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It’s fair to say I’m not your typical interior designer

At TLC Interiors we like to do things a little differently.

We all have a perception of what the interior design industry is like, don’t we? You know the stereotype; it’s all very exclusive, expensive and high-brow.

I started this business in 2012 to challenge that stereotype. I wanted to change the industry and peoples perception of it. To demystify it a bit. I wanted to show everyday Aussies that their homes could be made amazing without breaking the bank. You know: real homes for real people. I don’t design museums.

I also wanted to inspire the community through the TLC blog. It’s still going strong after seven years and is the place I document all things interior design. It’s where I share all of my insider tips, trends and best buys with you. And where I reveal the stockist lists from my design projects, so you can replicate the looks at your place.

I’ve also been very transparent about my design process from the get-go. I’m completely open about what and how I charge clients. And I’m unapologetic in my philosophy of blending budget and boutique style in both client homes and my own abode.

I use a budget-meets-boutique approach to design

This unique approach involves effortlessly blending investment pieces of furniture and decor with more affordable buys.

Once I’m done styling your home people can’t tell which is the budget and which is the boutique. The room just looks amazing without you having to have sold your first-born child to afford the makeover. Everyone wins.

I’ve been using this budget-meets-bougie approach from the moment TLC Interiors was born, and my clients love it. Blog readers love it. And the brands I work with love seeing their products in client homes too. Together we’re all embracing affordable designer style and I love proving that it can be done well.

Chris Carroll changing rooms australia 2019

You probably know my face from somewhere

Outside of designing homes and blogging I’ve hosted style segments on Sunrise, Sky News and The Morning Show, and was an on-air designer on Changing Rooms in 2019.

I’m also a presenter for Metricon Homes and realestate.com.au, having worked with both for around five years. Between both Metricon and REA (and additional brand partners) I’ve presented close to 60 videos, so you’ve probably seen my face pop up on your Facebook or Instagram feed.

Seven years on I’m very proud to see TLC Interiors continue its mission of inspiring readers, transforming homes, and working with brands to show Australia that affordable interior design is not an oxymoron. An amazing home is really achievable, and I’m very happy to be the one to prove it to you!

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