girls (9 and 11) and I are huge block fans. We watch every episode together. We have just recently bought a new place after separation and they decided to buy a renovators delight, over a newish unit! So here we are with a brick circa 70’s house in the suburbs of Melb. Three girls on a tight budget, on the tools and renovating on our own with inspiration from the block. So far we have added some colour to two bedrooms, and done our best with a colourful makeover in the kitchen (doing our best to do what we can around the hideous orange bench top).
    We are doing our best to do the reno on a tight budget but also keep it fun, colourful and classy. Desperately need ideas for the main living areas in our small house, Shaynna’s inspiration for these areas would be greatly appreciated. Our place is pretty small and you walk straight into the lounge area…very important we get it right.
    With every part of the house needing renovating and redecorating, these girls could do with a little help to say the least. And when were finished the lounge….Shaynna’s book could be a welcome addition to our new coffee table!

  • I love Shaynna too – she has a wicked laugh – love it! Ive been a huge fan from the early days of ‘SElling houses’ Australia. Id love her book because we are planning to build so need the interior inspiration! She knows her stuff!

  • Sonni

    As a decorator and colour consultant, I’m always grasping for more knowledge. I crave info from other designers, as everyone has their own magic tips and tricks. Love Shayna and can’t wait to be inspired all over again. ☺️

  • Sabina

    Shaynna Blaze is the go to guru of Interior Design! Loved her book “Design your home” which I regularly refer to when i need that extra bit of guidance.

    Lately , Ive been watching the Block and scouring the internet for ideas on how to redecorate my bedroom and colour seems to be my number one challenge! I can’t seem to decide on what colour curtains and walls will go with my newly upholstered dark grey headboard!

    Shaynna’s new book will definitely help me in the right direction to a beautifully decorated room that I’ve never really had before. I believe that once you have the colour scheme sorted out then everything else falls into place and shopping for accessories and bed linen becomes easier. Shaynna’s book would definitely remove the guesswork out of choosing the right colours for my bedroom!

  • Melinda

    Fantastic – there needs to be more design books on colour out there. Everyone needs to stop painting all white walls –even though it’s totally scary. We all don’t want to make mistakes though and feel silly about our colour choices. I’m sure Shaynna gives us some perfect guidance in this book

  • If this book does not help with my decorating dilemma nothing else will. I have complete faith in Shaynna

  • Shaynna is all I would like to be. If I could have dinner with anyone in the world, I would choose Shaynna Blaze. She is an all round Australian. She will try anything. So much talent in such a wonderful package. She is my idol.

  • Rose

    Mission brown and apricot, say no more.

  • Georgia

    Oh my goodness! I just bought a fabulous derelict warehouse & I must have this book to help me bring it up to its full beautiful potential! X

  • kahlia Ryan

    I gained so much inspiration from her first book that I finally took the plunge to go back to uni and study interior design! Would love her new one to keep me motivated throughout all my assignments, ( and to make my coffee table look ever better!)

  • Kelly B

    I need this book because I need more colour & style in my life!!

  • Trish Henderson

    Love Shaynnas style. I have 4 months to style my home before it goes on the market for sale. I seriously need help this is my last house before retirement so I need to get it right or it will be a life of poverty for me

  • Jen

    I’m in a rut trying to make our new house a home…Shaynna’s guidance is very much needed atm!!!

  • MAY

    I always receive some compliments on my apartment decorating styles. My family and friends say that my styles are chic and trendy although they would love to see some POP in colours! I tend to stick to my Black and White theme. They look kind of contemporary but to be honest, it gets boring now! My hubby thinks I should try some turquoise, yellows, etc. but I still cannot put my mind into it. I fear I may go matchy-matchy or the style would easily go out of season. Shaynna’s DECORATING WISDOM might be my Golden ticket (should I say Book), to a colourful life!

  • Emily

    This book needs to be in my life! I’m living in a fantastic house that really suits our family, but with white walls, whit floor tiles, white kitchen, white everything. I need a colour injection!

  • Melissa Smith

    I need help!! I live in a miss matched world of colour with no style

  • Karen C

    Ive read all the comments and they are all so deserving of the win! I agree with everyone about how clever Shaynna is with colour and styling, so ditto from me. We all need help choosing colour for our homes as its such a complex subject. Chris can you get more books and give us all one please??

  • Karlee

    My room is effecting my sleep & I need to change the atmosphere & layout, I think Shayna’s book will give me some much needed ideas & bring back some peace to my living space… P.S. I absolutely love Shayna! She’s so stylish

  • I’m currently living in a rental so I need all the help I can get. Please Shaynna, help me out.

  • Wendi

    Would be nice to move out of my comfort zone, and take inspiration from the guru knowing that I won’t make any errors and can be bold and brave

  • Michelle

    I love colour! But my home is a hotch potch of it. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. I’m in desperate need of Shaynna’s words of style wisdom.

  • Monica

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Shaynna’s colour and styling
    Will fill my home with beautiful hues.

  • Emma Morley

    Love her style, flair and her honesty. She doesn’t sugar coat it. Would love to read how to recreate simple chic just like my style guru!

  • Gina

    I’m currently building our first home and desperately need Shaynna’s expert advice on how to use colour to save me from using white, white and more white! Would absolutely love her hints and tips to layer colour in my home with confidence!

  • I love the way shaynna thinks she doesn’t decorate or style a room that is over the top or too hard too achive, so I would love her book because I need to renovate our bedroom and I think I would read her book and be able to get great ideas that we could do.

  • Jacqui

    I’m just a bogan from Wantirna and apparently we have no idea about style but clearly Shaynna does and maybe her new book will help me create something noice, different and unuuusual.

  • Jessica

    I would love to win Shaynna’s book as I am a new fan of selling houses australia and love her natural, personal approach to clients and the ability to make over some challenging homes! Shaynna inspires me as a woman who can do it all and I admire her work ethic and passion. Congrats on the second book Shaynna!

  • Derek

    I’m in need of advice for colour trends and style and who better to get advice from then the queen of colour trend shaynna!

  • Michelle Hinton

    I would absolutely love to win this beautiful book by Shayna, she’s a fantastic stylist and certainly knows her stuff!

  • Love love love Shaynna, she does it all from incredible design work, a great tv personality,author, a fitness junkie, fashionista & collector of incredible shoes & now you’re telling me she can sing…now thats a super woman. Such an inspiration, I love her work & have learnt bucket loads from her. I can’t wait to grab a copy of Shaynna’s new book!!

  • Vivienne Underwood

    I need this book to find my way around interior design as it’s hard to know what colours to put together without that instinctive style some people have. I just need help. HELP!


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