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Marshall reclaimed wooden sideboard from interior secrets

45 Best Sideboards and Buffets Online + Tips Before you Buy

The hunt for sideboards and buffets online is over, decorating junkies. Because I’ve found 45 of the best for you. And I’ve split them up into different design styles to make it easier to find one to fit your room.

Some of you have quite themed homes, so I figured this roundup would be made all the easier if you can just scroll on down to your preferred design style and shop your fave piece. Not that you can’t get a sideboard or buffet from a different design category. Sometimes the best rooms are a mix of a few different styles, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

The price points here are quite varied too. You know I’m all about mixing the skimp and splurge in client homes and my own abode, so there are some super-affordable steals and a few splurge pieces thrown into the mix here too.

Further down I’ve included some tips on buying sideboard and buffets online, because like with most large furniture purchases, this isn’t something you should rush into. But for now, let’s get on with taking a squiz at some of my fave finds. I really hope you find one that makes your heart skip a beat.

white hamptons sideboards buffets online

Hamptons Sideboards and Buffets

There’s always something wonderfully crisp and elegant about a Hamptons interior design scheme. It’s a look a lot of clients approach me to execute in their homes, so I’m no stranger to a sideboard or buffet in this style.

The good thing about the pieces above, as you’ll see, is how different the front profiles are. Some feature cut-outs with glass, some have diamond shapes, some sport slatted timber. There’s so much variety here and yet every one brings with it a beautiful sense of formality.

I’ll pop links below for you so you can click and shop away:

  1. Whistler Four-Door Sideboard
  2. Stockton Buffet
  3. Liatorp Sideboard in White
  4. Hampton Timber Four-Door Buffet
  5. Bahama Oak Buffet in White
  6. Hamilton Buffet

If those six buffets and sideboards aren’t doing it for you, perhaps you want to move in a more coastal direction…

coastal timber sideboards buffets online

Coastal Sideboards and Buffets

What’s better than a buffet or sideboard in a wonderfully organic coastal vibe? Well, one thing, actually: pieces that’ll work in a bohemian home too!

I know so many of you are fond of that coastal-boho interior. The styles overlap perfectly. I’m pretty certain that if this is the design vibe you feel yourself drawn to, then you’ll find one of the sideboards or buffets above a winner.

There’s varying degrees of texture here, from smooth to rough, but all of them retain that subdued colour palette the coastal boho style is so fond of using.

Here are the links so you can grab your fave one:

  1. Cove Four-Door Buffet in Natural
  2. Bamboo Buffet in Blonde
  3. Disset Acacia Wood Sideboard
  4. Willow Woven Buffet in Teak
  5. Taj Chevron Buffet in Mud Grey
  6. Harper Buffet in Whitewash

Don’t worry, even if the sideboards and buffets we’ve reviewed so far aren’t taking your fancy, we’re not even halfway through the roundup!

provincial sideboards and buffets online

Provincial Sideboards and Buffets

I said it at the start of this post, but I think it bears repeating: you don’t have to buy a sideboard that perfectly matches your theme at home. Provincial sideboards and buffets, for example, work really well in Hamptons interior design schemes. So don’t feel like you’re locked into or limited to just one style category.

The pieces featured above all have a beautiful sense of character to them. And you’ll notice that some have cleaner lines while others have a flair for the dramatic. It just goes to show that sideboard and buffets in Provincial styles can go in a modern or traditional direction, which I fully appreciate.

Links to check them out more are below for you:

  1. Satarra Black Timber Sideboard
  2. Provincial Oak Sideboard Distressed White
  3. St. James Oak Timber 4 Door Sideboard
  4. La Salle Four-Door Buffet
  5. Enzo Console Table in Ash Grey
  6. Natural Oak Display Buffet

If you want your sideboard more sleek and Scandi, then you’re about to hit the best mood board of the lot.

scandinavian sideboards and buffets online

Scandinavian Sideboard and Buffets

Who can turn down the sleek appeal of a Scandinavian sideboard? After modern, which we’ll get to shortly, this is probably my next-favourite style category.

There’s a wonderful sense of simplicity in a lot of these designs, yet they’re packed with subtle interest. From a tapered leg to a chevron pattern, they give you enough detail to make them special without them feeling overwhelming.

All the links to shop are below for you:

  1. Roots Sideboard
  2. Jorgen Sideboard in Solid Oak
  3. Latham Buffet
  4. Otis Buffet in Natural Ash
  5. Twist Sideboard
  6. Cambridge Sideboard

If Scandi is nice and all but you feel drawn to something with a little bling, I have six luxe sideboards and buffets for you to review below.

luxe sideboards and buffets online

Luxe Sideboards and Buffets

A thin brass leg. A curved handle with a little shimmer. Veined marble. These are the elements that make up a luxe sideboard or buffet, and good lord are they are divine features.

If your interior design style has always veered toward a sleek and chic vibe, then you’re going to find it hard to resist these six options above. Each is packed with a sense of luxury and yet none of them feel too over the top.

OK, one feels pretty out there in terms of the brass overload, but hey, sometimes you have to go all out and be unapologetic about it. You do you!

Links to all of the sideboard and buffets above are below for you:

  1. Edward Buffet
  2. Peacock Credenza
  3. Guild Buffet
  4. Hertz Four-Door Sideboard
  5. Mildred Sideboard in Black ELM Wood
  6. Quinn Lacquer Buffet

We have a few mood board to go, so if you haven’t found something you love thus far, I reckon you’ll get there with a little more scrolling.

industrial sideboards and buffets online

Industrial Sideboards and Buffets

I don’t see a lot of homes decked out in a full-throttle industrial interior design style anymore. But what I do see are smaller industrial moments through pieces like sideboards and buffets.

The ones in the collection above aren’t too overly rustic or cold. The combination of warm timbers and metal legs or pulls makes them feel really well balanced.

These would work great in a country home, an inner-city warehouse apartment, or a moody masculine interior that wanted to embrace a gritty industrial vibe. See, the options are endless.

  1. Kori Buffet
  2. Belmont Sideboard
  3. Marshall Reclaimed Wooden Sideboard
  4. Anton Solid Wood Buffet
  5. Marx Sideboard
  6. Atlanta Sideboard with Metal Legs

If you like less rustic and more refined, then we’re about to hit my fave sideboard and buffets style of the lot: modern!

black modern sideboards and buffets online

Modern Sideboards and Buffets

We’ve left my favourite category ’til last. When it comes to buying sideboard and buffets online my heart always lands on sleek, modern ones. Usually black, and usually with clean lines and some interesting detail on the front.

That detail could be an interesting shape or pattern, it could be a leather pull handle, or it could be a rounded marble moment. People often write modern furniture off as soulless and lacking character, but these sideboards and buffets prove the naysayers wrong.

All the links below will help you shop your fave:

  1. Marlon Sideboard in Black Acacia
  2. Paramount Buffet, White & Black
  3. Tate Sideboard
  4. Rayan Reclaimed Pine Side Cabinet
  5. Talia Buffet Unit in Black Oak
  6. Shannon Wooden Buffet Unit in Black

Below I’ll list out some things you need to think about before you buy sideboards and buffets online. Once you’ve had a read through I reckon you’re going to be able to shop with confidence, you furniture whiz!

maribel black sideboard with horizontal slat front in modern luxe living room
Maribel Sideboard from Interior Secrets

5 Tips on Buying Sideboards and Buffets Online

Buying sideboards and buffets online is nowhere near as risky as purchasing something like a sofa or mattress. There’s no need to check for comfort with a sideboard or buffet, so you don’t need to sweat it.

There are, however, a few things you need to think about before excitement takes over and you whip out the credit card. I’ll list out five top considerations you need to ponder before you put any of the pieces below into your shopping cart.

1. Measure it Out

This isn’t even a tip exclusively for small dining rooms. Of course it’s important to ensure the sideboard or buffet doesn’t engulf a smaller space. But in a large dining room you don’t want the piece to look dwarfed either. So measure the length, height and depth of the sideboard or buffet you’re considering buying first.

For height, you want it to be roughly as high as your dining table. If the difference between the two is greater than 30cm things will look odd. Regarding depth, you want to be able to sit at your dining table with a chair pulled out and not hit the sideboard.

Ideally you want someone to be able to walk behind your chair too. If you’re concerned you can’t pull your chair out because it might hit the buffet, you might need to abandon purchase.

2. Ensure Variation of Colour

My rule for furnishing dining rooms is the same as my rule for furnishing bedrooms. And that is, all of the pieces shouldn’t be the same colour and material. A good room features a variation of colour. A white sideboard or buffet paired with an oak dining table, for example. Or a black sideboard or buffet with a glass dining table.

Rooms where all of the pieces are in exactly the same finish always tend to look like the floor of a showroom and it can begin to feel very matchy-match quite quickly. Do your best to avoid this when you purchase your sideboard or buffet. And yes, different timber colours can be combined in the same space. In fact, I fully encourage it.

trent wooden buffet from interior secrets modern black sideboard with gold handles
Trent Wooden Buffet from Interior Secrets

3. Do you Need Storage?

Some sideboards or buffets are in dining rooms where storage is essential. You might want drawers because you’re going to hold cutlery in them. Or perhaps fine china and glassware is going to sit inside for special occasions. On the flip side, the piece might be purely decorative; a glorious moment to display decor on.

Sideboards and buffets without storage are often better for smaller spaces because you don’t need to access them. You don’t need to leave room to pull out drawers or open cupboards. Also, because there’s less going on with the front of the piece of furniture (less visual interest) it tends to make the area feel bigger.

4. What’s Happening Behind it?

Often I see people fall into the trap of not thinking about wall colour when they’re buying sideboards and buffets online. But seriously, it’s crucial. It’s always the way that people with crisp white walls buy a sideboard that’s also crisp white. The result is a sideboard that blends into the background and doesn’t shine or stand out as much as it should.

White sideboards and buffets look amazing against light blue walls, soft grey walls, and other light tones. So consider that before you purchase. On the slip side, dark black sideboards on white walls can be too large a jump in contrast (it’s going to pop more). That’s amazing if you want a high-contrast interior, but you might not. In that case, consider painting a feature wall a light grey and then placing a black sideboard or buffet over it.

Kelly Sideboard from Interior Secrets

5. Don’t get Stuck on Style

It’s easy to get obsessed with style. Is your home a Hamptons scheme, an industrial one, etc. But truthfully, the best homes are a combination of many different styles. Most of the spaces I design for clients are a blend of about three different aesthetics.

It’s wise to keep this in mind when buying sideboards and buffets online because you don’t want to fall into the trap of having a themed room. Consider a sideboard from a different style category and you’ll end up with a really well-rounded, visually interesting space.

Drop me a comment below if you have any additional questions about buying sideboards and buffets online. Otherwise, I really hope you found one you love.


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Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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7 Responses

    1. If it was me I would opt not for a competing timber as such, but something much darker. As it stands, the table and buffet are not matching, but too close in colour either. A darker brown or black buffet would work better.

  1. We own a beach side weekender apartment here in Sydney (narrabeen beach). I’m looking for a sideboard to fit in a spot but it can only be up to 110cm wide & 900-1mt high. Most seem to be too small or too big. Any you can think of??
    ps. I subscribe to your newsletter & luv your work!

    1. Thanks Gail! There are some out there in the 100-110 range. Temple and Webster have great options on their site to search by specific sizes so that might be the easiest way to find something. They’re usually affordable too. If you want something a bit higher quality you will have to contact the designer brands directly.

  2. Again, a very timely and spot on article. I purchased my sideboard last year and have way too much clutter on top, mostly artworks that are intended for the wall above it. Do you have any tips on how to keep a sideboard top uncluttered given the art above it but not devoid of anything?
    Thanks Chris.

  3. Really timely article! I’m looking for a sideboard to go at the back of my sofa … I’ve read the rule is the sideboard is to be the height of the sofa but my sofa is 660 high the cushions go to 800… I’m unsure what to do – Chris is love your input!! X

    1. Hey Nicki. How tall is the sideboard you’re wanting to get? If the back cushions go up to 800 in height, then that’s the measurement I would use as your guide. You don’t want the sideboard to be taller than 800. It is ideally the same height, but it can be a bit lower. 800 back height of sofa will work with a 700 back height of sideboard, for example. Does that help?

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