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The New way to Rock Hamptons Style: Room by Room

Hamptons style is evolving – like most interior styles do – and I have to say that I’m loving the new direction it’s heading in. It’s not a complete overhaul of the Hamptons look and feel, but more a rejuvenation to bring the style into the now. A bit of designer botox, shall we say?

In today’s post I’m going to show you some stunning imagery from my friends at Metricon, who are rocking the new Hamptons style wonderfully in their Bayville display home. If you’re in Melbourne, you can see this display for yourself (details here), and if you’re not local, feel free sit back and take in the tips, imagery and video we shot below.

For the best retailers to shop Hamptons style from: this post has you covered!

Hamptons Sofa

1. A Colour Remix

The Hamptons style you know and love is quite traditional, sophisticated and inspired by the sea. Those qualities are all still in this revived version, but they’re softer and less obvious.

The colour palette has moved away from the typical white-and-blue (showcased perfectly here if you’re into that colourway). In fact, bold blue tones don’t feature much at all.

There’s a whole host of other colours in in this new look that makes it feel contemporary and far richer.

The Updated Hamptons Palette

Chocolate brown tones intermingle with teal shades, creamy beiges and pops of warm gold. Even lavender tones and mustard moments get a workout in some of the accessories in this look.

This melting pot of hue gives the new-look Hamptons style a fresh feel; striking the perfect balance of feminine and masculine.

In short, the colours are less contrasting. The traditional Hamptons style was visually crisp; bright white against bold blues. This new Hamptons style is far more visually calm and serene.

You’ll also notice a fair bit of black here, introduced through bedding, window treatments and other decorative moments. I’ll expand more on it below as we look at the Hamptons style room-by- room. But bringing in black is always going to give a look a contemporary vibe. So definitely keep that in mind,

Personally I think this new Hamptons vibe looks a hundred times better than its traditional version. But I am a sucker for a trend that evolves!

hamptons home hamptons study area with marble coffee table metricon homes bayville display

2. Change up the Textures

The Hamptons style of the past definitely played with texture. But the new version sees far more masculine finishes muscle their way into the mix. Alongside some classic materials executed in new ways, of course!

Shimmery warm metals are there in spades and play with a tonne of soft furnishings, but aged brass really get a workout too. By introducing rougher materials like this, it makes the aesthetic more layered.

It also gives the whole home a more tactile quality; showcasing items you want to touch (more texture cheats for your home can be seen here)!

I always say that any room featuring loads of varying textures is always going to make it feel more inviting. And that’s what Hamptons style has always been about. It doesn’t matter how formal you try and make it. There’s always been an inherent, come-in-and-sit-down ease to the look.

Balance your materials

You’ll notice a lot of wood panelling and marble in this look as well, which is classic Hamptons style to a tee. It’s been executed in some really interesting ways though. In the video further down you’ll see panelling on the roof and also marble on the walls in living areas, which is utterly phenomenal.

The moral of the story: Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to putting texture into your Hamptons home. It’s not just about the floors and what you put on them. Consider what is happening above you as well.

It’s always wise to think about a good balance in the materials you use too; light and dark, hard and soft, smooth and rough. This new Hamptons style does that wonderfully and it makes the whole house feel resolved and well thought out.

You’ll notice as you look through the images in this post that grass cloth wallpaper also has its moment. I put some in one of my client’s homes recently and and good Lord was I in love with it! Thankfully, the client was too.


3. Embrace new Patterns

Pattern really makes it presence known in this new-look Hamptons style – and in some really interesting ways.

You’ll see a tonne of geometrics at play, which give the space a structured, formal and more masculine vibe. The floor in the bathroom, for example, is a great example of using geometric shapes on a grand scale (more on that below).

But those geo shapes carry on throughout the entire home. The rug in the living room, for example, is a standout. It’s a really effective way to create a focal point in the room and it packs in pattern, colour and texture.

Every room needs a focal point, and putting it in a Hamptons rug means you can change it up if you tire of it (not as easy as changing bathroom tiles, for example!).

Soft versus Hard

All of those hard shapes are beautiful, don’t get me wrong. But you gotta be careful not to overload the home with too many of them.

Any space needs a balance of elements, and a Hamptons home is the same. So when you have strong geometric patterns going on, you gotta soften them with block colours and softer prints. Florals are a great idea here.

You’ll probably tire of hearing me bang on about balancing colours, textures and patterns. But it really is the key to getting any room right, and so many people don’t do it.

Outside of geometrics and florals, consider something interesting like art deco patterns. You can see them on the cushion covers and they look sublime.

Hopefully you’re understanding: this new Hamptons style isn’t as stringent and strict with what patterns you can use. So feel free to experiment!


Watch the Hamptons Style Video

I teamed up with the designers at Metricon recently to walk you through their Hamptons style display home. It’s called the Bayville and it is a stunner.

Taking a look at the photos is one thing, but seeing a Hamptons home come alive on video is altogether more amazing.

I’ve actually filmed tonnes of videos with the team at Metricon. So if you’re eager to see more of them and get design tips on living rooms, kitchens, kids rooms and more, click here.

Hamptons Style: Room by Room

Below I want to give you some quick pointers on how to achieve Hamptons style in multiple pockets of your home. It’s a quick-fire round of interior design and decorating hacks. And they’re all pretty easy to implement, don’t you worry.

The mission: to get you understanding exactly what you need to transform your space into a contemporary Hamptons retreat you’ll never want to leave!

Drop me a comment at the end of this post and let me know if you’ve wrapped your head around it all.



Hamptons Style Bedrooms

Getting a Hamptons style bedroom is easy. Just follow these decor rules:

  • A darker wall will make the space feel moodier. Get dark paint inspo in this post
  • An upholstered headboard in a tufted grey fabric will bring a soft elegance
  • Go large and elaborate with your bedside tables; this look is all about grandeur
  • Sheer curtains are great, but consider a trim on them to make it feel modern
  • Keep the colour palette grey, white and muddy blue, with black accents
  • Look to warm metallics like aged brass to give the room some depth


Metricon Bayville display home with modern Hamptons kitchen

Hamptons Style Kitchens

Eager to give your kitchen a Hamptons injection? Keep the following in mind:

  • A dark floor is your foundation. Look to a deep chocolate brown timber
  • White cabinetry in glossy tones taps into the traditional Hamptons style
  • Consider grey and oatmeal tones on walls and benches to warm up the room
  • Opt for a large, deep sink but modernise it with black tapware
  • Traditional Hamptons-style cabinetry handles are a must. As are some glass-front cupboards
  • Inject a little gold through pendants or accessories on your benchtop


hamptons bathroom black shower head and marble tiles

Hamptons Style Bathrooms

A modern Hamptons bathroom has all of the following key features:

  • A white and grey colour palette consumes most of the space
  • Modernise the room by having fittings and fixtures in a matt black colourway
  • Keep flooring reflective and glossy to tap into a high-end look and feel
  • Introduce strong shapes in your floor tiles, or even in your shower
  • Keep cabinetry traditional, as well as the handles
  • Elevating the vanity off the floor makes the scene feel more luxurious

Love this Bathroom? You can tour it fully here.

hamptons living room hamptons home with grey sectional sofa and blue and white rug


Hamptons Style Living Rooms

The new Hamptons vibe is perfect for a living room. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Atop a dark timber floor, lay down a blue and white rug with a strong pattern
  • Soften this with a round or oval coffee table; a glass top is a nice idea here
  • A soft grey or beige sofa keeps the look light. Studded armchairs are fab additions too
  • Side tables in aged brass bring a little luxury with them, as well as a sense of history
  • Go feminine with cushions; soft florals against block colours like deep ocean blue
  • You can have some obvious seaside decor, but restrain yourself (no sand in bottles!)

hamptons style kitchen with dark floors and white cabinetry

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What do you think of this new Hamptons style? Are you a fan of this look? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. 

This post includes images and/or videos of Metricon display homes and events, reproduced with permission. © Metricon Homes Pty Ltd 2016.

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He's also spent time on TV, on Channel 10's Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7's Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

  • Erin


    I love this so much! We’re about to start renovating an old 70/80s bungalow that hasn’t been touched. What do you think are the key ‘features’ when it comes to nailing this look?

    29 December, 2017
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    I would also love to be notified along with Erin when the new blog post is up. We’ve just bought a new (to us) Home and I would love to adapt this look to suit the new house 🙂 thanks!

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    Could you please advise where to purchase the white bedside cabinets. Love the whole design.



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  • Belinda


    Hi Chris,

    I LOVE your “Dream Hamptons Style Bathroom” and I would love to create the same look in my home. Do you have a list of contacts/stores for where the products were sourced (tiles, taps, handles, vanity etc.)? I am struggling to find the herringbone tiles and a Hamptons style vanity. Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you for a great site and best wishes,

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  • carolyn stobie


    I love the Hamptons style. We are moving to Hervey Bay this year and this is the style l want to decorate my new house. Love the new use of colors.

    1 January, 2019
  • Sheree


    I’m doing a similar style and struggling to find a grey wall colour that will also work with the island bench grey colour. Could you please tell me the colour scheme that has been used in this kitchen for walls, island bench and cupboards. We’ve been looking at Solver Cave for the wall and Solver Grey Pearl for the island bench.

    Thanks for your help!

    9 January, 2019
    • Gavin Thomas


      Hi Sheree,

      We don’t own the details to this particular scheme which was styled by Metricon.

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    About to start a whole house reno and additions, and gosh its been hard to make everyone happy. (Me, husband, and 3 adult daughters).

    9 October, 2019
      • Linda


        Hi Chris, I have a matching set of stained timber coffee table, buffet and tv cabinet that I think I’m going to remodel/paint to a more hamptons feel as part of our reno’, cos $$ will be spent elsewhere. Please could you tell me what would be the main design elements I’d need to adhere to. I’m getting a sense of square corners and detailing, simple black handles and possibly shaker style mouldings on the doors. I will be painting them either a white or light grey. Am I on the right path?
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