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chris carroll tlc interiors black round mirror for bathroom

10 of the Best Large Round Mirrors for All Rooms

Large round mirrors are trending like never before. Especially in bathrooms. I hosted a Milan Design Trends masterclass at Metricon a little while ago and the team echoed this sentiment. They had not long come back from the trade fairs in Italy and the news was this: large round mirrors for bathrooms were everywhere.

Of course, you know me: I’m on a trend like white on rice! And I do like to spread my trends across the entire home (mirrors in living rooms, bedrooms and entryways). So that’s why I thought I’d better put this post together for you: to give you a large round mirror showcase for the gods!

The good news is that, as always, the price points below range from skimp to splurge. I got all the usual bargain stores in the mix, but some other surprises from retailers you might not have thought of too. They know the deal; everyone’s hungry for a large round mirror – so they’d better stock ’em fast.

Drop me a comment further down and let me know if you’ve seen any amazing mirrors in stores. You know I love to add to my lists if there’s a supplier I’ve left out!

large round bathroom mirror in black from the block shop

1. The Block Shop Knows Where It’s At

Fresh from bathroom week on The Block is this bad boy. Did you read my Block recap, btw? It goes live right after the show of a Sunday night and you can win a Block Shop voucher each week! Too good right?

Anyway, this beautiful large round mirror is just one of many in the range that The Block Shop stocks. They also have other shapes, of course. But if you really wanna rock the trend properly then it’s gotta be round. Or oval. OK, I’ll allow oval, because it’s a pretty divine shape too. You’ll see one of them below, actually, and it’s pretty lush.

PS: an additional trend out of Milan was mirrors that are backlit. So you’ll see loads of those popping up in homes. The Block Shop stocks them too, so go lose your mind!

Scope out mirrors from The Block Shop here.

design stuff large black oval bathroom mirror

2. Design Stuff, you are Killing Me!

Pass me the credit card and take my money. I don’t know where I’m going to hang this beauty from Design Stuff but I’ll find a spot for it.

If you’re feeling like a large round mirror is a step too far, then consider an oval option for your bathroom. Pop one above the sink, or if you have a double vanity, snap two up. I love the black frame on this one because it makes the scene feel so chic and contemporary. And it’s reasonably priced at $225 too, which is a nice bonus.

As a sidenote, I also need those penny round tiles in my life immediately if not sooner.

Cast your eye over this dreamy mirror here.

freedom large round black mirror with gold trim

3. Freedom are Going Glitzy

Oh hello Freedom, you glorious woman. Yes, in my mind Freedom is a woman. I don’t know why, she just is. Anyway, Freedom has a huge range of mirrors on offer, but the star of the show is the round beauty you see above.

Get a load of the black and gold trim! This elegant mirror would work wonderfully in any pocket of your home. Bring it into the bathroom to evoke some sophistication, or inject some bling into other rooms like a dining space above the buffet. Large round mirrors don’t get more glam than this, let’s face it.

Check out the large round mirror from Freedom here.

kmart large round mirror with black frame hanging above timber sideboard

4. Kmart does a Large Round Mirror Too

Yes, Kmart has gone and done it again with this stunner. You gotta admit that this glorious $30 mirror is a hard one to pass up.

The chic black frame is giving me heart palpitations in the best way possible, but the pricepoint is also doing things to me.

Take a look at this mirror from Kmart here.

large round mirror from temple and wenster boho style mirror

5. Don’t Forget About Temple & Webster

The online emporium for everything home is not to be left out of the mix. And if you love some intricate embellishment around the trim of your wall hangings, then this beauty has your name written all over it.

This round mirror is actually on the smaller side at just 42cm diameter, but that’s OK. The fact that it has so much detail around the outside is what makes is so awesome. If this was a super large mirror the detail around the frame might seem too overbearing. So I think the embellishment-to-size ratio is bang on here. This mirror is sadly no longer in stock but T&W have loooads of round mirrors in their range.

Shop Temple & Webster round mirrors here.

Woven Hyacinth Mirror large round boho mirrow from target

6. Target, you Cheeky Devil!

Target’s entire new home range is all about being inspired by nature, and this mirror taps right into that vibe. Made from a lovely tactile material, I’m loving the boho feels I’m getting from this. It’s very white coastal bohemian (see that interior style at play here) and I can’t get enough.

This product is already already selling like hotcakes. And little wonder: it only costs $29!

See more of this bargain buy from Target here.

millard large round timber mirror against charcoal grey wall

7. We Love a Timber Mirror, Don’t We?

That was a rhetorical question, of course. I absolutely love the warmth light timbers bring to a space. If you’re in the same boat, then get a load of this divine piece from Shine Mirrors.

Here you see it already hung in an entryway, which I’m all for. But of course, consider it for your bedroom well. Or in a kids room. Seriously, it will work anywhere and everywhere in your home and is just stunning.

Check out the Millard round timber mirror here.

ikea stockholm round mirror in blonde timber finish

8. IKEA Can’t Be Left Out

You can’t possibly have a list of the best places to get a large round mirror and not include IKEA. The option you see above it an oldie but a goody and is so affordable at just $129.

This mirror comes in an Ash or Walnut veneer, so you have two colour options there – and get a load of the clever ledge at the bottom for storing your bibs and bobs. It’s clearly at home in a bedroom (especially great for small bedrooms), so pop one in yours and enjoy the simplistic designer vibes!

Shop the IKEA Stockholm mirror here.

Peripheral Mirror By Paradox Movement round black mirror

9. Let’s Support Small Business

I love seeing unique creations from local makers and this large round mirror from Peripheral is just that! Inspired by the human eye, this awesome mirror comes in three colours: Natural, Blackened or Grey Oak.

I love that you can just lean it against the wall, as seen here, or completely fix it above a sideboard or vanity. This beauty is priced at $395 which is an absolute steal if you ask me. It’s designed and made in Sydney and custom sizes are available – I love it!

Take a closer look at the Peripheral Mirror here.

adairs boho round mirror in gold

10. Let’s Round Things Off with Adairs

Measuring 78cm, this Mercer and Reid Boho mirror is a little slice of Morocco without the plane and jetlag. It features stunning intricate detailing in the frame, and it’s available in gold or silver.

If you had a Moroccan style bathroom this would fit right in, or try popping it against a white wall to create some eye-catching contrast. The options are endless. Plus it’s only $151.99 at time of publish, so it has price going for it as well.

Shop the Mercer and Reid Boho Mirror here.

large round black mirror hanging in bathroom by chris carroll tlc interiors

Where is your Large Round Mirror from?

As I said above, I would love to add to this list if there’s a store you’ve gotten a large round mirror from that’s not mentioned here. Drop a comment below if you can and let me know what you’ve seen in your shopping travels. I’d love to hear from you – and other TLC readers would too!

Happy Shopping and Styling!


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Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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21 Responses

  1. Hi Chris, I have a wall that is 220cm long on the hallway.
    We have a bench that is 150cm under it.
    I want to put up a round mirror and also some wall pegs to hang coats (only modular tiny stumps)

    How big of a mirror should I get? 100cm? 120cm is too big?

    1. Hey Terence,

      120cm will work well, not bigger than the bench but not too small. You have 35 cm either side of the bench for hooks, that should be plenty of room.

  2. Hi chris
    Kmart have big round 80 cm mirors for $30. Gold framed and black frame. I ve bought a black frame for my entry and a gold frame for my En suite and the kmart artificial orchids for $25. Check out the Kmart web site . Cheers

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