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Wall hooks and hangers have in the past been a necessary evil in the home. Nowadays, though, they're being made so stylish and chic that in many cases they don't even need to serve the purpose for which they were intended; let them be a display piece on your wall and admire their beauty! Read on for 10 of the best wall hooks and hangers you can nab online.

She may have just come off season two of House Rules, but design and style extraordinaire Carolyn Burns McCrave isn't about to stop telling it how it is just yet. I spoke to this lovely lady about the lessons we can take from the last season of the show, things to keep in mind when renovating plus how to achieve our own winning spaces.

“I was bored with beige,” says Xavier&Me founder Ellie Bradley, when I ask her why her website celebrates all things colourfully chic. “Yes it’s safe and goes with everything, but colour makes you smile, feel happy. Your homes should be a reflection of you and I wanted to come home to bright colour”. It’s really little wonder I’m so smitten with this local brand with an ethos like that!