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House Rules 2015

Your First Look at House Rules 2015

Update: Joh Griggs talks to The Life Creative about House Rules’ season 3 Twist!

House Rules 2015 - Joh Griggs

When one reno show ends, another one begins.

It’s a yearly ritual I’m becoming rather accustomed to and I wouldn’t give it up for the world (OK, maybe for the world I would, but I do love this annual TV show cycle).

I watched loads of House Rules last year and am so excited that it’s back again for its third season. I’m also rather chuffed to bring you your first look at House Rules 2015 – as Channel 7 has just released the promo.

The good news is that Joh Griggs is back at the helm and from what I’ve been seeing on social media, Wendy Moore and Joe Snell are back too. I saw shots from their Instagram feeds – travelling around Aus – which can only mean they’re jetting about to explore rooms, houses, meet teams and more.

See the House Rules 2015 promo below:

Appearing on these shows looks fun but it’s not as easy as it appears. When I interviewed season one runner up Michelle Ball about her time on the show and asked her what the hardest part of the series was, she said, “lack of sleep, trying to come up with ideas in an instant, dealing with the critique of the judges, knowing that if you had more time to prepare you would have done so much better”.

She did go on to say that it strengthened her relationship with partner Steve and that they were still friends with fellow season one contestants Carly and Leighton. She also went on to deliver this piece of advice for new contestants, which I’m sure season three teams could benefit from hearing:

“Be grateful; there are thousands of people that would kill to be in your position, no matter how hard it gets (and believe me it does)”.

>>> What do you think about House Rules 2015? Would you ever audition for one of these shows? Drop me a comment below and let’s chat! 🙂

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  • Amanda


    I love the yearly cycle of shows, though I must confess I usually record it and then fast-forward through the dramas :). I am an interior designer and my boys asked me if I would like to go on a show. I said “Never! Too much forced drama”.

    12 March, 2015

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