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How to Achieve the Perfect Coastal Bohemian Interior

Love homes that blur the line between coastal and boho style? Me too! Add a touch of Scandi design into the mix and you have the next-gen bohemian interior of your dreams.

In today’s post I want to show you how to create the new bohemian interior. Lately we’ve seen a real spike in this classic aesthetic taking on coastal and Scandi influences, and the result has been nothing short of phenomenal.

In my humble opinion, nobody nails this blended interior look better than interior stylist Jessi Deakin from Dreamcatcher Designs. I’ve had Jessi on the blog before to discuss her amazing macrame business (more on that here), but today she’s sharing how she mixes different styles together to create an interior look that’s easy, breezy and beautiful.


Start with the Colour Palette

There’s no zesty, vivid or attention seeking shades in this colour story. When it comes to thinking about the hue in this interior style, it’s muted all the way.

“I always start with the colour palette; keeping it really light and airy and fairly neutral – inspired by the scandi influence,” Jessi explains. “Then I add the textural elements of a bohemian aesthetic, and some gentle pastel colours like mint and palms of greenery to add a hint of a coastal vibe”.


Go Texture Crazy

Because the base colour palette is a muted one in this Scandi bohemian interior scheme, it’s important to really turn up the texture. And you can go as wild and varied as you want.

“I’m a bit of a texture addict,” Jessi admits. “There’s probably such thing as ‘too much’, but I still struggle to refrain! Like natural colours, I also love natural textures. I love shells, feathers, linen, raffia, jute, leather, rattan and raw timbers! If it’s textured and natural in colour or materials – I want it!”.


Avoid the Cliches

Jessi says that’s it’s wise to avoid coastal cliche’s such as ‘gone to the beach’ signs and starfish paraphernalia. You want the inspiration to feel less literal, so steer clear of anything that feels obviously coastal or bohemian. Veer toward pieces than conjure up a mood or a feeling instead.

“It’s all about the subtle nods to the coast such as hints of soft pastel blue/green on a predominantly white palette, or a gorgeous shell necklace on a stand as a statement piece,” Jessi advises.


Look to Fashion for Inspiration

So many interiors trends take cues from fashion, and the coastal bohemian interior is no different.

“My interior aesthetic followed my personal style in a fashion sense,” Jessi says. “I used to work in fashion, so I feel my personal fashion style just evolved into my design style when I moved out of home and decorated my first place!”.

The coastal-boho fashion aesthetic is a very easy and effortless one. The colour palette is full of crisp whites and creams, and tassels and embellishments are seen a lot. If you’re eager to draw inspiration from clothing for your interior, Google “bohemian coastal dress”. There is a tonne of visual inspiration here.


Where to Shop

Like any well-rounded home, Jessi doesn’t shop in just one place to create the coastal bohemian interior you see in this post. Below are some of Jessi’s fave stores to visit to deck out her Sutherland Shire home, which she shares with her partner Adam and dog Bindi.

The Family Love Tree | Hope and May | Poppy and Co | Lived in Coogee

Jessi Deakin Dreamcatcher Designs Inside Out search for a stylist 2016

Over to you!

How do you pull together the coastal bohemian interior? Are there some stores that you know of that nail this style perfectly? I’d love to get your ideas and tips in the comments below.

To see more of Jessi’s work and photos from her styling portfolio, click here.


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Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the inspiration, so far I’ve got the communal areas done. Used a giant monochrome picture of people at the beach. Old barn doors on a very old heavy tressles from the railway. I have used the leather lounge from my mums estate which I didn’t think would work but once I put throws on it perfect and mum would love that. Bedrooms next to do …..

  2. I love this! My style is a mix of vintage, minimalism, coastal and boho! Most of my furniture is vintage, I keep my decor / accessories muted compared to the traditional boho (things on top of things) but the pieces are a blend of boho and vintage. A lot of art and furniture is from my grandma and great grandma but I also incorporate framed musician posters and street signs. I live in Florida so it’s pretty easy to have that coastal vibe. Our walls are a crisp tan, I bring in leaf cuttings and most of my color palette is white with seafoam green, turquoise and gold accents. I love boho pieces but I’ve had to find a balance between this and too much. Learning to edit had been the best thing for my design style. Great article!

  3. I love this style!!! I’m currently slowly decorating this way.. It’s a bit like how Carrie Bradshaw dresses (mix matching textures and colours) but using natural materials, plants, beachy decor, baskets, woven rugs, moody pictures etc I love it because it shows personality which is often lacking in people’s homes. ( mind you I’m not into hoarding) The hard part is not going over the top.
    I love it because it feels cosy, luxurious and beautiful. It makes me feel like I’m in my happy place.

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