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rowena martinich australian abstract artists greenhouse interiors

13 Australian Abstract Artists whose Work is Truly Phenomenal

Now, I’m no art curator, but I do love me some abstract art. And what I do know, is that when it comes to Australian abstract artists, we’re spoilt for choice and their work is phenomenal.

I’ve featured a number of these divine Aussie artists on the blog in the past and am all about supporting local. You might know some of them already, but I think a few will be a welcome surprise for you.

The art in the hero image above is from the super talented Rowena Martinich, who I’ll fill you in a bit more on below.

Shall we dive right into checking out my fave Aussie abstracters? Let’s do it!

13 Australian Abstract Artists whose work is Phenomenal

australian abstract artists prudence carolyn red coloured abstract art

1. Prudence Caroline

The artwork above is one of many you can score from Prudence, whose work is packed with colour and interest. She describes her work as scruffy and haphazard, but I’d describe it more as truly magical. I would sell my first-born child to secure some of her work for my home. Check out more of Prudence’s creations here.

Leah Bartholomew australian abstract artists through the paperbark

2. Leah Bartholomew

Leah’s work is influenced by her time in nature, in and around Northern NSW and the Gold Coast. It’s wonderfully optimistic and created using torn pieces of paper; put together in a collage style. The results speak for themselves and are truly eye-catching. You can explore more of Leah’s organic-inspired artwork here.

jade made arts australian abstract artists

3. Corrine Kenny, Jade Made Arts

Corrine Kenny is the talented cookie behind art brand Jade Made Arts. Inspired by bright colours and interior design from a young age, she infuses this passion into every piece she creates. Based in Perth, Corrine’s featured in a number of publications and websites across the country. You can explore her site, and her work, by clicking here.

rowena martinich australian abstract artists via greenhouse interiors

4. Rowena Martinich

Known for her radiant use of colour, Rowena Martinich is a Melbourne artist whose work has been spotted in multitude of destinations, from residential spaces to commercial ones, and even on building facades. She’s even travelled to isolated outback communities to create works for the locals there. Check out her amazing art here.

stefan gevers australian abstract artists paper empire

5. Stefan Gevers

Stefan is a Dutch-born artist based in Melbourne, whose work is stocked through one of my fave art emporiums, Paper Empire. With a focus on minimalism and subtraction, Stefan’s work is inspired by The Netherlands and is packed with a colourful, contemporary aesthetic. Explore more of Stefan’s work here.

australian abstract artists ruchi rai art

6. Ruchi Rai Art

Ruchi Rai is an abstract artist based in Sydney. She works mainly with acrylics, washes and sometimes inks, and her pieces are truly spectacular. Ruchi loves to create art for real homes, so that each piece can resonate and connect with the homeowner who’s lucky enough to have it on their walls. If you want some of Ruchi’s work for your space, see more here.

australian abstract artists maggi mcdonald art mood board

7. Maggi McDonald

Vibrancy is at the forefront of what talented Sydney artist Maggi McDonald is all about, and the result of this love of colour is a treat for the senses. An artists and surface designer by trade, she’s available for commissions and collaborations and has a slew of killer pieces on her website for sale. To explore them further, just click here.

georgie wilson do you like pina colada australian abstract artists

8. Georgie Wilson

Some Australian abstract artists are all about in-your-face colour, but Mornington Peninsula creative Georgie Wilson prefers a more subdued approach to hue. The subtle tones in her work are soothing and calming, and her pieces have featured in residences both here and overseas. To see more of her tranquil artworks, click here.

sabi klein australian abstract artists art above hall table

9. Sabi Klein

Sabina Klein spent years in the corporate world before she realise that she needed to give her artwork a chance to truly flourish. The leap paid off. The Melbourne-based artist has featured on The Block and her work has since run out the door. As you can see, Sabi focusses on creating bright, bold and punchy artworks, more of which you can see here.

australian abstract artists michael bond abstract art above blush bed linen

10. Michael Bond

Michael is a Noosa-based artist. Completely self-taught, he loves to create artworks for real homes, and is constantly evolving his unique way of drawing the observer to see what’s beneath the canvas. His pieces are bold, bright and have depth and character. If you’re eager to see more of this talented man’s work, click here.

3 queens interiors australian abstract artists artwork

11. Elena Martorella, Three Queens Interiors

Elena Martorella focusses on creating one-of-a-kind artworks that fuse eclectic and bohemian styles. Her abstract art is inspired by nature, couture fashion and street art. They’re also packed with dynamic pattern and colour and each piece is packed with multiple layers and mediums. Explore more from Elena here.

astella designs resin artwork australian abstract artists

12. Bec Tarrant, Astella Designs

A Gold Coast creative producing art since the age of 15, Bec Tarrant’s work speaks for itself. Each resin artwork she creates always turns out different from the next, and it’s a creative journey she embraces and adores. If you’re keen to check out her unique pieces, click here to explore her website.

carolyn o'neill australian abstract artists

13. Carolyn O’Neill

Melbourne artist Carolyn O’Neill draws, sculpts and creates mixed media collages. But her true love is painting. I’ve interviewed this intriguing creative on the blog before (read more here) and I love her work. A former nurse, Carolyn’s work is represented by galleries in both Victoria and Queensland. She’s truly one of the best Australian abstract artists out there. Check out her website here.

Over to You!

Who are your fave Australian abstract artists? Are there some I’ve left out here? Don’t be shy; drop a comment below and tell me all about them so we can all check them out.

Outside of writing the TLC Interiors blog, Chris is an interior stylist and author. You can also catch him on your TV screens as a designer on Channel 10's Changing Rooms. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

Comments (12)

  • I love abstract art problem is I’m running out of space on my walls at home!

  • I love all of these artists and follow each and every one of them on IG but I think you’ve forgotten the talented Deb McNaughton. Definitely worth checking out her home studio too. Brilliant.

  • Meg

    Diana Miller’s work would also have to be up there- 🙂

  • I love Felicity O’Connor ( and Joanne Duffy ( and I would love to be up there with the greats one day 🙂

  • Anna Kenny

    What a great representation, my fav. would have to be Elena Martorella, that circular piece above just makes me keep looking – its like being in a fantasy, every time I look I see another image, just beautiful — have you checked Amanda Brooks, she is a fav. of mine if you like nature, birds and joyful colour, was lucky to receive one of her prints for Christmas —

  • Can’t forget the incredible Melbourn artist, Sarah Kelk!

  • You definitely missed Lindsay Blamey, he has been on the block just about every year and we have one of his pieces, everyone comments on it.

  • Tim Stevens

    I think you’ve missed a great Abstract Artist in Fran O’Neill Australian born and bread. Showing in Australia and Internationally.


    Mariana Mezic – oh wow you must check her out

  • Patricia Cooke

    You definitely need to look at Felicity O’Conner’s and Eva Frengstad’s beautiful abstract works too. They definitely have a place on your wall.


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