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dining room with leather dining chairs and tye dye black and white rug

Australian Interior Design Trends for 2018: The Top 5

Australian interior design trends for 2018 are landing, and I have the scoop on which five are going to be the most prominent. 

And when I say top five, I mean the top five that we’re actually going to rock Down Under.

A lot of trend forecasts you see come through for interiors are out of Europe. And don’t get me wrong; they’re divine. But it’s important to recognise that we’re individuals in Australia. We’re unique creatures and we have our own vibe going on.

We don’t tend to be as wild or lavish as our Euro brothers and sisters when it comes to rolling out colour and pattern, for example. The trends that do break through we trend to neutralise a bit. We take the intensity out, and we adapt them to our more open-plan homes. We’re more chill, for lack of a better word.

So let’s take a look at five Australian interior design trends for 2018 that I believe will be big. And do drop me a comment below and let me know which ones you’re loving!

black arrow co bohemian master bedroom with leather headboard

dining room with leather dining chairs and tye dye black and white rug

1. Brohemian

No, not bohemian. BROhemian. This look takes your classic boho-coastal aesthetic and gives it a bit of tribal, masculine grit.

Out of all the Australian interior design trends for 2018, this is the easiest one to rock because so many of you are already doing the all-white boho theme at home.

Think of this as more of a tweak than a whole new trend. But you know what makes that so good? It’s easy on the budget! And you know I’m all about the budget.

(Images above via Black Arrow Co and Amy Bartlam).

Here’s how to rock the look:

  • Bring in black, deep brown and petrol blue tones to the all-white palette
  • Think outside of the beach and introduce decor with a tribal vibe
  • Look to wood and metal furniture with an industrial look and feel
  • Tribal, geometric patterns on cushions, rugs and bedding is a winner here
  • Leather, aged metallics and weathered stone are the textures for this look
  • African and Moroccan art and sculptures are a nice idea (better if they’re handmade)

Brands to grab products from:

  • Grab yourself some jewellery and wall art from A Boy Named Aaron
  • For phenomenal furniture in the Brohemian style, Weylandts has you covered
  • I love Black Arrow Co for all the Brohemiam finishing touches in a room
  • You also can’t go past St Barts for loads of neutral homewares and accessories

dulux 2018 paint colour forecast kinship olive green wall with terracotta sofa

dulux 2018 paint forecast kinship red round tray on table with handmade jugs

2. Australiana

It’s been a long time coming, but thankfully a celebration of all things Aussie bush is here. With a clean, contemporary twist, of course!

The Australiana trend is more stylised than it was before. Its colour palette is straight from the outback, but the design approach is cleaner and more restrained.

This look has really come to light in the recent Dulux colour forecast. More details on the forecast and image credits for this look can be seen in this post.

Here’s how to rock the look:

  • The colour palette is muddy; olive greens, burnt reds and rusty terracotta tones
  • Use moody grey as a base tone if the colours above feel too intense
  • Look to lighter wood furniture with clean lines but visible grain (avoid industrial)
  • Soft textures are really important here; organic linen, woven rugs and handprinted tablecloths
  • Smaller decor with a handmade, rustic vibe is a nice touch here (matte finish is preferred)
  • Native flowers are essential in this look. It’s all about an Aussie, indoor-meets-out vibe

Brands to grab products from:

  • For paint samples in the above colours, Dulux has you covered
  • For handmade ceramics in gorgeous matte tones, Marmoset Found is your go-to
  • In need of phenomenal Aussie art in colourful pops? Check out Greenhouse Interiors
  • And for colourful macrame wall hangings, I love Warped Threads

the block 2017 dark floral wallpaper in master bedroom | TLC Interiors

dark blue feature wall in dining room with maroon dining chairs

kmart maroon velvet armchair

3. Romance

While we’re not great at embracing interior design trends that veer in a darker direction, this look seems to be gaining momentum already.

This trend celebrates a deeper, moodier colour palette. But the good news is that the overall feel is kept feminine and romantic. There’s also lots of pattern involved in this look.

It’s definitely one of the gutsier looks of the lot. But you will be rewarded for being brave and embracing bolder design moments like feature walls and wallpaper.

Here’s how to rock the look:

  • Embrace dark tones on walls like black, plum, burgundy, maroon and charcoal grey
  • Large-scale floral prints are an absolute must here; especially in wallpapers and bedding
  • Keep the floral vibes going with an abundant of real flowers, and continue it through artwork too
  • Brass is a necessary material to keep the look and feel luxe and feminine
  • Marble is another element you can introduce on a budget in smaller decorative pieces
  • There are ornate influences here, like tufted headboards, button-trim furniture and embellished mirrors

Brands to grab products from:

  • Ellie Cashman is the queen of large-scale wallpaper in dark florals
  • For beautiful floral linens, I’m always a fan of Lorraine Lea
  • For floral artworks, Artistudio is hands-down the best place to go
  • If you need tufted headboards, give Heatherley Designs a look over

black and white fashion inspired home office with white testle table and clothing rack

Frida artwork leaning against white wall with leather jacket

4. Fashionista

This is a trend for the, well, trend-setters! It’ll appeal to a younger market, or those of you who love fashion and a monochromatic colour palette.

When it comes to Australian interior design trends for 2018, I reckon this one will take off bigtime. It’s widely appealing and is super simple to get right at home.

It also works for those of you who like to display the everyday. This is all about putting your essentials on show – and making them look amazing!

(Images above via Paper Provision. Link below)

Here’s how to rock the look:

  • Keep the colour palette crisp; black and white are both super prominent here
  • Accent colours will be grey, dark browns and some blingy gold and silver tones
  • Add in pops of greenery through indoor plants to give the look some life
  • Display clothing and fashion accessories on open racks and shelving; jewellery displays are celebrated too
  • Graphic fashion posters of models (like these ones) are a must in this trend
  • This is a rebellious look, so don’t be afraid to rock some garish, irreverent decor

Brands to grab products from:

calm bedroom colours from dulux with soft blue bed linen | TLC Interiors

subdued living room from dulux with muted grey sofa and leather cushion

5. Minimal Calm

The minimal calm interior design trend is less of a strict look and more of a considered approach to the decorating aspects of your home.

I’ve left it ’til last as it’s not the most ground-breaking look of the lot, but it is really beautiful. It answers our innate desire to turn down the colour and celebrate texture. And I reckon loads of you will love it.

I’ll pop some pointers below on how to get this look right, but if you need more tips on how to create a calm space like the one above, check out this post.

(Images above via Dulux. Link below).

Here’s how to rock the look:

  • Think neutral but still colourful; muddy blues, greys and greens mixing with beige tones
  • Paint walls in a colour other than white. Use white as a smaller accent in decor or lighting
  • Materials are of huge importance here, and you can see the craftsmanship in each piece
  • The lines are clean, but you can still see wood tones in furniture and the stitching in textiles
  • This is a look for the minimalists. Clutter is avoided and there is an open, airiness about the trend
  • Focal points through art are avoided. Choose textured walls or wallpaper instead. They are your art

Brands to grab products from:

  • Globewest has quality furniture in milky blonde tones you’ll love
  • As the name suggests, I Love Linen is the place to go for bedding
  • In Bed has so many gorgeous and calm pieces for your entire home
  • Dulux is your friend when it comes to sourcing paint colours for your walls here

go french yourself quote art in pink and white by paper provision

What’s your fave from my Australian Interior Design Trends for 2018 Forecast?

I’d love to get your thoughts and opinions of the Australia interior design trends for 2018 that I’ve discussed in this post.

What do you reckon will take off? Which is your fave? What are you hating on? So many questions to be answered! Drop me a comment below and let’s talk it out 🙂

australian interior design trends 2018 living room with green wall and terracotta sofa


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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  1. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I don’t know who you are but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

  2. I enjoyed a post that was more Australian based, so thanks! The Australian style spoke to me in relation to colour and the textural elements but I’m a bit stumped on lighting. I’m looking for over dining table lighting as well as possibly pendants over the kitchen bench. My concerns are twofold. What suits Australiana? And will it be too busy having hanging dining table lighting and kitchen bench lighting within 8 metres of each other. Too much hanging from the ceiling? Should I make the kitchen a strip lighting? A few suggestions of materials for these that may suit would be much appreciated.

  3. I’m also loving the minimalist trend. Monochrome colour palettes, layers of texture, but a whole lot of clear space I can relax in after those long, complicated days busy professionals have all too often!

  4. I wasn’t surprised how instantly I fell in love with the minimal calm design trend. The pictures opened their arms and welcomed me in. What’s not to love? The soft colors, fabulous textures and serene environment created therein…”BREATHE”. Thanks Chris!

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