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Animal Art that’ll Transform Your Walls!

I’ve lost my mind over the recent animal art I’ve seen come from Aussie creative Martine Vanderspuy. Not only do these artworks capture amazing African animals, but they’re injected with a colour and flair so unique that they’re like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Let’s not delay looking at some of this talented lady’s work a moment longer!

Animal Art - Elephant Tattoo - Martine Gallery

Ellie in The Jungle - Animal Art - Martine Gallery

I’ve been a fan of Martine’s work since I discovered her a year or more ago (thank you, internet!), but these African art pieces take things to an all-new level. They’re part of her ‘In the Wild’ collection and I can’t get enough of them.

Martine’s business, The mARTine Gallery, has seen her create limited edition art and commissioned pieces for lucky customers all over the world. So while she’s been creating stunning collections for years, I have to say that these African art pieces are her best efforts yet.

The photographs used in these works are from Martine’s own collection. She snapped them in Africa and has (as with a lot of her pieces) blended the imagery with graphic design and illustration to produce some of the effects you see here. Martine tells me that each piece she creates is done so with interior design in mind; never art for art’s sake.

My favourite is Tattooed Ellie (the first pic in this post) because that colourful overlay is just all sorts of mind-blowing – though the Zebra art below is definitely giving it a run for its money!

A percentage of sales from Martine’s work is donated to MITO. Mitochondria affects adults and and children worldside, including Martine’s youngest son, Tom, who was sick with the disease for 5 years before he was diagnosed. It’s been a big part of the family and continues to influence how Martine runs her life. If you’d like to find out more about Tom and/or donate, simply CLICK HERE.

And if you’d like to see more of Martine’s African art and other stunning works, jump onto her website by CLICKING HERE.

Animal Art - Zebra - Martine Gallery The Prince Animal Art by Martine Gallery

Animal Art



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