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concrete feature wall with navy blue velvet armchair and black sidebaord

The Concept for my Bentleigh Client: Easy Modern Luxury

I’ve been sharing a lot of client concepts lately and it’s time to showcase another. This one was all about achieving modern luxe interior design for a young couple in Bentleigh. And I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

I gotta say right off the bat, that the client has been amazing. Most of my clients are, of course (I steer clear of the difficult ones), but this one was extra awesome.

From the get-go we were on the same page about what the home needed. It was a new-build, with all white walls and black aluminium windows. You know the vibe; very chic, very contemporary, very Melbourne.

Now, because the budget wasn’t huge, we couldn’t paint the home. I would have loved to, truth be told, but the dollars just weren’t there. So we embraced the high-contrast vibe of the home and I set out to bring modern luxe interior design to the property.

The client was after chic, she wanted moody, she wanted velvet and marble, jewel tones and architectural moments. So that’s what I delivered in the concept. Let’s take a look at some of the rooms below.

Btw, the image above via Globewest was the jumping off point for the aesthetic. God I love everything about it!

My Modern Luxe Interior Design Plan

modern luxe entryway furniture with round mirror and black console table with glass top

Chic from the Moment you Walk in

The entry in the home is rather large, which is a nice change. I’ve written on here before about how to work with a small entry, but this one was ample and called for a number of pieces. Absolute heaven on Earth.

A chic slimline entry table is paired with a large round mirror inside the door (click here for the best places to get round mirrors). It’s to be adorned with fake plants (you know I love a fakey) and other accessories. The client actually asked me outright if I could source fake plants for her because she can’t keep the real stuff alive. I knew then and there she was my dream client as I’m terrible with plants too!

Across from the entry table, under the staircase that leads to the first floor, will sit a divine velvet bench seat from Globewest. Art from Urban Road will be hung in this space as well; there are loads of blank walls needing some love.

Once you pass these pieces and walk down a long hallway you hit the open-plan living and dining room. Mood boards for for these spaces are below, and they continue the vibe we have going on above.

modern luxe living room with velvet blue armchair and light grey sofa

“Ease is a common thread that runs through all of my interior design schemes. I hate the idea that you have to be precious about the furniture. Sure, it’s designer, but it’s still comfy and liveable”.

modern luxe dining room with glass rectangular dining table

Living and Dining Rooms: Refined and Sophisticated

I don’t want the living and dining room to feel like can’t chill out in them. That’s where the ‘easy’ comes into the ‘easy modern luxe’. It’s a common thread that runs through all of my interior design schemes. I hate the idea that you have to be precious about the furniture. Sure, it’s designer, but it’s still comfy and liveable.

The approach with the furniture is to keep the base pieces in the white-black-grey-brown colour story. And then I’ll bring in jewel tones that evoke luxury in pieces like a statement armchair and the artwork that fills the room (all Urban Road). The blue of that Globewest armchair is reflected in the artworks, and so there’s a sense of cohesion and consistency across the room.

Below in the dining room, a glass table that seats eight is a must for the client. They have friends and family over a fair bit. As the kitchen was all dark cabinetry, I want to avoid dark timber when it came to the table. It would have been overkill.

The dining chairs are kept fairly subdued in colour as they’ll sit near to the blue armchair above. It has to be the star of the show, and the dining chairs the supporting cast. I love the slight lip on the sides of those chairs; they hug you a little without being overbearing or restrictive.

If you want pointers on choosing the right dining chairs for you, check this post out.

All in all I think this concept nails the essence of modern luxe interior design. It’s void of bling and gold, which is an approach that feels a bit dated to me.

modern luxe bedroom with dark timber bedside tables and green artwork

A Moody Master Bedroom to Wrap things up

There are more rooms in this home, but I won’t go into detail for all of them. I’ll be photographing this project shortly so you’ll get to see all the divine zones then.

I wanted to give you insight into how the master bedroom would turn out though. Again, it’s about injecting modern luxe interior design into the boudoir, but doing it in a way that feels clean and contemporary. I’ve posted about creating a moody master bedroom on here before if you want to take a read.

I’ve gone with more brown tones in this space to create a sense of warmth and cosiness. Love the handle detail on those bedside tables, and I love the art. The green art, sadly, is the only thing the client asked me to change. She feels it’s too dark and dreary, which is absolutely her prerogative.

I’m going to amend the art to something bluer and less heavy, and so the cushions and throws on the bed will pick up these colours. Very excited to show you the results of this one.

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Happy decorating, and drop me a comment below if you have any questions about this project!

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    HI Chris,

    I love your work!

    One question about the Bentleigh interior design. The wall in the lounge room, would you please tell me the paint or technique of the grey wall behind the credenza? I would love to use this on my fireplace, it appears to be a concrete.

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    13 August, 2019

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