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Most Comfortable Sofa Beds: 7 Options for all Budgets

The hunt for the most comfortable sofa bed is over, decorating junkies. Because I’ve found some phenomenal options for you. And most of them don’t even slightly resemble the creepy sofa beds of the past.

Sofa beds have come a long way, let’s face it. Remember the old versions you had to unfold? Not only did the metal squeak and creek, but they were so uncomfortable. You pretty much always required major spinal manipulation from a qualified physio after a spending a night on one. It was not cute. And the folding-it-away part was just as brutal.

Those days are over, thankfully. And in this post I’ve made the search for the most comfortable sofa bed that much easier for you. There are seven options from some of your fave local brands in this list. And you know me; I’ve included super-affordable options and then thrown in some splurge pieces that are totally worth the investment.

I haven’t gone super cheap though. Because, honestly, I don’t want you buying something your guests will dread sleeping on. And the great thing about this roundup of the best sofa beds online: you won’t even need to road test them because they’re clearly comfortable. No old-school metal in sight (well, for the most part).

aero single sofa bed dark grey armchair sofa bed

1. Aero Single Sofa Bed, $369

Kicking off my roundup of the best sofa beds online is this bad boy. He is the lowest in price, so it seems like a good place to start. But I also really like that the Aero Single Sofa Bed from Temple & Webster encourages you to think outside the box. Perhaps you don’t need a double or queen sofa bed. Or perhaps this can act as a second place for a guest to sleep outside of your larger bed. This is also an amazing option for a small space as it has such a slim profile. It ticks a lot of boxes and looks so plush.

brosa navy blue velvet sofa bed review

2. Lana Sofa Bed, $599

Can we start with how lush and luxe this Lana Sofa Bed from Brosa looks? If you’re into a velvet vibe then I say you need a little of this in your life. Not only is the upholstery divine, but get a load of the legs. There’s a lot to appreciate here, and getting it up and down is a cinch. It also happens to come in three glorious colours: navy (seen above), dusty rose and bottle green. It’s a jewel-toned fantasy if I ever saw one.

ikea friheten sofa bed review

3. Friheten Sofa Bed, $699

I actually have the Friheten Sofa Bed in my own home and I’m very impressed with how it’s held up. It’s definitely one of the most comfortable sofa beds I’ve ever slept on. I’ve actually written an in-depth review on this one, so if you wanna see more of how it folds out and hear more about what I think of it, click here to read the full post. I still have this style of sofa bed years after my initial purchase. And guest always comment on what a good sleep they had. You can’t beat that sort of feedback. When it comes to the best sofa beds for price and comfort, definitely consider this one.

freedom maddox sofa bed review light grey mid century sofa bed

4. Pumice Sofa Bed, $1499

Now this is the only option in my roundup of the best sofa beds that has an old-school vibe. Sure, there are some metal moments in this one, but I have to forgive it because the look and feel of this sofa bed is so glorious. Sporting a delicious mid-Century vibe, this Pumice Sofa Bed from Freedom is packed with comfort and support. And when it’s folded up it does look truly stylish.

koala sofa bed review light grey fabric sofa bed

5. Koala Sofa Bed, $1500

The latest offering from one of Australia’s best-rated retailers is the Koala Sofa Bed. There are loads of positive reviews for this comfortable sofa bed on their website. Given the fact that you can also trial it for 120 nights and return it if you’re not happy, it makes purchasing pretty risk-free. With no springs and no tools required, this simple fold out bed is all plush, no fuss. Love that pipe detail too.

lounge lovers grey sofa bed review fold out sofa bed

6. Jetson Sofa Bed, $1699

I had to include this Jetson Sofa Bed from Lounge Lovers in the mix. The reason: it’s really versatile in terms of look and feel. When folded up, it resembles two armchairs with a table in-between. But then within minutes you can configure it to push both armchairs together and have it fold out into a comfy sofa bed. Check out the photos on their website. I love how tailor-made it feels.

coco republic ashley sofa bed white hamptons sode bed in luxe living room

7. Ashely Sofa Bed, $4100

Last in my list of the most comfortable sofa beds is this beauty: the Ashley Sofa Bed from Coco Republic. I know, it’s definitely the priciest in the roundup, but there’s a very good reason for that. Just get a load of it. This is not an ugly sofa bed you hide in a guest bedroom. This is a super-stylish, comfort-packed stunner you could use as an everyday sofa in your living room. Then, when guests are over you can surprise and delight them by folding it out and giving them a dreamy night’s sleep. And can we talk about how Hamptons-inspired it looks? We love a Hamptons home now, don’t we?

Which is your fave from my list of most comfortable sofa beds? Is there a sofa bed you’ve purchased recently that I could include in the list? Drop me a comment below and let me know. I’d love to hear from you. 

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