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Freedom - Christmas Entertaining - Blue Gifting RangeI'd never quite describe myself as traditional, so it should come as no surprise that when Christmas rolls around, I'm all for abandoning red, green and gold and heading toward hue that veers away from the typical. I've long been a fan of blue and white Christmas tree decor and this year, I'm pleased to say, shall be no different.

Sydney Flower School - Flower Class Bouquet For Judith and Kylie Browne, the Mother-Daughter team behind the glorious Sydney Flower School (which is holding Christmas wreath-making classes this month!), working together only has one downside: distraction. "We might like to chit chat," Kylie tells me. "We like to call it brainstorming. Before we know it we may have lost an hour (or even an afternoon!)".

Christmas Styling - Love Heart Christmas Tree OrnamentThese industry movers and shakers spend their days immersed in styling, homewares, magazines and interiors, but what are they doing regarding to their own festive celebrations? I caught up with these six style makers to get their take on the silly season and have them share some Christmas styling ideas of their own.