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Affordable Designer Style.

Those three words have shaped TLC Interiors since I started the business seven years ago. And the concept is simple, really: let me show you how to achieve a well-designed home without breaking the bank.

Of course, we like to dent the bank a little. An amazing interior doesn’t happen without spending some cash. We’re not the McDonald’s Loose Change Menu, after all, but by no means are we going bananas with your bucks. We’re also a ‘real homes for real people’ kinda business. I don’t design museums. I don’t specify outlandish furniture you can’t sit on. And I don’t take myself too seriously. 

I work with clients who appreciate great design but don’t have the skills to pull off an amazing interior on their own. And so I enter the picture, work my magic, and generate those gasp-worthy reveals that have clients crying (true story: clients have cried when I’ve revealed rooms to them and I loved every minute of it!).

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Sharing the Secrets.

TLC Interiors is different from other design businesses for a number of reasons. Firstly, we’re also a blog. I share everything I know about design with almost 70,000 readers a month. Where I source furniture and decor from, what the latest interior trends are, and tips on how to decorate a space properly; it’s all here for you to dive into on-the-daily.

Secondly, I’m also really honest about how I charge clients, how the design process works, and how much it really costs to furnish a room. There’s literally no facet of the business I’m not completely transparent about. It’s something I wish the design industry would do more of, actually. I prefer a fully authentic experience from start to finish. And as I’ve discovered, so do the clients and readers.

So, that’s TLC Interiors in a nutshell. Have me in your home to make it amazing, or stop by and read the thousands of articles we’ve written here so you can do it yourself. No snobbery, no overspend, and always a good laugh along the way. After all, who says that design has to be so serious? 

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Books, TV and Content Creation

Outside of designing homes and blogging since 2012, I also work as a presenter. In the past I’ve hosted style segments on Sunrise, Sky News and The Morning Show, and was an on-air designer on Changing Rooms in 2019.

I also do a lot of MC and presenting work for Metricon Homes, having worked with them for over five years. I’ve presented close to 60 videos with them and other brand partners since launching the TLC business, so you’ve probably seen my face pop up on your Facebook or Instagram feed.

I never really set out to become a presenter but I’m glad this pillar of the business has become so successful. It allows me to get out into the world and continue my mission: showing Australia that affordable interior design is not an oxymoron.

As well as presenting, I also work as a product stylist; styling campaigns for brand partners like Lorraine Lea. I’ve also authored a book called Sydney Precincts, which was published through Hardie Grant.

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