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study desks for kids bedrooms bo concept cupertino desk

Top 9 Study Desks for Kids Rooms or the Home Office

Study desks for kids rooms become a furniture must-have at a certain point in their lives, don’t they? 

I remember needing one myself when I was a teen (back when dinosaurs were roaming the earth) and I came to love it. I mean, I can’t promise you I did a whole lot of study at it, but it was great to have a dedicated zone to call my own.

Your child might be in the same boat right now; eager to have a desk that’s theirs. I hear kids are overloaded with homework from the second they hit primary school, so you probably need a study desk for their space well before they get to the seventh grade.

But here’s the thing: You don’t want to spend a fortune on something like this. Save your bucks for a new sofa, a fabulous rug, or a sublime mattress. There’s no need to sink piles of money into a desk they likely won’t take with them when they move out. Though another thing I’ve heard from parents lately: these days, kids don’t leave home for decades!

So with the above in mind, I’ve found some amazing study desks for kids rooms to share with you below. And you’ll find that a lot of these options could just as easily work in an adult space too.

Drop me a comment at the end of the post and let me know which desk is your fave. I’d love to hear from you.

kmart scandi desk for kids bedroom study desk

1. Scandi Desk from Kmart, $39

Let’s kick off with the most impressive price point of the lot: this stunning Scandi Desk from Kmart. Styled to perfection here by leerachel, it’s an undoubtably affordable option. Sadly the adorable dog does not come with, but this is a study desk that any on-trend teen would love to have in their space. The one thing to keep in mind with this one is the weight limit of 30kg. They recommend no leaning or sitting on the top of the desk, so just be careful.

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fantastic furniture celeste desk for kids bedroom

2. Celeste Desk from Fantastic Furniture, $99

If you child is keen on all things glamorous, then I reckon they’ll lose their mind over the Celeste Desk from Fantastic Furniture. I saw this one pop up on my Facebook feed the other day and even I was caught off-guard. This is not only a sleek looking number for a kids room, but you can take it home for under $100. That’s a win in anyone’s book. There are also other pieces in the range you could pair with this study desk, so go bonkers and deck out their whole room.

amart furniture quinn corner desk for kids bedroom

3. Quinn Corner Desk from Amart Furniture, $129

When it comes to study desks for kids rooms, this one is a little extra in the best way possible. If the room you’re working with can take it, enjoy the extra desktop space this Quinn Corner Desk from Amart Furniture affords you. This is a piece that allows your child to have a computer on one side, and storage for books and papers on the other. The bonus is the clean profile: it doesn’t feel heavy at all. And who doesn’t love the industrial vibes this is giving off?

matt blatt dixie storage desk for kids bedroom in dark brown timber

4. Dixie Storage Desk from Matt Blatt, $149

Got a smaller kids room on your hands? This Dixie Storage Desk from Matt Blatt is a winner because it won’t take up loads of space. Though that’s not to say it doesn’t offer storage, as you can see in the photo above. The white draw gives a nice contrast to the brown tones in the rest of this study desk, and I love the storage shelves underneath. It’s a piece of furniture that feels mature enough to work into your own home office once your child is done with it. Hello longevity!

ikea blue alex desk for kids bedroom with white chair on wheels

5. Alex Desk from IKEA, $199

This striking Alex Desk from IKEA has been slashed from $249 down to $199. It’s an amazing price for a study desk that’s so bold and so beautiful. They’ve also thought about functionality too: there’s a section at the back of the desk that conceals and manages cables. If it’s one thing that gets my blood pressure raging, it’s tangled cords. Thankfully you get none of that with this bad boy. There are also accompanying drawer sets you can buy which are just as divine.

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west elm jensen desk glass top desk tan leather chair

6. Jensen Desk, $299.95 from West Elm

I am loving the retro feels of this Jensen Desk from West Elm. It’s probably not even fair to include it as a ‘kids desk’, because truth be told I’d happily have this in my own home office. It feels very mature, which is great if your teen has style and exceptional taste! It is giving off somewhat masculine vibes, but I love that. And if your teens room is in keeping with this look and feel, buy it, let them love it, then steal it for yourself once they finish school!

interior secrets industrial desk for kids bedroom

7. Melissa Desk from Interior Secrets, $365

A glorious oak finish with visible grain is the highlight for me in this Melissa Desk from Interior Secrets. Not only does it feel super-stylin’, but functionality is at the heart of this desk too. With two drawers offering ample storage, this ticks all the boxes when it comes to housing homework. This piece has a minimalist look and feel to it that appeals to my senses as well. There’s a lot to love here.

freedom hazel desk for kids bedroom with tan leather office chair on wheels

8. Hazel Desk from Freedom, $599

When considering study desks for kids rooms, I recommend you go budget, or invest in something that can be passed down. The Hazel Desk from Freedom is in the latter category. It’s the kind of desk every member of the family can use, and it feels neither ‘boy’ nor ‘girl’. It’s a great all-rounder that has looks and storage covered. And it’s so sleek you could keep it in a rumpus room for everyone to access.

cupertino desk bo concept desk with storage for kids bedroom

9. Cupertino Desk from Bo Concept, $1979

The last in my list of study desks for kids rooms or the home office is my absolute fave. And of course, it has to be the most expensive of the lot (what can I say, I love luxury!). This Cupertino Desk from Bo Concept has so much going for it that I feel compelled to purchase immediately. It’s the different compartments that make it so amazing. A spot for books, a spot for stationery, a spot for your laptop. It feels like a desk you can really make your own, and I love that it has cable management built in too.

Which is your fave in this roundup of study desks for kids rooms and the home office? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you’ve picked up a stunning desk in your travels that’s not been included here.


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4 Responses

  1. I think they are all simply too small. My desk which seats 3 is 3.5 mtrs wide wall to wall is amazing i can put the machine up if i need, the kids could study spreading the books, shevles on the wall, gorgeous coloured seats was cheaper and looks great even when i have a day bed in it for guests.

  2. Like you Cupertino is perfect. I am creating an office/sitting room and the Quinn looks like it might be perfect for me.

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