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chris carroll tlc interiors styling lorraine lea conor quilt cover

Winter Decorating Ideas for every Pocket of your Home

This time of year always gets me a little excited. Why? Because I get to roll out a whole new batch of winter decorating ideas across my home.

I also love winter. As I shared in this post, it’s possibly my favourite season of the lot. When the nights become colder and it gets darker earlier, I revel in couch time. I love adding layers to the bed. And I don’t mind a cheeky glass of red and some chocolate either (who doesn’t?!).

Each year around this time I look to new ways to make my home feel cosy. I don’t buy everything new of course (that would be silly). But I do like to update things like bedding. And a few new cushions and throws. And maybe some new tableware. It breathes new life into my home, and I love every bit of it.

Today I want to share some winter decorating ideas I put together using decor from Lorraine Lea. The even better news is the competition I’m running at the end of the post. You could win a bumper bedroom pack from Lorraine Lea to make your own home a winter sanctuary.

So let’s roll on with showing you how easy winterfying your home can be!

winter bedroom styling with lorraine lea conor quilt and black mesh pendant lights over bedside

Winter Decorating Ideas for your Bedroom

The bedroom really is the easiest place to flex your winter decorating muscles. And when it comes to the bed itself, you gotta layer. Like a boss!

On a double or queen bed I like seven or eight pillows minimum. That’s two Euros, four standard pillows and then one or two cushions at the front – for decoration. Anything less makes the bed feel unfinished. And honestly, if you wanted to pack more than eight on I wouldn’t be angry. I’d actually love you for it.

You also wanna have a thick quick and roll him back a bit down the length of the bed. This is so you can see the fitted and flat sheets underneath. It’s nice to have contrasting colours here (like a white and grey) to give this zone some interest. The quilt above is a stunning new design from Lorraine Lea, called Connor, and he is absolutely divine! I go mad for tassels and pom poms.

On top of your quilt, you wanna have a gorgeous throw. You can go for a faux fur option if you fancy (I love these ones), or opt for a chunky knit like I have above. This guy is called Trentham and he comes in a few colours.

Underfoot, you need a plush rug. Nobody wants the vehicles getting cold when you get outta bed, right?

winter living room decorating with faux fur rug and round black coffee table

Winter Decorating Ideas in your Living Room

People say that the kitchen is the hub of the home, but I reckon it’s the living room. Outside of my home office, it’s where I spend most of my time, so it’s well worth jazzing this zone up in the colder months.

A great place to start is to think about what’s happening underfoot. The faux hide rug I popped underneath the coffee table above set the scene for what I did in the rest of the room. Once you have a rug down, you can look to things like cushions and throws that tap into the same vibe.

The cushions and throws are a mix of Chinchilla and Calabrese cushions from Lorraine Lea and they’re ideal for the colder months.

It’s also nice to keep the colour palette quite subdued when you’re bringing in loads of texture. It keeps the room from feeling too visually chaotic.

If you do want a pop of colour (I hear you, colour lovers!), you could bring in one brighter moment and let it be the hero in the space. I did it above with those gorgeous vases. Because as I showed you in this post, prune is a trending colour right now.

brown timber bathroom with round jute rug on floor and macrame wall hanging on bathroom wall

You can Winter Up your Bathroom too!

The bathroom is the middle child of the home. Well, actually, the laundry probably is in all honesty, but the bathroom is so often neglected too.

In the colder months, you really want to warm up the floor. Try rolling out some cute rugs like I have above. These Margaret floor rugs come in a few different colours and are a great way to make your bathroom feel cosier. Full warning though; they will slide around a bit. So make sure you secure them to the floor.

I like the idea of art in a bathroom, but a framed piece might not work in your space due to the moisture this zone can create. If that’s the case in your bathroom, opt for something like a macrame wall hanging. This one, called Carly, is a beautiful way to add texture to your walls.

Towels are also essential. And in winter I like to have them everywhere I can. Why not try adding some in other areas of the bathroom besides just on towel rails? Pop some on the vanity and create a cute vignette, or add some beside the bath. Doing this adds some necessary layers; the bathroom will feel so cold without soft textures!

beige tablecloth on dining table with beige leather dining chairs

Don’t Forget the Dining Room

There’s no reason why your dining room can’t get warmed in the cooler months too. People often reserve their winter decorating ideas solely for those cosier zones in the home. But you can add texture and warmth to an area like the dining room without having to spend a lot.

A tablecloth is a great option because takes up so much visual real estate (the one above you can get here). It’ll do so much of the work for you in adding some softness to the space.

On top of that, why not try a few placemats with a dazzling pattern on them? This concept is especially great if your table is made of concrete or glass. Both materials can feel quite clinical throughout the colder months, so warming them up is key.

Also don’t forget that you can add cushions to dining chairs, even if you’re not going to use them. Sheer curtains on a dining room window are a nice touch too, as is a rug under the dining table.

For tips on choosing the right rug under a dining table, see this post.

timber chopping board from lorraine lea in kitchen bench vignette with fake native flowers

A Winter Vignette in the Kitchen

I do love me a vignette, and the kitchen is a great place to do it. If you’re a bit worried about how to create a vignette, this post steps you through it.

A kitchen is a zone with so many hard and cold materials in it, so it’s nice to add in a little warmth. Items like chopping boards are a cute idea because the wood grain instantly heats up the countertop.

I also like to let functional items like tea towels get involved in the vignette too. And don’t forget to add in some greenery. You know I adore fake plants and flowers, so check out this post if you wanna know the best place to source awesome options near you.

The chopping boards above are available here, and if you love the look of that tactile Sigrid vase above, you can shop him here too.

chris carroll tlc interiors styling lorraine lea conor quilt cover

WIN a Winter Bedroom Pack from Lorraine Lea


My mates are Lorraine Lea have been kind enough to offer up an awesome winter bedroom pack you can win, valued at up to $500, which includes:

  • 1 x Connor Quilt Cover Set (seen above in your choice of size)
  • 2 x Connor Euro Pillowcases
  • 1 x Connor Cushion Cover + Cushion Insert
  • 1 x Trentham Throw Rug in Charcoal
  • 1 x Addison Vase – White, 35cm
  • 1 x Addison Vase – Charcoal, 28cm

To go in the draw, simply drop a comment below telling me what you love about Lorraine Lea’s winter range!

Comp open to Aus residents only. Comp closes 11.59pm Tuesday May 29.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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418 Responses

  1. Lorraine lea has the most stylish cosy linen and i would love to win this for a bedroom makeover in my new home this twin mummy would love a sanctuary of her own

  2. I love the beautiful winter accessory range when it is released each year! The gorgeous throw rugs and cushions remind me of how cosy i can make my living room look, especially when the woodheater is going. Perfect for tea and a book!!

  3. My favourite of Lorraine Lea’s Winter 2018 range is the bedroom sets. I LOVE the intricate opulent design and wintery, on trend colors of the Connor quilt cover set. I LOVE the opulent tassels, generous size, thickness, warmth, added texture of the Trentham throw rug. I also love how the throw picks up the greys from the Connor quilt cover set. As well as the added matching grey pattern of the Addison vases. It’s all so beautifully color coordinated, with beautifully layered textures to be very aesthetically pleasing and perfectly on trend! It would be amazing and an honour to have this beautiful look in my home! It would certainly look like my INTERIOR had a lot of TLC! It would finally be as beautiful as the interiors on this site!

    1. Lorraine Lea has the most stylish cosy linen… I will love to win this competition for our new home bedrooms

  4. Lorraine Lea’s winter range has such lovely tones of white and grey,
    So warm and welcoming, it chases the winter blues away.

  5. I love the soft neutral palette that would be not only comfortable but add much needed lightness in my bedroom during these darker winter months.

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