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botanical interior design ideas white and green interior

The Best in Botanical Interior Design Ideas for your Home

The botanical interior design ideas I’m sharing today came to me this week during a trip to IKEA. I’d popped in to check out their picture rails for my home office and some art caught my eye.

The art in question was a two-pack of plant prints, which you’ll see further down, and they were pretty divine. They reminded me of the Botanics Trend that landed a few years back, and something tells me it’s rearing its gorgeous head again. Maybe it never went away in the first place?

So today I thought we’d take a look at some botanical interior design ideas for the home, and also give you a mood board you can shop. Because there’s a few ways to rock this look and it’s a really easy one to work into your space. So let’s not waste another minute – it’s time to get inspired!

botanical interior design ideas dark green bedroom with white art

Botanical Interior Design Ideas from Overseas

Nothing excites me more than taking a look at homes overseas and seeing how they rock trends. The images you see in this post are all via a divine website called Desenio. It sells the art prints you see here and good Lord is it all rather beautiful. The vibe of the store is Scandinavian for the most part, and you’ll be delighted to know that they ship to Australia.

One of the things I noticed when casting my eyes over these images is that it’s a darker approach to a botanical look. If it’s one thing I can give our neighbours from across the pond, it’s that they’re bolder than we are when it comes to colour. They’re not afraid to slap a deep and moody coat of paint on a wall, and I think it really pays off here, don’t you?

The other thing I notice about this new approach to the botanical is that it feels quite chic. In the artwork about there’s some black and white photography included. I like that. It seems to take the best bits from the popular fashionista trend and blends it with moody greens tones and loads of indoor plants. I’m sold!

botanical interior design ideas green and white living room

The Botanical Base Palette

It’s not hard to see the colour palette here; green is your main player. A rich and moody green, of course. There’s no place for pastels or zesty hues here; you gotta look toward muddier tones. Think forest, sage and army green. It’s balanced out by a good helping of white, and you can control how much you want to work with.

You’ll notice that black is used as well, and it brings a sense of modernity and crispness to the space. You’ve probably seen botanical interior design go in a bohemian direction before, but this is definitely something different. By bringing black into the fold, the look becomes less casual and effortless and a little more refined.

You can work some metallics into the look if you like (as seen in the frames above), but be careful. The fresher look isn’t intended to feel blingy or high-end. And you certainly don’t want to work emerald greens into the look. That’s a whole other glam trend we don’t wanna rock here.

And lastly, if you love grey, you can work this colour into the botanical look with ease. Just keep it on the lighter side and you’re set!

botanical interior design ideas from desenio

Materials to use in the Botanical Interiors Look

I’ve spent a fair bit of time banging on about the colour palette for the botanical interior design look. But the textures you use here can make or break this trend.

There is an earthiness to this look, so don’t be afraid to embrace materials like cork, wicker, rattan, jute and blonde timbers. The latter is the one you want to use more of, in things like photo frames and accessories, and use the other materials sparingly. Remember; keep it chic.

Glassware is a cute way to elevate the look, but keep it clean and fairly uncoloured. Black and grey metals are a nice touch to ensure the look stays strong and striking. Glossy white ceramics are a smart inclusion as well; that way to the overall vibe remains sophisticated.

This is an uncluttered look, so display larger ceramics and timber accessories as opposed to grouping loads of smaller knick knacks in the one vignette.

desenio art botanical interior design ideas

Giving Botanical Interior Design an Aussie Twist

As I mentioned earlier, the botanical interior design ideas I’ve shared above are probably darker than we’d go locally.

The good news is that you can still rock this look in an all-white room. If you have a coastal or Scandi vibe going on at your place, you’re already halfway there. A neutral base palette of white, soft grey and blonde timber bodes really well for this trend.

Fair warning; if you choose not to take the bolder overseas approach as seen in the first few images, the look will be high contrast. If you’re going to add pops of bold green over white, it will be visually impactful. I love that sense of drama, but I did want to let you know.

The other thing is this: don’t let it go in a Boho direction. I know the Aussie version of the botanical look is going to be more relaxed. And I know it might feature some materials like wicker. But do keep the lines clean. Do add pops of black into the mix. And do keep it chic.

If you want to see the botanical trend done in a boho way, this post has you covered.

botanical interior design ideas mood board on tlc interiors blog

Shop these Botanical Interior Design Ideas

Now that you have your head around these botanical interior design ideas, it’s time to shop up a storm. Simply click the links below to head to the retailer websites and buy away:

  1. Set of 2 TVILLING Posters, $9.99 from IKEA – Click to Shop
  2. Newhaven Lamp, $59 from Lorraine Lea – Click to Shop
  3. Mirror with Wood Shelf, $19 from Kmart – Click to Shop
  4. Boho Tassel Basket, from $41.99 from Adairs – Click to Shop
  5. Wall Clock, $12 from Kmart – Click to Shop
  6. Bloomingville Bar Table, $155 from Clickon Furniture – Click to Shop
  7. Haymes Forest Shade Paint, Prices Vary – Click to Shop
  8. INDUSTRIELL Armchair, $199 from IKEA – Click to Shop
  9. Imara Cushion, $39.99 from IDC Creations – Click to Shop
  10. Artificial Drooping Plant, $15 from Kmart – Click to Shop
  11. Sigrid Vases, from $19 from Lorraine Lea – Click to Shop
  12. Unisex Forest Green Backpack, $138.70 from Etsy – Click to Shop
  13. Marius Console, $1920 from Clickon Furniture – Click to Shop
  14. Small Black Embossed Canister, $3.50 from Kmart – Click to Shop
  15. Artificial Plant in Pouch, $7 from Kmart – Click to Shop
  16. Green Velvet Beanbag, $139 from The Family Love Tree – Click to Shop

botanical art on white wall above hall table botanical art ideas

Don’t Forget: Prints can be Purchased from Desenio

I mentioned earlier that the images in this post were from Desenio and I want to give them another shoutout. Don’t forget that while they are an overseas brand, they do ship to Australia 😉

I hope you found these Botanical interior design ideas useful. And I hope you’re inspired and ready to inject a little greenery into your interior this season and beyond!

Drop me a comment below and let me know which print is your fave here. I’m dying over the Unplug and Unwind posters.

Chris Sig

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He's also spent time on TV, on Channel 10's Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7's Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

  • Jan


    Hello Chris,

    I am just loving your ideas .. so much inspiration.

    I am currently decorating my guest bedroom in grey, white shutters with hopefully a touch of pink in the art work.

    Thanks so much for your all your wonderful ideas.

    Jan ( WA )

    18 May, 2018
  • Melanie


    Love this post Chris, thank you. Very inspiring. Love all those greens and the prints. Making a cup of tea now so I can get clicking!

    18 May, 2018
  • Jan


    Hello Chris,

    So pleased to get a reply from you ..

    I have tried to order 5 prints from Desenio only to be disappointed at the checkout to find that they do not ship to Australia. ( I think i could have been on the UK site )

    7 June, 2018
  • Jan


    Hello Chris,

    So pleased to get a reply from you ..

    I am trying to order 5 prints from Desenio at the moment but having trouble re shipping to Australia.

    7 June, 2018
  • Your`e so talanted! 🙂

    25 July, 2018
  • Tammy


    Hi Chris I absolutely love your ideas I follow you on Facebook what’s your thoughts on putting monsteria leaf cushions on a tan leather sofa I’m finding it difficult to find cushions to go withy sofa I love the botanical trend not sure if it would go

    17 August, 2018
  • Sharon


    I have always loved green and lots of colour, so I am so happy for my colours to finally be available, unfortunately the green bean bag is not available on the link.
    Ps I am not afraid of colour nor maximalism.

    14 October, 2019
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