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Well hey there. Thanks for clicking over to learn a bit more about me. I’m Chris Carroll, the interior stylist and decorator behind TLC Interiors, which is both an interior design studio & home style blog.

I started the business about six years ago with the intention to make home decorating really achievable for people. The interior design side of the biz gets me in your home to make it amazing through my end-to-end full styling service. And then we have the blog; where I share all of my design and decorating hints, tips and tricks with you.

I like to think of TLC Interiors as a one-stop destination to help you create a beautiful home. And the overall philosophy is simple: let’s make decorating easy, fun, and affordable for you!

I hate the idea that design is exclusive, or something only for the wealthy. Trust me, it’s not. I’m living proof that it’s not. The clients I work with do have budgets to play with, but they’re not great big piles of money we can roll around in. And why should they be?

That’s where my skimp-meets-splurge design philosophy comes into it. I like to mix investment pieces of furniture with super-approachable decor finds. Pop in some of your treasured mementoes, a few quirky design moments, and we end up with a really well-rounded home that tells a story – and feels uniquely yours! It’s show-home style with a personalised twist.

Outside of the designing and blogging, I also have a few ongoing brand partnerships which have been really successful. I’ve been a presenter and MC for Metricon Homes for a few years now (you’ll see me in loads of videos on their YouTube channel). And I’m also a style partner for Lorraine Lea; producing styled photography and video content for them for over three years.

I also write for, partner with homewares and furniture stores to showcase their products to readers, and occasionally pop up on your TV screens (on shows like Sunrise, The Morning Show, and Sky News, to name a few).

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Thanks again for popping over, and now let’s get on with making your home amazing!

Chris Sig