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classic hamptons interior design dining room with chalie macrae art on light blue wall

Camberwell Project: Celebrating Classic Hamptons Interior Design

I’m so excited to share my latest makeover project with you today. If you love a classic Hamptons interior design scheme, I think you’ll get loads of inspiration here.

I’ve gotta say straight off the bat that these clients were possibly the best I’ve ever had. They trusted me to transform almost all of the spaces in this home. The kitchen and bathroom were recently renovated, so they didn’t need touching. But the rest of the rooms got a major overhaul.

We painted, we wallpapered, we got new window treatments, and a whole host of new furniture and decor. The home was a pretty blank canvas to begin with, and when I unveiled the end result to the couple there were tears! You can’t ask for a better reaction than that.

What made working with these clients so amazing was the trust factor. We got on the same page pretty early when I presented the concept to them, and from there things went very smoothly. When both client and designer agree on the vision and know the direction things are heading in, the project is a dream. And this couple was an absolute dream.

Let me take you inside some before and afters below, as well as what we did in each room. I hope you get lots of classic Hamptons interior design ideas from this makeover for your own interior.

hamptons living room before

Above: The living room was brown and bare before I got my hands on it. Below: The full Hamptons fantasy is realised with blue paint and some stunning furniture and decor.

classic hamptons interior design scheme living room with light blue walls and cream sectional sofa

classic hamptons interior design scheme hamptons white square coffee table in light blue living room

Classic Hamptons Interior Design for the Living Room

The living and dining in this home was a cute open plan space, but it didn’t feel very homely. Even my divine clients admitted it looked like they didn’t live there. Having completed some reno work on the space before I came along, the bones of the property were lovely. The rooms just needed to be elevated. The existing furniture was so heavy, dark and dominant in the space. I knew it all had to go if we were going to achieve the look and feel they were after.

The clients wanted a classic Hamptons interior design scheme. And you know me: I can do any style you throw at me (my portfolio of work is so diverse, and I love it). I wanted to give this home a real sense of calm, so when you walked in it felt soothing and relaxing. When I presented the concept to them, I used mood words like ‘timeless’, ‘effortless’ and ‘casual’. Sure I want it to feel designed, but I still want it to be a space you can kick back and relax in.

I also didn’t want to design with trends in mind. I didn’t want furniture or decor to feel dated in a few years time. On the flip side though, despite us going for a classic Hamptons vibe, I wanted to throw in some outta-the-box moments, mainly through thing like art. Sure there are some pure Hamptons decorative moments, like ginger jars and coral. But then we did some unexpected pops of pink in artwork.

The curtains on the back windows also did a lot of work in softening this space. They’re from Shades in Hawthorn, who are always my go-to for amazing window treatments. And can we talk about the soothing blue paint throughout? It’s Dulux Preschool Quarter and it was executed by the amazing Richmond Painting and Decorating.

hamptons tray on coffee table with hamptons vignette styling coastal cross ornament

hamptons dining room before

Above: The old dining room felt quite cluttered and oppressive with that dated brown furniture. Below: The Chalie Macrae artwork makes such a dramatic impact and grounds the new dining table and chairs.

classic hamptons interior design dining room with chalie macrae art on light blue wall

The Classic Vibes Continue in the Dining Room

As you can see in the before photo, the furniture in the dining room was also quite heavy. I also didn’t like the rectangle dining table; it just felt like the wrong shape for this space. This zone isn’t large, so I wanted to introduce a round table to allow more flow through the room and around the furniture. The approach was always to make the space feel bigger and brighter, so it was out with the dark timbers and in with the light ones.

The dining room feels like more of a destination now. You walk into the space and naturally land there. The sublime artwork also grounds the dining room furniture. There’s a wonderful sense of formality here but it’s not precious. That artwork, by the way, is probably my fave moment in the home. It’s just so captivating. It’s by Melbourne artist Chalie Macrae who is truly amazing. Definitely a piece the clients invested in, but absolutely worth it. I can’t imagine any other artwork there now. A keepsake they’ll have forever!

I’m also absolutely in love with the crisp white buffet and the mirror above it. You can sit at the dining table and see the view no matter which chair you’re in. The orchid on top, as you might have guessed, is fake. You know I love me some fake flowers. Actually all of the flowers and plants in this home are fake. Don’t judge!


hamptons bedroom before

Above: The master bedroom in this home was not feeling very calm and welcoming to begin with. Below: A little TLC magic and it’s now a Hamptons-style retreat with ultra-calming vibes.

hamptons-bedroom-with-blue-wallpaper-and-white-plantation-shutters hamptons bedroom with light blue walls cream upholstered headboard and white hamptons bedside tables

A Hamptons Master Bedroom to Retreat to

These clients were so lovely that I really wanted to deliver them a bedroom they’d never want to leave. One they could retreat to at the end of the day. One that felt ambient and soothing to the eye. I’m pretty sure I delivered on that.

It’s hard to see from the photos but the walls are actually decked out in wallpaper, not paint. I really wanted to give this room an extra layer of texture and softness, and the wallpaper absolutely did that. I can also confirm that the clients were a little bit concerned about wallpaper when I mentioned it (as most of my clients are), but as you can see, no cause for concern. It’s so subtle and nothing like the scary wallpapers of the seventies.

As the bed was flanked by two windows, covered with plantation shutters, pendant lights or wall sconces were out of the question. So instead, I went with large impactful table lamps and I think they look superb. The mirror on the wall also works to bounce light around the room. Just one of my many tricks for making zones like this feel larger.

If you need advice on improving cosy spaces, here are my tips for making small bedrooms look larger.

And yes, that’s me below, doing what I love the most: karate chopping cushions! Because if a cushion can’t be chopped, is it even a cushion? You can see more of my cushion rules here if you need them.

hamptons master bedroom by tlc interiors chris carroll in bedroom with light blue walls and white bedding

hamptons entryway before

Above: The entryway was crying out for a sense of drama and purpose. Below: I think we achieved our mission of making this zone a stunner.


An Entryway that Merges Form and Function

Yes, this whole home was all about classic Hamptons interior design, but it had to have variety in the materials chosen. There was already a large number of crisp white timber pieces in the rooms. So when it came to decorating the entryway, I needed a new finish. This mirrored console table is a true gift from the decor gods and I love it in this zone.

The console merges form and function perfectly. Not only does it look lovely, and elegant, and fitting for a Hamptons home, but those drawers offer storage too. The entry was not a large area either, so the small profile of this console was ideal. And once again: reflective surfaces making small spaces feel larger. Pop a few classic Hamptons moment on top and you have yourself a furnished entryway that makes a fab first impression.

Can I just say, I love a stack of books, but you don’t have to spend heaps here. The bottom book on the console above is from Bed Bath N Table, but then the book on top is from Kmart. Bargain! And yes, more fake flowers. But I swear you can’t even tell these ones are artificial. Admit it! Below you can also see the new pendant lights I installed too. Aren’t they beautiful?





A Nook to Rest and Unwind

The property in this home has a smaller bedroom at the front of it just as you walk in the door. We turned it into a little retreat. A place where you could curl up with a good book, a glass of wine, and light a candle. And of course, I gave this the classic Hamptons interior design treatment too.

The walls in this room are also wallpapered. It gave this space an extra layer of cosiness. The large armchair you see above, with the lovely stud detailing, is so comfortable I got in it and didn’t want to get out. I popped a side table beside it with a lamp and a candle, and then hung a large piece of art above it from The Print Emporium. If you cast your eye beyond the bedroom and out into the hallway, you’ll notice another stellar piece of original art on the wall. It’s from another of my fave local artists, Jessie Rigby.

Across from the reading nook I installed a piece of mirror above the entire run of the desk, to convert this into more of a dressing table setup. I also adore the stool that sits underneath it. So chic.

Are you loving all of the classic Hamptons interior design from my Camberwell makeover? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Let me know if you have any supplier questions as well. 

Outside of writing the TLC Interiors blog, Chris is an interior stylist and author. You can also catch him on your TV screens as a designer on Channel 10's Changing Rooms. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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  • Margot Noone-Moncrieff

    Stunning Chris!!!! Miss Amara Rug per chance in the living area? Wallpaper in the master…..what wall paper?? Noticed the “CHOPPED CUSHIONS” you must be exhausted!! Looks absolutely fabulous ! Well done you…………..

  • Nadia Fornaro

    Looks fantastic, I love the artwork you chose. As always looks fabulous ❤️

  • Rebecca

    I love this B&A, Chris. Thanks for sharing how significantly you have transformed it. I must admit, I saw the star fish cluster in store over the weekend and scoffed at them, joking with my partner about putting them in our beach house. But I am LOVING how you displayed them. I might have to head back to the shops. 😉


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