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roby small white console table with two drawers for small entryway hallway

Slim and Stylish: 25 Compact Console Tables for Your Small Entry or Hallway

Not all of us win the home design lottery. And by that I mean, not all of us have spaces huge enough to do some of the grand things we see on design shows or Pinterest feeds. Case in point: the small entryway. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it a stunner.

The issue most of you have is that finding a console table small enough to work in a modest entryway is next to impossible. So today I thought, why not give you glorious people what you need, with a little wrap up of some stunning console tables for small entryways and hallways that deliver both looks and function.

The joy starts with the small console table above; the delicious White Roby Console Table from Temple & Webster. See how incredible a thoroughfare can look with a small table and some clever styling? The rapture continues below as I showcase consoles ranging from 52cm in width through to no more than 120cm. 

ikea knotten standing desk as small console table in entryway

Small Console Tables Under 90cm

Let’s start small for those of you who really have less of an entry space and more of a ‘spot inside the front door’. And I feel your pain, don’t worry. My apartment doesn’t even have a small spot, so console tables for me don’t even get a mention at home. I do get to use them in client projects though, which I’ll show you further down.

I have to start by highlighting the Knotten Standing Desk from IKEA above. This is a genius ‘think outside the box’ moment. It’s actually a desk, not a console table, which is why many of you probably haven’t found it on your online travels. This bad boy can act as the perfect small console as well as a charging station for your phone and other devices. It’s an all-in-one solution and I love it.

The other great thing about small console tables is that you don’t lose out on the storage front either. Just because it’s less than 90cm in width doesn’t mean you can’t get drawers included. For those of you who want to use the console table in your entry as more of a style statement, choose a slimline no-storage option instead.

Need a mirror to pair with one of these consoles? See 10 of our fave round mirrors here.

small console tables under 90cm for entry or hallway

Our Top 6 Consoles Less than 90cm in Width

1. Clyde Sofa Table | 2. Siesta Hall Table | 3. Ariel Hall Table | 4. Sassy Round Glass Console Table | 5. Fabio Console | 6. Arkelstorp Console Table

I love that there are so many different styles at play here with these small consoles. You have some coastal, a little luxe, sensible contemporary options and even a rustic find. The curved profile in three of the tables above is a really wise idea in a narrow entry or hallway too, because you won’t bump into the corners.

Also have a think about your needs for the entry table. Do you want a lower shelf to pop a bag on when you get in? Do you need somewhere to store mail? Is this more of a spot to hang a mirror where storage isn’t required? Small spaces are all about using the footprint wisely, so don’t clog it up unecessarily.

boras small white console table for small entryway hallway

Small Console Tables Under 100cm

I know we’ve only gone from 90 to 100cm in width for this second lot of consoles, but trust me, when you’re working with a small space every millimetre counts. Interior design is like a mathematical equation when it comes to furniture placement. I wish someone would have told me that before I became a designer because Lord knows I hate math. But here we are.

While we’re focusing on console table width here, you also need to pay close attention to the depth of your table. If you’re wanting to place one in a narrow entry, for example, with a standard width of 80 to 100cm, you don’t want your console to jut out any more than 40cm from the wall.

In fact, if your entry/hall is only 80cm wide, I would advise against a console table altogether. The above option, the Boras Console Table from Temple & Webster, is ideal for narrow entries of around a metre wide because it’ll only juts out 35cm from the wall. The thin legs certainly helps to keep things feeling minimal too.

Need help styling your entryway? Here are the top 4 ways to decorate a small one.

small console table under 100cmwide for entry and hallway

Our Top 6 Consoles Less than 100cm in Width

1. Cosmos Console Table | 2. Viviana Hall Table | 3. Frida Console Table with Shelf | 4. Sketch Author Desk | 5. Oia White Marble Console Table | 6. Streamline Console – Marble

I have to say, the small console table in position #1 above is my fave. The curved shape means you won’t bump into any corners, but it’s the materials that I find the most appealing. There’s a wonderful sense of detail at play. Terrazzo is also trending hard at the moment so it gets bonus points for that too.

You may also be surprised to know that small console #3 is the budget option at only $179. You really don’t need to drop a tonne of cash to pull off a stylish entryway. Sure, it’s the home’s first impression when you walk in the door, but I’d sooner go for a lower-priced console table and invest my cash in a stunning feature light instead.

immy small black console with drawers and shelves for small entry hallway

Small Console Tables Under 120cm

We’ve come to the final batch of small console tables for your entry or hallway. And these ones don’t go beyond 120cm in width. If you can fit a console table in your entryway that’s bigger than this, you do in fact not own a small entryway!

Above is the Black Immy Console Table from Temple & Webster which is a fave of mine. Though I will say, be careful with your entry table styling. Obviously the team at T&W are styling to sell product, so there’s a lot on the shelves of this particular console. But in the real world I would pare it back a little. You don’t want the feeling of chaos and clutter to hit you the moment you walk in the door.

Don’t be afraid to have your small console table present a little drama in the profile though. That way, you won’t even need to style it up much. A curved leg or an interesting finish will do all the work for you. You’ll see what I mean in the mood board below.

small console tables under 120cm wide for entry and hallway

Our Top 6 Consoles Less than 120cm in Width

1. Industrial Storage Open Console | 2. Amelie Curve Console | 3. Reclaimed Wood Console Table | 4. Chinon Console Table | 5. Byron Faux White Marble Console Table | 6. Global Console

As I was saying above, it’s nice to have your small console deliver a little drama. Who doesn’t love a flair for the dramatic? Tables like #2, #3 and #6 for example all have profiles that stray from the norm. Legs like this mean you don’t really need to clutter the top of the table very much, and the mirror you hang above it can be more subdued. Let the table be the star of the show.

For those of you on a budget, consider a faux material instead of the real thing. I know, many designers will kill me for saying that, but I live in the real world where budgets can be tight. Number #5 above is a good example of this with its marble-look top. 

minimalist entryway with black console table and round black mirror

Small Console Tables from Our Design Projects

I’ve had the challenge of working with small spaces a lot as an interior designer. In fact, often I find these zones the most rewarding to style because you’re delivering a real solution to a client. You’re not just plonking in something that looks good.

Above is the Norman Metal Frame Console from our Bentleigh project, and below is the Apolo Mirrored Console Table from our Camberwell project. They’re very different in style (one quite contemporary and one a bit luxe) but both worked wonders in small entries where space was tight.

To throw one more small console table your way to round off the 25, may I link you to the delicious Heston Marble Demilune Table from Cafe Lighting and Living? I just used it in our Monochrome Luxe Williamstown project and adore it; very study and very strong.

Drop me a comment below if you’ve found the perfect small console table for your entry so I can add it to the list. I’d love to hear from you!

small mirror console table in entry with round mirror and pink flowers in glass vase


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Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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12 Responses

  1. This is so helpful!
    Our entryway is 1 m x 1 m and directly above staircase (it’s a townhouse), so this list is perfect. I love the Terrazzo cosmos semi circular table. What shape of mirror do you recommend above it? Circle, square or arch? Thank you Chris

  2. I was able to pick up the West Elm Streamline Console in glass rather than the marble one listed above. It’s the perfect size for an apartment corridor. I love your suggestions above.

    I always find the candles on the console styling a little funny. I can see that it looks nice but is unlikely to be lit and feels a little out of place. A chef would say you shouldn’t put anything on the plate that you can’t eat.

    1. Hi Huv123, thanks for commenting! Luckily we aren’t chefs haha. Some things can just be for decorative reasons, they don’t need to have a functional purpose. But at least you know you have a stock of candles if you have a blackout!

  3. I’m looking for a slightly wider console than 120cm for my entry way. I have artwork 110 cm x 110 cm to go above console. Would 140cm be suitable.

  4. Just a question in relation to artwork size above console table in entry. I have a beautiful Jessie Rigby print 110cm x 110 cm above a 120cm console table. Should I go wider ie 140cm.

    1. Love Jessie Rigby’s art!

      110 is a little big above a 120 console. Go for a bigger console if you can fit it in the space and have somewhere you can reuse the 110 size one.

  5. We have a very small spot at our entranceway and I am always looking for options to replace our current small cupboard. The IKEA desk would be great because my gf could have a drawer for her wallet and phone, and I could leave my bag there, instead of us both dumping them on the next surface that’s clear. 😉 I’m measuring up now. Thanks!

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